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Come along with Kimmay Caldwell, bra fit expert, Undergarment Educator, and self-love coach on The Marilyn Denis Show! Take a glimpse at the recaps of some of her latest appearances, shop the styles shared on the air, and get extra tips and advice that didn’t make it to the show. Hurray!

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New and Innovative Undergarments

This segment aired on The Marilyn Denis Show on CTV November 20th, 2018. Kimmay shared some the most amazing undergarments out there that you can try yourself. From period-proof underwear and sweat-proof shirts, she showed Marilyn and the audience how to say hurray for (the coolest, new) lingerie!

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Montelle Wire-Free T-shirt Bra: This molded, wire-free bra is super smooth and has great shape. I love the yummy material ad lots of colors from which to choose. But the coolest part is how the convertible straps work. Inside the back band are little slits – all along the back. And you can adjust the straps to hook into any of them for a customized back. Pretty nifty, huh?
HookedUp Shapewear Stretch High Waist Shaping Brief: OK confession – I don’t like shapewear. But that’s because I have tried the kind you might have that slips, digs, or rolls. When I first saw HookedUp I knew it was different! It’s lightweight and smooth, and won’t fall down. You wear them underneath your bra and use the patented hook system to attach the bottoms to your bra straps. It’s hard to explain and easier to see, so watch the clip or try them for yourself! There’s also a Hooked Up Shapewear Stretch High Waist Mid-thigh Shaper that continues the smooth look through the thighs.
BTW if you’re going to attach this non-traditional shapewear to your bra, make sure your bra fits, first! Want a great bra fit? Check out my Top 5 Bra Fit Tips video (and handy PDF guide) and get to know your bra size starting points.
Miel Padded Nana Bra: I am a big fan of the Miel products because the material they use has a built-in anti-microbial property called, Gaurdin. It’s botanical based, too! The Nana has stretchy cups, an adjustable band, and convertible straps. And the new padded Nana has removable molding which can provide a little shape. Because the cups can stretch it’s great if you’re losing/gaining weight or during pregnancy. The pocket is also great for nursing pads, or even a lightweight breast form. That makes this cozy bra great for many transitions in life. Hurray! (PS: try the underwear, because they are fab, too.)
Thigh Society Slip Shorts:  available in regular and ultra high rise and up to size 3X, these soft shorts are multi-purpose and fun to wear. They are made of a moisture wicking yarn, and reinforced where thighs rub together (because hey, that happens to us all!). Best known for being worn underneath summer skirts, they are also great for other reasons and seasons. I like to wear my lounging around or to a yoga class since they’re opaque, and I’ve heard people wear them over thin tights for extra warmth (and to keep the tights up!), or underneath thin work slacks for the winter commute. What I love most is that they offer different skin tones and a vast range of sizes!
Knix Don’t Sweat it Shirt: I’m a sweater. I mean, it could be freezing out and I’ll still sweat through blouses and t-shirts. So a lightweight, seamless undershirt with built-in sweat absorption pads was a Godsend for me! This thin layer can easily be underneath a silk blouse or snug tee.
Knix Evolution Tank: This tank can be worn as a top on its own. And I mean on its own. No bra required! It has built-in bra support with slightly molded cups and no bra band. That means it also makes a great underlayer for underneath tight jersey dresses because there’s no bra band line in the back. Smooth as can be! I tried the Medium for my 32DD bust and it was a bit snug, but fit. It gave quite a bit of cleavage, like a bustier!
Thinx: Try the Thinx line of period-proof underwear for a happy period! I’m obsessed with these and highly recommend them. Whether you use them as backup for leaks, during the tail end days, or for the whole flow, they’re an amazing creation for four layers of of protection. Learn more AND get $10 off at or use KIMMAY at checkout.
Bandelettes: I couldn’t believe how amazing these anti-chaffing, non-digging lace garters were when I first tried them. They come in many styles, width, sizes, and materials and are great for underneath skirts. In fact, they’re super cute and even sexy! I’m especially impressed with their inclusivity, with different skin tones and even a unisex option. Plus, these garters lay flat and don’t slip thanks to a reliable silicone grip. Psst: here is the pair of white lace and blue bow Bandelettes I’m wearing under my skirt on the show.
Style notes: Special thanks to Tobi for the cute black suede shoes! They have some the cutest stuff and these were a gift. I’m also wearing a top from Express, Skirt from NY & Co., Bracelet from Luca & Dani, and a watch from Fossil.

Bras are a great place to start! Want a deeper level of support? I’m here to help.

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Maternity and Nursing Undergarments

This segment aired on The Marilyn Denis Show on CTV November 9th, 2018. Kimmay gave bra makeovers to two amazing women – one who is expecting and one who is nursing – and she showed Marilyn and the audience some of her best tips for bras, underwear, and sleepwear when nursing and expecting (along with plenty of advice for just about everyone!).

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Jessica: This gorgeous mom is expecting her second child. At 26 weeks, her bust is full and she was looking for maternity bras that are supportive and beautiful – just like her. Working with a fitter can make navigating a changing body and bust easier during pregnancy. You can also check in on your bra starting points yourself. With the help of the amazing inventory at Melmira in Toronto, I helped her find the
Prima Donna Madison in a new size and red hot color. The supportive cut and sew cup, and stretch lace edge makes it a great option for a fluctuating and full bust.
In addition, I helped her find a supportive, stylish (important to this stylin’ momma!) full bust bralette. Wire-free bras during pregnancy are fantastic for many reasons. First, it’s easier for the bra to fit when your bust is changing sizes and avoid digging underwires. Second, if you are carrying high you can avoid underwires in your bump. Third, you can wear a wire-free bra to sleep, which some expecting moms find supportive. I chose the pretty and supportive Panache Andorra Wire-free bra in size 36G. Jessica was thrilled and supported! Hurray!
Phey: This stunning mom of two is currently nursing and was resorting to ill fitting sports bras to hold her nursing pads in place. I completely changed her size and opted for a Paisley Nursing Bra from Anita that was smooth for underneath her t-shirts, supportive, and a fun print. Plus, it has a flexible underwire so it can give her the shape and adjust with her body and her bust.
I also showed her how the wire-free Mayana Geneviere Nikki bralette can function as a nursing bra without clips, and double as a sassy camisole or lace top! She was in love with this sexy nursing bra.
Most of these styles above are available at the Melmira shop in Toronto, or check a boutique near you. They may also available online, and at Amazon.

Want a great bra fit? Take a cue from the tips in the video, and check out my Top 5 Bra Fit Tips video (and handy PDF guide) and get to know your bra size starting points.

Also featured:

Maternity bras are worn during pregnancy. Typically the most rapid change in bust size happens during the first trimester. Continue to check in on the fit of your bras with a fitter, or yourself. I suggest fitting a maternity bra on the middle hook in the back so that you can adjust in if it stretches, and out if your body (and bump!) expand. You may also want to go wire-free and stretchy cup so the bra can move with you as your body changes. Watch the clip for my tips on maternity bras, or stay tuned for an upcoming blog post! A few to try:

  • Montelle Cup-sized bralette – I am in love with this bra myself! It’s also great for maternity use because it’s a pretty bralette with adjustable straps, a supportive band, and made in a cup size range for a great fit.
  • Fortnight Vera Longline – Another one that anyone can wear, this wire-free longline bra has stretchy cups that adjust with your growing bust, and a wide, supportive band. I’ve been told that some moms pull down the cups and nurse in this one, too!
  • Miel LeLe bra – Many expecting moms want to sleep in a wire-free bra, and this stretchy style is soft and can move with you while you sleep. So cozy with a soft yarn and an antimicrobial material as a bonus!

Nursing bras come in various shapes, styles, and functions. I highly suggest getting fit for several nursing bras around 30 weeks into your pregnancy. Typically speaking, you’ll also want a stretchy style with lots of room in the cup for the engorgement just after giving birth. Then when you are back onto a regular feeding or pumping schedule, breasts tend to settle into about the size they were at 30 weeks. As for style, nursing bras have come a long way! Watch the clip for my more tips or look for a blog post coming soon.

  • A few great nursing bras to try by Anita:
    • Seamless Wire-Free Nursing Bra – a stretchy style like this one is great for right after childbirth when engorgement can boost your bust up several cup sizes, and fluctuate rapidly. A style like this is also great for sleeping and middle of the night feedings. It has a string sling so there’s lots of skin to skin contact with baby.
    • Miss Lovely Wire-free Nursing Bra – once you’re on a regular feeding or pumping schedule, and perhaps back to life’s normal activities, a smooth cup style like this is great for underneath your clothes!
    • Polka Dot Padded Nursing Bra – this adorable style has a super soft material with a bit of thickness that helps hide nursing pads. It also has a soft, full sling which can help guide your breast to baby’s mouth.
    • Fleur Wire-Free Nursing Bra – I love the lace on this style! Stylish and supportive.

Other great styles included in the segment: 

  • Mayana Geneviere Nayana bodysuit – this gorgeous bodysuit can be worn by anyone, but it’s especially great for nursing moms. The patented clip free design makes pulling the cup down – and looking your best – possible.
  • Mayana Geneviere Tara All-in-one Corset – these underwear are great for support after giving birth, a c-section, or hysterectomy . . . with style!
  • Hooked Up Shapewear Stretch High Waist Mid-thigh Shaper – this lightweight shapewear has patented hooks in the back that attach underneath your bra band to your straps so there’s no falling down or rolling. Hurray!
  • Montelle Bust Support Chemise – if your bust feels sore at night try sleeping in this chic, wire-free bust support chemise. It’s adorable and supportive. A great option for many people, not just those who are expecting.
  • Thinx Hip Hugger – it’s common for leakage and a bit of urine to escape during pregnancy, and post partum. Try the Thinx line of underwear, usually designed for periods, to stay fresh and clean! I’m obsessed with these and highly recommend them.

Style notes: I’m wearing a top from Zara, pants from Carmen Marc Valvo, and shoes from Amazon.

Sister Makeover and Tips to a Great Fit

This segment aired on The Marilyn Denis Show on CTV June 15th, 2018. Kimmay gave bra makeovers to two amazing sisters, and she showed Marilyn and the audience what to look for in a good bra fit. Use these expert tips to check in on your own bra fit!

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Rachel – This sister complained about straps that kept slipping off. She was told she had “sloping shoulders”. And while every shoulder shape is unique and may have different needs, I didn’t find this to be true. Believe it or not, the straps of your bra often slip or fall if the back band is too big! When your back band is too loose (either because it’s a size or two too big, or it’s stretched out) it will rede up. This means the straps no longer have anything to which to anchor and will slip and slide all day. Starting with a firm band did the trick for Rachel – even when we tried a balcony style with far set straps! Learn more about how to tell if your bra fits (including the band).

Rachel’s bras: Empriente Grace in black from Melmira |  Simone Perele 12E334 in Nude from Melmira

Dayna – Dayna had that common issue of wearing the “right size”, but it wasn’t fitting her at all. The cups were falling away, or she would spill out of them. And she was super uncomfortable! After some soulful bra fitting together we found a style that worked for her petite frame and full bust! Not only did it have a flexible, molded, 3D spacer cup so it gave her a seamless look, the Panache bra also has a j-hook in the back so she can wear it as a racerback. Hurray! And because Dayna is a sassy person, we found her a gorgeous printed lace and cut-and-sew bra that fit her like a glove (and helped her say hurray!).

Dayna’s Bras: Panache Cari 7961 in nude from Melmira |  Panache 6951X in light blue from Memira

Next I gave Marilyn the low down on how to tell if your bra even fits. Maybe you bought it online and have it at home and aren’t sure. Maybe you bought it a long time ago and wonder if it’s still a good fit. Or maybe you’re in a dressing room and wondering how in the world to tell if your bra fits or not! I hear you. Take a cue from the tips in the vide, and check out my Top 5 Bra Fit Tips video (and handy PDF guide) and get to know your bra size starting points.

Also featured:

  • Warner’s No Side Effects – a fab basic bra with a seamless back and wonderful side coverage for a smooth look.
  • Anita 5608 Edelweiss – a sexy number for a German brand that’s been in business over 140 years! They know what’s up.
  • Parfait Charlotte in Red  – a super retro and sassy style with extra firm support (at an amazing price point!)
  • Warner’s Cloud 9 Wire-free bra – one of the softest, most cozy bras ever. EVER. This one features no underwires.
  • Parfait 5251 – a great molded basic (with a fun stripe!), especially for fuller busts.
  • On Gossamer 019750  – this little bump push up style adds a little extra oopmh.
  • Simone Perele 12X310 Melmira – Um, hello French lingerie! Love the strap details on this gorgeous bra.
  • Warner’s Cloud 9 – a buttery soft bra with the most a pretty lace back and j-hook conversion (so you can wear it as a racerback!)
  • Anita Twin Range 5490 in Black – this classic basic bra has thicker, padded straps for extra comfort.
  • La Vie en Rose Magnetic Attraction in mint green – this bra hooks in the front with a magnet. For real!
  • Panache 6951X in blue print Melmira– another sassy, supportive printed lace style from this D cup and up UK brand.
This segment aired on The Marilyn Denis Show on CTV May 1st, 2018. Kimmay showed Marilyn the 5 kinds of bras everyone needs in the wardrobe, along with some important bra style tips along the way. Plus, she discusses how to care for your bras – from hand washing, drying, and even storing them properly!

Watch the video and get some great tips in the full article on!

Building a Bra Wardrobe

I always suggest having 5-7 great bras to rotate in your bra wardrobe. If your bras no longer fit, or they don’t suit your style – get rid of them! Make room for and invest in styles that help you look and feel your best. You can find more information on what to look for in the most common types of bras in my segment with Marilyn above, and in this Hurray for Lingerie Q&A Video. Below are some of the styles that I shared, which are great examples of each.

Build Your Bra Wardrobe
Basic Bras:

Convertible or Strapless Bras:

Sports Bras:

Wire-Free Bras:

Hurray bras:

Next up: How to Care for Your Bras! 

Once you’ve found your 5-7 great bras, you need to take care of them. I share some of my favorite tips for this in the segment, and I’ve got some additional resources and the scoop on the stuff I shared on the show below.

How to Care for Your Bras
Hand Wash and Air Dry:

  • Get to know my lingerie wash of choice, Soak.
  • In fact, I created an entire video series with this fab Canadian brand. Find videos and information on how to wash your bras, including my favorite accessories for drying them, plus Quick Care Tips for washing everything from swimsuits to shapewear on my Care page.

Store them properly.

  • Don’t fold one molded up into the other!
  • Learn how to do it the hurray way in my recent LiveAbout article.

Rotate their wear.

  • Never wear the same bra two days in a row. Let the elastic relax.
  • Make sure you have enough styles you love to wear in your wardrobe.
PS: for those who asked my “top” is actually a bodysuit from Zara, my pants are from a European shop, Camaïeu during my #HurrayVacay in Paris. My shoes are from a second hand store.
Bonus! In Kimmay’s first appearance on The Marilyn Denis Show, she shows two fabulous women how to use their bra measurements to find a bra that fits well and feels great. Watch the reveal and educate yourself with her expert advice! Check out the clip and read the full article on the Marilyn Denis Show website.