Ready for summer? …how about your bras?? Here to help with your bras and so much more! I was back for my 7th time on Canadian TV’s The Marilyn Denis Show to share “the bras of summer”! That means the bras that will support you throughout this hot and steamy season. So thankful to share some great options with Marilyn and her viewers, including a strapless bra, stick-on bra, sports bra, back smoothing bra, and two breathable bra options! Plus a few tips and tricks along the way. Hurray! Take a look below for all of the info on the bras I shared on the show, plus a few extra options to buy & try yourself.

Psst! Some of the brands linked here are proud partners of mine (so grateful to share them with you!) or I may get a small thank you if you purchase through me. Your purchase through those links helps a lot in keeping articles like this coming your way. Either way, I always share items that I truly love and can help you say hurray!

Also, if you’re in Canada or have a VPN, watch the replay below!

Strapless Bras

A strapless bra is often the most dreaded but it doesn’t have to be! Strapless bras can be very supportive and secure, and provide a lot of versatility for summer outfits. Below you’ll see the impressive Karolina Strapless Bra from Polish brand, Corin, that I shared on the show, along with a few other strapless options to buy & try yourself (for various sizes and budgets). Poland is known for some truly amazing underwear innovation. And this was no exception. I was so excited about the size range of this Corin bra, and a few very clever features – I just knew I had to share it with Marilyn and her viewers (and now you, too!)

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Corin Karolina Strapless Bra

  • Super supportive, smooth cup strapless bra
  • Unique, nearly invisible holes on the top ridge of the cups offer 20+ places to attach the straps
  • Wear it strapless, halter, or criss-cross in the back to suit different outfits
  • Small strips of silicone on the cup and a wave of it on a special elastic band in the back for extra security
  • Amazing size range: 30-42 bands, B-J cups (European)

More Strapless Bras to Buy & Try

Natori – Bliss Perfection Strapless Bra
Montelle – Strapless Bra
Wacoal – Red Carpet Full Busted Strapless

Elila – Microfiber Strapless Bra

Stick-On Bras

Stick-on bras are a cool strapless alternative, and especially awesome for backless outfits. This gorgeous breast tape example includes one of my most favorite full-circle stories ever. Back in 2018, I fit a lovely Marilyn viewer for a maternity bra, Jessica. She has since told me she was so inspired by the fitting and was so curious about beautiful backless options for full busts that she decided to create her own empowering line. For real!

What really sets her My Perfect Pair products apart is the gorgeous lace (you really have to see it up close to appreciate it) and the genius way she attached it to the medical grade adhesive. So honored to have shared this story and this new, beautiful product on the show! Take a look at it below and buy your own pair (ps: My Perfect Pair is based in Canada and has a low flat rate for US shipping and covers customs).

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My Perfect Pair

  • Adhesive bra comes with two sets and nipple covers in each package
  • Gorgeous, textured lace in champagne and black colors
  • Double up or cut them up – you can customize the shape and coverage you want
  • Medical grade adhesive is clear and lets the lace truly shine
  • Sweat and waterproof means you can wear them under a swimsuit!
  • Make sure you wash away any oils or lotions, then air dry before you apply
  • Supports a vast size range from S to XXL from petite to very full bust!

Sports Bras

Lots of folks are getting active now that the weather is warmer. If you’re doing athletic activities it’s SO important to have a great sports bra. I have a lot of clients who just wear their regular or old bras for working out but sweat will ruin your bras, and everyday bras are NOT designed to protect your bust from lots of activity. So protect your bras and your bust with a good sports bra.

The Natori Dynamic Sports Bra I shared on the show is a great option and a great fit! Check it out below and shop more sports bras in our Supportive Sports Bras blog post, too.

Oh! And reminder to wash your sports bras – or at least rinse them – RIGHT after you workout. The longer you let sweat sit on them, the more that sweat dries and begins to break down the stretchy fibers of the bra. Use a good lingerie soap (which can also be used on stretchy athletic attire!)

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Natori – Dynamic Sports Bra

  • Contour cups for a smooth look underneath your workout attire
  • Cushioned underwire offers comfortable support and shape
  • Soft, wide adjustable straps that can also criss-cross to wear with racerback tanks and tops
  • An adjustable, wide band that hugs you and stays in place (no chafing!)
  • This color is SO PRETTY but it also comes in more toned down or basic color options if that suits your style
  • Available for B-G cup sizes (US)

More Sports Bras to Buy & Try

Smooth Back Bras

I get asked a LOT about smooth back bras and how to avoid “back fat”. The truth is no one is made of steel and that bit of squish means the bra fits well onto your human and perfectly lovable body. And. If you still want a smooth-er look, there are ways to prevent the band from digging in.

After getting a great fit, the best tip is to buy a bra that has a wide band and side. It will lay flatter (and provide great support!). The Luxe High Profile Bra from Leonisa I shared on the show is an amazing example. This is an update to their most popular bra with a touch of smooth lace for fun! It’s especially great for tighter or clingy tops. Check it out and see if it’s a good fit for you!

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Leonisa Luxe High Profile Bra

  • High coverage in the cups, under the arms, and all the way across the back for a sleek look
  • A flexible side stay to keep the band from rolling
  • An inner layer of PowerSlim® along the sides gives a smoothing effect for a streamlined look under clothes
  • Adjustable, convertible straps unhook in the front
  • Contour, underwire cups for shape with a gorgeous lace overlay (that looks smooth)
  • Available in sizes 34-40, B-D cups

Breathable Bras

If you’re worried about how hot a foam molded bra can be in the summer, don’t worry! I have a few great breezy alternatives! Canadian brand Montelle makes some beautiful lace bras like the Muse style I shared on the show. Lace is way more breathable than that traditional foam molding. I often get asked if lace is supportive for full busts and the answer is YES! The structured seams on the bra make it SUPER supportive. And the lace makes it breathable 😉

And if lace and seams aren’t your thing, try a spacer molding bra. The cup is made with a flexible, knit material similar in purpose to the traditional foam molded bra and with some flexibility and breathability. This kind of bra makes a great smooth, t-shirt bra for the summer. Take a look at the two options I shared on the show here and a few extra to Buy & Try below!

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Montelle Sugar ‘N Spice Muse Bra

  • 4-part cup is seamed and supportive
  • Smooth stretch floral lace with flecks of gold shimmer is unlined at the top of the cup for a flexible fit and lined with tulle at the bottom for lift
  • Comfort U-back shape
  • Strap widths and hook-and-eye columns increase with size
  • Ethically made
  • Sizes 32-40, B-H cups (European)
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Montelle Spacer Bra

  • Ultra-light, highly breathable, smooth t-shirt bra made with 3D knit fabric
  • Round, smooth shape thanks to a flexible 4-way stretch molded knit cup
  • Double layer power mesh on side wings for excellent support for larger cup sizes
  • Strap widths and hook-and-eye columns increase with size
  • Comfort U-back shape and soft adjustable straps
  • Available in sizes 32 to 40, C-H cups (European)

Breathable Bras to Buy & Try

Miel – Racerback Bra
Corin – Virginia Spacer Bra Wire-Free
Louisa Bracq – Paco Bralette
Le Mystere – Sheer Seduction Unlined Bra

It’s always a pleasure to join Marilyn on camera and work with their amazing team. And it’s especially exciting to work with such amazing brands and to share them on the air! These bras are just a taste of the many options available (and some great options, for sure) to support your body, bust, and summer wardrobe. Need help with the fit? Watch my Free Bra Class now and stop wasting your time and hard-earned money on bras that don’t fit. It’s time to feel comfortable and confident all day (and summer) long. Hurray!

Your turn: What bras are you wearing this summer? What does your dream summer wardrobe need underneath? How do you want to adorn and support your bust and body this season? Tell me all about it over at @hurraykimmay on Instagram!

Credits: Thanks to each brand for being a great partner on this project! Huge hurray to The Marilyn Denis Show and its production team, and Marilyn herself. A massive thanks to High Plains Technology Center and teacher Richard Kirksey for their support and help turning a school conference room into a lingerie TV set.