Hurray Kimmay Presents:

The Bra Confidence & Comfort™ Course

A body confidence and bra education course

From Uncomfortable to Confident

Bra Confidence & Comfort™ helps everyday people find a super comfortable bra fit for their body without wasting money on bras they dread wearing {so they can feel amazing and start each day with a hurray!}


The Comfort Fit System™

4 modules, 6 lessons filled with the most important things you need to know to finally feel comfortable in your bras. This is the information that no one taught you, but everyone needs to know – whether you work with a trained fitter or shop solo!

Self-Paced & Zero-Judgement

Buy now and go through the course on your own time in a zero-pressure, zero-judgement zone! If and when your body, life, or size changes you will always have the Bra Confidence & Comfort™ course by your side.

Bonuses and Special Deals

Enjoy bonus modules to support your body and your budget with “How to Navigate Body Changes and Your Bra Size” and “How to Help Your Bras Last Longer”. Plus surprise deals and discounts exclusive for BCC students!

Gift BCC! 

Know someone in your life who needs some support? (Or are you tired of hearing them complain about their bra wink ?) Gift them this helpful course!

Want a taste?

Curious if Bra Confidence & Comfort is for you? Watch the FREE class: How to Find a Comfortable Bra Fit For Your Body WITHOUT Wasting Your Money on Bras You Dread Wearing to learn and get a sneak peek into the course *plus a special surprise!*

Finally wake up each day to a drawer filled with comfortable bras for your body.

Practice self-care with your underwear.

And find bras that fit and feel good without wasting your time, money, or energy!

What people are saying…

“...I've gone my whole life not really understanding how to get a comfortable bra. After watching that part of your course, I finally understood why my bra was so uncomfortable and why I couldn't wait to take it off every day as soon as I could. I was on vacation and I actually went out bra shopping while I was gone, I couldn't even wait until we got home I was so eager to find things that fit. I was empowered at the shop so that when I worked with a fitter I knew what to look for and I came home with lots of new bras that fit really well. I keep telling people it's changed my life! Thank you!”


“Literally, I will not tolerate not feeling amazing in any bra anymore. Thanks to you. Your impact on my bras and my life is so abundant. I went on a first date with a man a little while ago and LITERALLY told him how you changed my life by changing my bras. "


"Kimmay Caldwell can actually make bra fitting as jaw droppingly exciting as the thrillers I read right before I go to sleep at night."

Rachael Ray on The Rachael Ray Show

PS: Anyone who wants to make a loving and informed choice about what to wear on their body each day is welcome to this course! All genders and expressions are welcome to Bra Confidence and Comfort!