Kimmay on Marilyn Denis: Things I Would Never Do As A Bra Fitter

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Hurray! As a bra fitter since 2005, I get asked a lot of questions about bras, bra fit, bra care, and where to shop for bras. And most of the time those questions are about what I would do, or what I would wear. So I’m extra excited to share some things I would never do as a bra fitter

I’m back for my 13th (lucky number 13!) time on The Marilyn Denis Show with all the scoop on what I would never do as a bra fitter. These are just a few of the things I would avoid doing with your bras and your bust in order to help your bras last longer, fit better, and support you!

Take a look below for my tips, and if you’re in Canada or have a VPN, watch the replay of the show. This time I filmed remotely with a fabulous team and demonstrated some of the biggest do’s and don’ts of bra shopping. I’m always so thrilled to be back on this amazing show and hope it helps you say hurray inside, outside, and underneath! Reach out at @hurraykimmay and let me know what you learned or what questions you have! 

Psst! Some of the brands linked here are proud partners of mine (I’m always so grateful to share them with you!) or I may get a small thank you if you purchase through me. Your purchase through links like these helps a lot in keeping articles like this coming your way. Remember, I always share items that I truly love and can help you say hurray! 

In Canada? Check out the replay of the show (when it’s available) on the Marilyn site.

I Would Never Put My Bra In the Dryer

Listen carefully, bra wearers: dryers are death traps for bras and the number one reason underwires pop out! The high heat also ruins elastic which causes it to break down and stretch out faster. And remember, the band of your bra needs to fit snug like a hug and is the most important part of your bra. I can always tell when someone has popped their bra in the dryer by the brittle feelings of the elastic. Eek! Instead of putting your bras in the dryer hang dry them to help them last longer. 

I also highly recommend hand washing your bras. It’s so much easier than people think! You just need a sink, bucket, or basin to let your delicates sit and soak for a bit, then rinse. This will help them last SO much longer and feel better (not to mention, save you time and money since you won’t have to buy new bras as often). 

If you DO use the washing machine, I suggest you hook and back first, put them into a wash bag, and wash them separately from other clothes using the gentlest cycle possible. And whether you’re using the machine or a basin to wash them, always use soap specifically made for lace and lingerie. Soak is my go-to brand! It will help the elastic in your bra maintain its bounce! Learn more about bra care and my recommendations below.

I Would Never Wear My Basic Bras for Athletics

Our basic, everyday bras should give adequate support for daily activities but they are not designed to protect and support breast tissue or move with the body during athletic activities or exercise. Breast tissue is really delicate and once it stretches out, there’s no real way to perk it back up. So if preventing sagging is important to you, avoid wearing your everyday bra for exercise!

Not to mention, sweat and grime will break down the moderate elastic of your everyday bra. You want a sports bra that has firm elastic and a wide back band, is engineered for movement (and stops bounce and jiggle), and has adequate coverage to keep things in place. I highly suggest a sports bra that comes in bra sizes and offers an adjustable band and straps so you can get a great fit! It makes such a difference in support and protection. Anita is one of my go-to brands for the most supportive (and durable) sports bras and you can shop some of my favorites from them and other brands below. 

I Would Never Fold One Contour Bra Cup Into the Other

You know when you walk into a mall bra shop or department store and they have bra cups folded one into the other? This is like nails on a chalkboard for bra fitters! Firm contour or padded cups are not meant to be folded in each like this. It will actually cause that cup to dent or warp its shape. And a molded bras job is to mold your bust to its shape, and most people don’t want a dented bust shape! 

Instead, when storing your bras tuck in the straps and band, then stack your bras one behind the other in a drawer or box keeping both cups puffed up. This will keep both cups fresh and prevent denting! Bonus tip: if you’re a traveler like me, pack your bras just like this at the top of your suitcase and use socks or a rolled up tank top to fill out the cups! 

I Would Never Put My Bra On Using the Crush and Flip Method

This was actually how my mom taught me, and unfortunately it’s terrible for your bra! (Thanks, Mom!) The truth is, though, we’re just never taught the best way to care for our bodies and our bras. And maybe you’re doing it! So what is it? The Crush and Flip method consists of crushing the cups against your body in front, spinning the bra around to hook the claps, then yanking it around again stretching out the band, then pulling on the straps to lift it up, warping the bra. Ugh! It sounds silly, but this motion over and over again each morning takes a major toll on bras. This is one easy way to stretch out and warp your bra fast.

Instead here are two better methods to help that bra last longer:

  1. Straps First, Hook the Back: Ideally, put the straps on first, get your bust in (lean over if needed) then hook behind you. This takes practice but it IS possible and can become second nature for lots of folks once you get the hang of it.
  2. On the Side, No Flip: If that’s not possible for you, no worries! This method is more mobility friendly. Another option is to start with the cups facing away and underwire up. You want a “u” for Underwire! Then hook it on the side or as close to the back as you can so it’s traveling a shorter distance. Then GENTLY slide it around and up to under your bust and GENTLY slip on the straps and adjust your bra. Hurray!

Watch the video replay from the show for these instructions, or if you can’t watch it in your area, here are three (very viral) TikTok videos on this:

I Would Never Buy a Bra And Expect It to Fit Without Trying It On

Bras are a lot like jeans – every brand and style fits differently and it’s important to try on each style to make sure it fits well and feels great. Size alone is just a starting point, and what you’re really looking for is a great fit. That might mean adjusting the size or style a bit! In the end, your bra should feel good. Bras aren’t meant to be torture devices and one that fits well can provide comfort and confidence all day long. Hurray!

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Your turn: Do you do any of the things I listed above? Is there anything you want to do differently? Share with me @hurraykimmay on Instagram and TikTok!

Credits: Hurray for all of the brand partners on the show – Anita and Soak. Thank you to The Marilyn Denis Show for having us, again! Their team is AMAZING.