Bra Fitting Tips from Hurray Kimmay


you’re here! Maybe because…

Your bra is constantly riding up your back
Your bra straps keep slipping off
Your underwires are digging in

You’ve tried bra calculators and they don’t work

You got a fitting at some shop, but your bras don’t feel right

It’s been forever since you’ve had a fitting and you wonder if these bras in your drawer are still your size

You’re not entirely sure if your bras even fit, and you’re tired of guessing

I’m here to help! Since 2005 I’ve helped thousands of people, from A cup to N cup, find their comfort and confidence in a well fitting bra. Some of those people¬†were sure there just wasn’t a bra out there that could support and feel good. But many times, it wasn’t the bra or the size or the style – it was the fit. I’m sharing my favorite tips on how you can check to see if your bra fits. Whether you try a calculator, are working with a fitter, or are checking in on the bras in your drawer – these 5 Fit Tips will help you know what to look for in a good fit.


I’ve jam packed my Top 5 Bra Fit Tips video and pdf with simple instructions, easy to follow tips, and even a checklist for you to print. And it’s yours FREE!

You’ll be a few steps closer to:

Finding comfort and confidence in your bras

Navigating the bra shopping process with ease and grace

Knowing when to let go of old bras that no longer support you

Feeling free and vibrant and joyous

Saying hurray inside, outside, and underneath.

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