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Whether they are 19 or 90, many of the thousands of people I have helped in my many years as a bra fitter are still learning the basics. That’s because most often we learn how to wear and care for our bras from a parent or guardian, and they were misinformed themselves. Or, we get barely any guidance at all! Because of some bad bra advice, or left to guess, it’s no wonder that most people are confused about the basics. The most common thing I teach is how to find your bra size starting points, and to understand bra sizing, and then how to check the fit of your bra. Then, these three tips below are the next most commonly misunderstood. And knowing them means you can take good care of your bras, and yourself!

Bra Advice: How to put on your bra 

I learned from my mom to put on my bra doing the “crush and flip”. Uh oh! This is way too harsh on bras and can stretch them out and even break underwires. Learn the “hurray” and “not to hurray” ways to put on your bras. Rachael got an A+ for her method, but what about you? And for those with mobility issues there’s even a variation on the hurray way. Watch my video on how to put on your bra.

Bra Advice: How to store bras 

Oooooh if you have a molded bra, please don’t fold one cup into the other! This is a common way we were taught, but it can dent your bras and ruin the shape. Instead, stack them one behind the other in a drawer or box with enough space so they don’t get crushed.

Bra Advice: How to wash bras 

This is the number one way people ruin their bras. Whether you spend $14 or $140 on your bras, it’s worth it to take care of them! Watch my videos on how to wash your bras, including a way to do it by hand and in the machine – and the reason the soap you use really matters.

First up: Ali

Watch this clip on The Rachael Ray website here.

Ali is a young woman who had given up on finding a bra that fit well, and resorted to unsupportive bralettes and sports bras. In the little bralette she’s wearing here, her band is hiking up in the back and her bust is falling down in the front. She is beautiful as is, but was feeling uncomfortable and unsupported, and I wanted to find her something that was supportive, elegant, and totally new!

To help her keep her band down and her bust up, I chose the Etched Maya Bra. This bra is specifically designed for small bands and full busts in the E-G range. And the band is really different than most! This bra is engineered like a bridge, and the band is designed to sit low and act as a counterbalance to the bust in the front. Plus, the straps start wide in front and get narrow in the back to prevent falling off (and are attached at an angle with cute heart shaped hardware). And unlike most which are flat, this underwire has a slight curve to contour to your body and it coated for extra comfort. There are so many other thoughtful and well designed features to this bra! These are just the start.

PS: This “quartz” color is a wonderful light alternative to most skin tone options, and this also comes in black. And a quick note on sizing, I find the band and cup to fit generously, so try sizing down from your typical bra size starting points and see what fits you best.

Want to try the bra that Ali is wearing? Shop the Etched Maya Bra available in sizes from 28-34 bands and DD/E to DDDD/G cup sizes.

Bonus: I am really proud to say that I’ve had a small hand in this company from back before it launched, by helping the designer find fit models, creating social media content, and more. So sharing this bra on TV was a big hurray! This is a newer brand and female owned, and it’s just getting started. Expect to see more from this brand in years to come!

Second Up: Darlene

Watch this clip on the Rachael Ray website here.

Darlene was such a dream to fit! She “suffers” from the very common issue of “sleavage”, which is what we call that underarm fat. I get complaints about this all the time. The truth is we are not made of steel. As fleshy humans, it’s totally normal to have some of that spillage! However, if your cup size is too small or your bra isn’t fitting properly, it can be breast tissue that is peeking out and being pressed into. So first, I updated her cup size and brought all of her bust into the cup. Then, to help give her a super sleek look, I put her into the Olga No Side Effects Bra.

This bra has zero stitching and sewing on the band apart from where the hook and eyes attach, so it’s super smooth. And, there’s an extra, smooth piece of material that comes up underneath the armpit to keep that normal sleevage stuff in check. Darlene LOVED her new bra and told me she didn’t even feel like she was wearing one. (Added bonus, this bra has front adjustable straps so you can easily adjust without having to spin the bra around. Hurray!)

Want to try the bra that Darlene is wearing? Shop the Olga No Side Effects Bra, available in these styles:

Plus, their sister company, Warner’s, also makes a No Side Effects bra and these:

Bonus: Olga’s sister company, Warner’s, has been making bras since the 1940’s, and they even hold a US Patent for using cup sizes when it comes to bra sizing! They’ve been around for a long time and keep making great, new styles. This is just one! In fact, I stepped in to help this longtime brand create their very first TV commercials a few years back, and this product was our focus. It’s since been flying off shelves as more and more people have found comfort and support in this seamless bra.

Third Up: Briana

Watch this clip on the Rachael Ray website here.

One of the biggest misconceptions about breasts: they are symmetrical. Nope! Just like hands and feet, breasts are often slightly different in size or shape. So was the case with Briana! The key for this is to identify your “fuller friend” and fit to that one – rather than fit to the smaller bust and come spilling out of the other cup, or digging into your bust. In order to keep both cups flush, stay away from super firm molded cups and try a stretchy cup like the Dominique Anais Seamless Breathable Bra I chose for Briana! You can tighten the strap on the smaller side a tad more to help keep things seamless.

The stretch cups on this bra were perfect for slightly uneven breasts, and the top satin ribbon really helped keep things smooth. Super comfortable, convertible straps are a nice touch, but the big wow-factor on this bra is on the inside. The underwire of this bra is lined with super soft felt, and the cups are lined with a breathable knit material – it’s almost like having your favorite t-shirt against your skin. Hurray! Great fit, great support, and great comfort all in one.

Want to try the bra that Briana is wearing? Shop the Dominique Anais Seamless Breathable Bra, available in 34-42 band sizes and B-G cup sizes.

Special thanks to these brands

for helping me help these three ladies say:

 hurray for lingerie!

And thanks to Tobi for this gorgeous dress, and Dr. Scholl’s for my cute and cozy boots!

Did you see me on The Rachael Ray show on Thursday September 28th, 2017? Watch the recap here, or on the Rachael Ray Website.

First up: Vanessa

Vanessa is a loving mom and came to me in desperate need of a bra drawer makeover. She felt like her bras were always either too small or too loose, and were constantly falling away from her and gapping. This is such a common bra problem (or “brablem”) and can be caused by many things. She told me that this made her uncomfortable and she would hunch over to hid the fact that her bust and bra were not getting along. I so understand this!

To help her stand tall and feel great in her bra, I fit her for a brand new size. She went from wearing a 36A to a {drum roll, please} 32DD! Proper fit will solve many issues when it comes to the cups. First the snug bra band can start on the loosest hook, nice and firm, acting as an anchor. And now as Vanessa wears this bra and it stretches out, she can adjust it. Also, I adjusted her cup size. Because of sister sizing, a 32DD cup has the same volume as a 36C. So she was wearing a band size that was two sizes too big, and a cup size that was two sizes too small. Now her bust can fit securely into the cup and the wire can rest on her body instead of hovering on the front of her breast tissue. This means no more gapping or pushing away!

And to get a truly flush to the bust look and feel, I chose the “Gorgeous Memory Foam Bra” from Paramour by Felina. The memory foam is the same technology as those super comfortable pillows and beds, and feels like a dream. Plus, it is activated by body heat to basically melt onto your skin. It’s slightly flexible, which is a better option than a super firm molding for Vanessa when it comes to getting a smooth look. This bra fits her like a glove. And look – she’s standing tall and saying hurray!

PS: This “mink” color is a wonderful dark alternative to black for Vanessa, and a truly beautiful skin tone neutral for some people of color. Hurray!

Want to try the bra that Vanessa is wearing? Shop the “Gorgeous Memory Foam Bra” from Paramour by Felina available in a variety of sizes from 32-42 band and B-H cup size.

Second Up: Rachel Kara

Rachel Kara is an educator and a performer, so she’s constantly going from job to job around NYC, with different outfits and bras in her bag. It was such a hassle that she ended up settling for her straps showing. I know Rachel Kara well – and you may remember her story from my #MoreThanMyNumbers project! She had a few great basic bras already, but now it was time to find some bras specifically for her wardrobe and needs.

To help Rachel Kara, I found the “perfect bra”. No, really. It’s the “Perfect 10” bra from Le Mystere. This bra is basically three bra silhouettes in one: a strapless bra, a lace bra, and a combo of the two. Plus, each silhouette can be worn with the straps straight back, criss crossed, or halter. I mean – this bra does it all! The unique innovation of this bra is  all in the design, and how Le Mystere used hooks and eyes, and even a magnet in the front to keep things in place. How cool is that?

Rachel Kara is wearing a 36D in this bra, and it fits so well! She even told me that some audience members from the show spotted her outside the studio and asked if the bra was truly comfortable, and she replied: yes! That’s what happens when you wear a well made bra in a size and style that suits you. Hurray!

Want to try the bra that Rachel Kara is wearing? Shop the “Perfect 10” Bra by Le Mystere, available in bands 32-38 band sizes and in most bands, B-G cups.

Third Up: Raquel

Raquel loves to workout. In fact, she came to me for a fitting right from the gym! She was glowing and sweaty, and that meant: underboob sweat. Yikes! Perspiration is good for our bodies, but when it pools under your bust, it can cause lots of irritation and odor. Raquel’s polyester sports bra was not helping the issue. What’s more, her sports bra was not bra sized, which meant she couldn’t get a really great fit.

I found her a cool bra – for reals! I fit her into the Breathable Cups Bra from the Warner’s Play It Cool collection. This bra is a wire-free bra with soft cups which are lined with a moisture-wicking material. Plus, the bottom of each cup is perforated to allow airflow. When Raquel put it on, the first thing she said was, “it actually feels cool!” What’s more, because of it’s bra sizing, adjustable band, and fully adjustable straps (which convert to be racerback!), Raquel can get a supportive fit. That means her bra will stay in place instead of moving around and causing friction. Hurray for that!

Raquel wore a 34C in this bra, and would have an even better fit in a 32 band. Besides the cooling effect, what’s super cool about this bra is the variety of colors, and the smooth cups. Raquel can easily wear this simple bra underneath a t-shirt or blouse during her day job as a waitress. Because working on her feet can work up a sweat! This bra is also great for hot yoga, low or moderate impact activities, and even hot flashes.

Want to try the bra that Raquel is wearing? Shop the Warner’s Play It Cool Breathable Cups bra, available in bands 34-40 band sizes and in most bands, B-DD cups.

Special thanks to these brands

for helping me help these three ladies say:

 hurray for lingerie!

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Did you see me on The Rachael Ray show on Monday April 24th or August 28th? Rachael and I discussed:

  • Bra Sizing
  • Why you can wear more than one bra size
  • Bra Fitting and how you can get a good fit
  • Bra Care

Plus, I gave a few Rachael Ray viewers bra makeovers! They mailed in their bra woes, and I helped them say hurray. Now, you can watch the tips to say hurray, too! For the full segment and more information, go to The Rachael Ray Website page.

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Must reads: 

  • Why 9 Bra Sizes Can Fit – this is the blog post and experiment that started it all! Learn the several reasons why it’s possible to wear more than one bra size when it comes to getting a good fit.
  • Find your Bra Size Starting Points– Use this simple guide to find your bra size starting points. Remember, knowing your numbers is important when it comes to getting started with your bra size.
  • Sister Sizing– Once you have your bra size starting points, use this handy guide to size up and down in the band without affecting your cup size!
  • Top 5 Bra Fit Tips– get my video and PDF guide with my most popular fit tips!

Next up, I gave three Rachael Ray Show viewers bra makeover!

First up: Aisha!

Aisha complained that her bra band was always either too tight or too loose, and always uncomfortable. Turns out, she was wearing a bra band in the “right” size, but the style wasn’t as comfortable. A wider bra band feels and looks so darn good because it can wrap around your body instead of digging in. Keep in mind, that your bra band is responsible for about 90% or so of your bra’s support. It needs to anchor in place, and stay parallel with the floor in order for the rest of the bra do do its job (you know, support your bust) and feel good!

Want to try the bra that Aisha is wearing? Get it here: Transformative Tisha Bra from Le Mystere

Second up: Faye!

Faye looked fantastic in her bra but the underwire was digging in. I have helped so many people feel comfortable in an underwire bra. Believe me, once you find a style and size that fits well and looks great, you will hardly even notice that you’re wearing one at all! One of the biggest keys for an underwire is a snug, supportive bra band. It may seem tempting to go for a looser band to avoid digging, but in reality, a loose bra band will only ride up in the back, causing the front to slip down and dig in. An equal amount of hugging around your whole torso feels so much better! Also, make sure you’re wearing a cup size that can fit your whole bust. Going too small will cause it to dig in and your bust to squish out. Ouch! Go with what fits well to say hurray!

That being said, some people still find any underwire uncomfortable. You can always go sans underwire, OR try a flexible or innovative underwire bra like the one Faye is wearing. This bra has a wide, snug band so it will anchor and stay in place. And, the molded cups offer shape and smooth coverage.

Rachael and the audience went nuts for this cool, new style from Le Mystere. Try the Safari Invisible Comfort Bra for yourself.

Last up: Fortune! 

Fortune came to me complaining of her bra straps slipping down. The first thing to remember (as with almost any bra problem) is to wear a snug and comfortable bra band that stays in place. If your bra band is loose or stretched out, it will ride up the back and the straps have nothing to which to anchor. Oops! In fortune’s case, she was wearing a bra band that fit well. But her straps were set very wide AND they were only partially adjustable. You can always go for a bra that has straps set in – either in the front or in the back. Or, you can buy a bra with a built-in j-hook or convertible straps.

In love with a bra that doesn’t have one of those built-in features? You’re not alone. Fortune loved this molded, lace bra from Le Mystere, but the straps were not ideal for her body and bust. There are a few things you can do if your bra straps are too wide, or too long. First, you can bring your bra to a tailor (or DIY) to take off about 2″ of the non adjustable part of your straps. You can also use a bra strap converter that will cinch your straps together in the back. They are easy to find and easy to use on just about any bra!

Want to try the bra Fotune is wearing? Check out Le Mystere’s Sophia Lace Bra, available for B-G cup sizes!

Special thanks to Le Mystere for providing bras for the makeovers, and a special gift for the studio audience!


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