Kimmay on Rachael Ray: Swimsuit Shopping Solutions

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Swimsuit shopping can be HARD. Most people I know dread it. And thus, they spend years in suits they don’t really like, just making do. The result is feeling less confident and comfortable out there on the beach or by the pool, which is already a pretty vulnerable place to be. After all, for most folks, wearing a swimsuit is as close as it gets to wearing your underwear in public! I’m here to help.

My pals at The Rachael Ray Show called me in to help three amazing woman who were all struggling to find a swimsuit that they actually liked. One is a mom of two, with a bold personality who was getting zero support from her old suit. Another is a powerhouse realtor and momma whose plunge neckline was not the sexy look she was going for. And the other is a petite gal with a full bust who was frustrated with the lack of options!

Besides bras, I’ve also helped folks fit into swimsuits they love in my 17+ years in the business. Hurray! Below you’ll find a link to the replay of this clip on the Rachael Ray website, along with some shopping links and extra ideas that didn’t make it to the show. You got this! Summer, here you come.

Psst! Some of the brands linked here are proud partners of mine (so grateful to share them with you!) or I may get a small thank you if you purchase through me. Your purchase through those links like these helps a lot in keeping articles like this coming your way. Either way, I always share items that I truly love and can help you say hurray!

Watch the recap video clip on the Rachael Ray website!

Buy & Try

Below are the styles that I shared on The Rachael Ray Show that you can buy & try for yourself!



Kelly is up first! This mom of two recently had what she calls a “hulk” baby, coming in at over 10 lbs. WOW! Pregnancy and postpartum really change the body, and especially the breasts. It’s normal! Kelly’s breast tissue is now very soft, and she was struggling in her swimsuits to find support and coverage without spilling out. And while she is building a loving relationship with her body, she also wanted to smooth things out and look her very best!

She needed the support and spunk to match her amazing personality, so I chose a gorgeous suit from Hermoza. This blue might be the most universally flattering color I’ve seen! STUNNING. And this style is one of the most universally gorgeous on so many people. The high neck, side tie, and slight compression do wonders for confidence without changing or hiding who you are. Great for moms and active women who want to be able to move around without falling out, and still look darn cute. Getting to know this brand has been a dream, and this is just one style you can browse!

JJ Winks screenshot

Hermoza – Genevieve One Piece Swimsuit

  • Their best seller!
  • High-necked suit draws the eye up and provides great coverage
  • Fully lined with a slight smoothing effect
  • Great bottom coverage (no wedgies)
  • Removable moldable cups for modesty and a little shape
  • Attached shelf bra for moderate support
  • Adhered belt with adjustable tie sweeps across the waist
  • Sizes 2-14

Albion Fit

Next up is Angela. OMG this woman is a powerhouse. She is a thriving realtor, mom and wife, and all around go getter. And her swimsuit was just not giving her what she needed to go out there and wow. She told me she had this swimsuit for 10 years. 10 years, ya’ll! She was absolutely due for a new, gorgeous option!

I chose a best seller from Albion Fit, a newer to me brand that is now forever on my mind. This one got an audible gasp from the Rachael Ray studio audience when I held it up, so when Angela walked out, they were floored! The plunge front Angela was wearing could be sexy, but she didn’t feel that way in it. In fact, the coverage on this one not only feels more secure, but she looks dannnng good.

JJ Winks screenshot

Albion Fit – The Maria One Piece

  • Best seller!
  • Alluring mesh sweetheart neckline means no slipping straps and a fun peek a boo
  • Low back with intriguing back bands that work with your shape and look gorgeous
  • Both sexy and secure, great to wear out with the kids or on a romantic vacation
  • Removable bust pads offer modesty and support
  • Built-in SPF 45 Protection
  • Sizes XXS-XXXL


Isabella felt less than awesome in her one piece suit. She has a petite frame, and a very full bust, which is common for me to see as a fitter, but difficult to fit into a cute suit, sometimes. Luckily, I knew to call up my pals at Bravissimo. I’ve already shared this awesome brand’s bra, and now you get to see their swimsuits! They are experts in full bust bras and support, and this swimsuit was no exception. BIG FAN.

The top is cute (just like Isabella) but also has a built-in bra so it can keep her lifted. And the high waist bottom is a cute addition to complete a retro look. This one with big sunglasses and a hat says “see you on my yacht” just as much as “let’s all jump in the pool” to me!

JJ Winks screenshot

Bravissimo – Whitsunday Bikini Top

  • A best seller – now with cap sleeves!
  • Capped sleeves give slightly more arm coverage and distribute weight for comfort
  • Adjust the bow at the front for more or less coverage and cleavage
  • Scoop back and clip band for support
  • Built-in mesh underwire bra is hidden inside!
  • Made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon!
  • Impressive size range of 28-38 bands and DD-J UK cups!!

Remember that fit is key when it comes to comfort and confidence. That goes for swimsuits, and bras, too!! If you wear bras, grab a spot in my Free Bra Class to check on the fit of your bras and take your first step toward saying hurray inside, outside, and underneath™!

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Your turn: Which swimsuit style will you wear? What kind of support and coverage do you like? Share with me on Instagram or TikTok!

Credits: Thanks to the Rachael Ray staff and crew (and amazing producers), the viewer volunteers (who are so brave and such good sports), and to my brand partners for making this happen: Hermoza, Albion Fit, and Bravissimo. And a hearty hurray to the brands that shipped samples and didn’t make it on air, like Swimsuits for All! You are the best!

My dress (100% silk and so cute) was provided by ModCloth and my shoes (the most comfortable wedges) were provided by Dr. Scholl’s Shoes