Kimmay on Rachael Ray No. 1

Feb 27, 2020 | Bra Options, Hurray for Lingerie, Press, Rachael Ray, Style Solutions, Underneath | 0 comments

Hurray! This was my very first visit to The Rachael Ray Show! It was so exciting! I brought my many years of bra fit expertise and my desire to support people inside, outside, and underneath with me. Plus, a few bras from one of my top brands to help three gorgeous viewers find three amazing bra options. Looking for bra help? Check these out! Perhaps one or more could be a great bra option for you to buy and try yourself! Watch the video clip which showcases all three makeovers, plus read my additional tips and style notes which were too good to make it on the show. You’ll also find links to purchase these supportive bras, too!

Psst! Just so you know, some of the links below are partner or affiliate links. I always share my honest and expert opinion. Buy and try these for yourself and see what makes you say hurray!

Bra Fit Basics 

On the show we got to some of the MOST important bra fitting information, such as:

  • Bra Sizing
  • Why you can wear more than one bra size
  • Bra Fitting and how you can get a good fit
  • Bra Care

Watch the clip for a taste then dive in to some of my most valuable posts!

Must reads: 

  • Why 9 Bra Sizes Can Fit – this is the blog post and experiment that started it all! Learn the several reasons why it’s possible to wear more than one bra size when it comes to getting a good fit.
  • Find your Bra Size Starting Points– Use this simple guide to find your bra size starting points. Remember, knowing your numbers is important when it comes to getting started with your bra size.
  • Sister Sizing– Once you have your bra size starting points, use this handy guide to size up and down in the band without affecting your cup size!
  • Top 5 Bra Fit Tips– get my video and PDF guide with my most popular fit tips!

First up: Aisha!

Aisha complained that her bra band was always either too tight or too loose, and always uncomfortable. Turns out, she was wearing a bra band in the “right” size, but the style wasn’t as comfortable. A wider bra band feels and looks so darn good because it can wrap around your body instead of digging in. Keep in mind, that your bra band is responsible for about 90% or so of your bra’s support. It needs to anchor in place, and stay parallel with the floor in order for the rest of the bra do do its job (you know, support your bust) and feel good!

Want to try the bra that Aisha is wearing? Get it here: Transformative Tisha Bra from Le Mystere

Second up: Faye!

Faye looked fantastic in her bra but the underwire was digging in. I have helped so many people feel comfortable in an underwire bra. Believe me, once you find a style and size that fits well and looks great, you will hardly even notice that you’re wearing one at all! One of the biggest keys for an underwire is a snug, supportive bra band. It may seem tempting to go for a looser band to avoid digging, but in reality, a loose bra band will only ride up in the back, causing the front to slip down and dig in. An equal amount of hugging around your whole torso feels so much better! Also, make sure you’re wearing a cup size that can fit your whole bust. Going too small will cause it to dig in and your bust to squish out. Ouch! Go with what fits well to say hurray!

That being said, some people still find any underwire uncomfortable. You can always go sans underwire, OR try a flexible or innovative underwire bra like the one Faye is wearing. This bra has a wide, snug band so it will anchor and stay in place. And, the molded cups offer shape and smooth coverage.

Rachael and the audience went nuts for this cool, new style from Le Mystere. Try the Safari Invisible Comfort Bra for yourself.

Third Up: Fortune! 

Fortune came to me complaining of her bra straps slipping down. The first thing to remember (as with almost any bra problem) is to wear a snug and comfortable bra band that stays in place. If your bra band is loose or stretched out, it will ride up the back and the straps have nothing to which to anchor. Oops! In fortune’s case, she was wearing a bra band that fit well. But her straps were set very wide AND they were only partially adjustable. You can always go for a bra that has straps set in – either in the front or in the back. Or, you can buy a bra with a built-in j-hook or convertible straps.

In love with a bra that doesn’t have one of those built-in features? You’re not alone. Fortune loved this molded, lace bra from Le Mystere, but the straps were not ideal for her body and bust. There are a few things you can do if your bra straps are too wide, or too long. First, you can bring your bra to a tailor (or DIY) to take off about 2″ of the non adjustable part of your straps. You can also use a bra strap converter that will cinch your straps together in the back. They are easy to find and easy to use on just about any bra!

Want to try the bra Fortune is wearing? Check out Le Mystere’s Sophia Lace Bra, available for B-G cup sizes!

Special thanks to my partner, Le Mystere, for providing the bras for this makeover and a special gift for the studio audience!