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Hurray! I’m back for my fifth time on The Rachael Ray Show, sharing my heart and bra fit expertise with the help of two brave viewers, and four great sports bras. Sports bras are often one of the trickiest of all the bras. In my 15+ years of fitting folks, I’ve helped MANY people into supportive sports bras {“supportive” being the important word here} from cup sizes AA – K.

Below you’ll find shopping and fit information on the bras that I shared on the show. These four were carefully chosen to support the two brave Rachael Ray viewers, and with you in mind! They are a great place to start. Read on for all the information.

Looking for more sports bra options? I’ve rounded up 24 of my favorite sports bras for many sizes and needs over in a new blog post. Check them out!

Psst! Some of the links below are partner or affiliate links. I always share my honest and expert opinion. Buy and try these for yourself and see what makes you say hurray!

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Bra Basics 

Not sure about your sport bra fit? I’ve got you! Many of the thousands of people I have helped in my many years as a bra fitter (since 2005!) are still learning the basics. Come join me step by step as I teach you how to find your bra size starting points, then to understand bra sizing, and to truly check the fit of your bra. Knowing the basics of how to understand and support your bust (which is right over your heart!) is a great way to understand and support yourself. That little dose of self-love can go a long way. Hurray!

Check out my full list of Underneath Resources for lots of (supportive) help! Also if you are looking to try more sports bras, check out my blog with 24 different sports bras to fit your unique needs!

Tabitha is adorable, stylish, and active! And she complained that her current sports bra (on the left) was uncomfortable, rode up on her, and the straps were too long. Here to help! 

One reason her sports bra wasn’t working was because it wasn’t adjustable in the band (where the support really comes from), or the straps. They were both too loose! Plus, the stretchy over the head style only came in alpha sizing. So I looked for a sports bra that would fit her well and hold her in place, as she requested. 

I chose a sports bra for Tabitha from Le Mystere!

One of the most stylish sports bras out there, this one features a partial foam molded cup, flexible underwire, and adjustable band and straps. That means you can have a smooth and sassy look underneath your exercise attire. And if it shows a little bit, it can be a cool part of your outfit. Speaking of cool, the stretchy mesh overlay is breathable and holds you in place without super coverage or thick material. Plus, it’s both gorgeous and offers light compression.

This bra is available in some basic colors, and rotates fashion color offerings. And the cup sizes reach from B-G in US sizing. Bonus, the straps are convertible and can be worn straight back or (when loosened) converted into a racerback for a super secure feeling.  There’s a reason that bridges and the Eiffel Tower use the triangle shape – it’s the strongest shape in engineering! (I learned that in shop class in middle school and still use this knowledge today. Hurray!) That means it can both give you that extra bit of strength and support AND look great with certain tops. See what I mean for yourself!

Next, I wanted to give Tabitha (and you!) another option. She wanted something for low-impact activities like yoga. So I chose a sports bra for her from AnaOno!

This amazing brand designs with post-surgical needs in mind, and their items can support a wide range of needs. Its creator, Dana, is an amazing woman and a breast cancer patient herself. All of the styles are named after breast cancer patients, including the one you see here, “Paige”. And while it’s great for someone whose had breast reconstruction or augmentation, this style is not just meant for post surgery! Both Tabitha and I have natural breast tissue, and we both love it.

This sports bra features a super soft, wire-free cup with a wrap-front style. I love the extra wide band underneath because it lays flat and stays in place. It’s so soft, too. Plus, it’s adjustable for a secure, comfortable fit. There’s an adjustable criss-cross back and removable lining for the cups so you can adjust this to fit your needs. This is a great bra for someone with augmentation, restoration, or even someone whose bust is fluctuating. The soft cups can adjust easily.

Even though this one does come in alpha sizing, the adjustable band and straps make this one a winner. I would keep this one for low to medium impact activities since it’s not quite as firm as some of the others. Either way, it’s a dreamy option! Test it out in this fun peachy color or black and see what I mean.

Wendy bought a sports bra from a popular brand. While it is a great bra, it wasn’t the best for her or her support needs. The non-adjustable straps couldn’t really fit her unique shape. Plus, the zip front opened up on her more than once during exercise. Eek! {Psst a zip front bra can be great for some folks with mobility issues, and a compression sports bra with a front closure can actually be awesome for post surgical needs. But in Wendy’s case, this wasn’t a great bra for her.} 

Instead, I chose a sports bra for Wendy from Dominique Intimates!

This underwire sports bra is made with firm, smooth, molded cup and comes in a fun pink color like you see here on the show, or classic black. The size range offered in this bra is amazing with US cup sizes B-I and band sizes 32-44. That means it can fit and support a lot of different folks!

The underwire is wrapped in soft material so you can get support and comfort all in one. Plus it has a cotton overlay and breathable vents, and partially padded, adjustable straps that can covert to racerback. This bra is moderately priced for a supportive sports bra – especially when you consider all of the engineering that goes in to designing and creating a bra like this. Test it out for yourself and see what you think!

Tip: this bra can be a little firm or rough on the edges when you first buy it. Wash it with some gentle soap to get the starch and sizing off. Then the cotton overlay will be super soft!

Wendy, like a lot of people I’ve supported in my MANY years as a bra fitter, has a fuller bust. And throughout the years I’ve seen full busted folks have less beautiful bra options. That’s been changing – hurray! And one of the last bra options is the luxury sports bra option. Think about it – for a long time there were only basic sports bras, unattractive sports bras, or inexpensive sports bras for full busts. And while those are all great, some people want and can afford a luxury option. They should have that choice!

So in addition, I suggested this luxury sports bra from Empreinte

Um, isn’t this sports bra gorgeous?! This French brand is known for their glamour and great fit for those with a full bust! This is their first sports bra and it’s a beautiful winner. And not just because it looks so darn glamorous (did you see the lurex sparkle on the straps??), but also because it’s a great fit. 

This sports bra starts at a 28 band, which is great for petite folks, and reaches up to 38. It’s also made specifically for full busts in European sizes D-H with an underwire. The cups are also made of breathable, smooth, move with your body, knit spacer molding. And the front strap clasps make it easy to turn into a racerback or take off post workout with ease! That, plus the hooks and eyes on the back band (where all the support comes from, thank you very much) means no more struggling to take a sweaty sports bra off over your head. Hurray! It comes in this dark charcoal color (that looks very chocolate brown to my eyes), or a soft pink.

The price point on this luxury sports bra is higher than the rest. While that may be out of range for some shoppers, I’m very pleased that luxury companies make beautiful and well-fitting options for full bust folks. Often, those with a higher cup size get left out in the cold and have very few options. So even having a luxury option like this is amazing!

Your turn: Which of these sports bra styles do you want to buy and try for yourself? What did you learn? Remember, I’ve rounded up 24 of my favorite sports bras for many sizes and needs over in a new blog post. Check them out! Share with me on Instagram @hurraykimmay.

Special thanks to The Rachael Ray Show and these brands for helping me help these two wonderful women (and you!) say: hurray for lingerie!

And thanks to Easton International for the fun and fashionable tights!