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Hurray! It’s time for another episode of The Rachael Ray Show and this one is extra special. I’ve been sharing my bra fitting expertise on the show for years. Sometimes, I would give a lucky (and brave) volunteer a bra or swimsuit makeover on the show, and they’d share their hurrays after the fitting.

I recognize that going on TV in your bra and pants, or your swimsuit, is a big deal! It takes a lot of courage. So I was especially excited to learn that I’d be giving a very special and very brave person a makeover this time: Mally Roncal!

If you know Mally, you know that she is a fabulous celebrity makeup artist with her own line of inspiring products, and a massively positive and successful force in the world. And if you don’t know her yet, you’re in for a treat. From the moment Mally and I met I was so impressed with her joy and enthusiasm, her “let’s do this” attitude, her generosity, and her authenticity. She is truly one of the kindest and most fun people!

Bras and breasts have an emotional connection for many of us (they’re right over the heart, after all!) and especially for Mally. She lost her mother to breast cancer, and learning to support and take care of this part of her body opened up a lot of emotions in our fitting. And boy was she due for a fitting! I can’t wait for you to hear what size she was wearing, and what sizes fit her best. And to see just how joyful and happy she is once we got her into a bra that fits! Below you can read all about the styles that we found for Mally, including a few special styles that didn’t make it on air. Maybe some of these will bring you joy, too!

Psst! Some of the brands linked here are proud partners of mine (and I’m so grateful to share them with you!) or I may get a small thank you if you purchase through me. Your purchase through those links like these helps a lot in keeping articles like this coming your way. Either way, I always share items that I truly love and can help you say hurray!

Watch the recap video clip on the Rachael Ray website!

Buy & Try

First of all, fit and size makes a difference. Mally was wearing a 34B, and the bras she’s going home with are 30-32 bands and DD (E) or DDD (F) cups. YEP! Make sure your bras fit well, because it will change everything, then find the style(s) that work best for you! Use my Free Fit Guide and intro class to get started on a great fit. And, below are the styles that I shared on The Rachael Ray Show that you can buy & try for yourself!

Everyday Bra from Harper Wilde

Everyone needs a few great basic bras that work well under 70% of their clothes, and Mally is no different. Tip: find a neutral that is as close to your skin tone as possible if you want it to be invisible under light clothes. Mally was used to wearing light beige bras as her skin tone option, but this inclusive tan color blends in so much better (and there are more shades available, too.)

JJ Winks screenshot

The Base by Harper Wilde

  • This smooth cup looks sleek under nearly any top or outfit
  • The tan color is great for Mally’s skin tone and blends in under light clothing (and comes in several more)
  • Front adjustable straps make it easy to get a good fit without having to twist and turn around
  • Convertible straps with a built-in j hook for racerback tops
  • X front at the center gore moves with your body
  • Smoothing back band
  • Band sizes 32-42 and US cup sizes A-F

Lace “Hurray” Bra from Montelle

Mally is such a positive and fun person, so she needs a fun bra! Don’t we all? She was skeptical about wearing an unlined bra, thinking it wouldn’t give her the shape and support she was looking for. But this flirty bra shocked her!

Note: this bra fits in a 30 band which is very common but sometimes hard to find. The band is the most important part of the bra, giving 90% of the support, so it has to be snug like a hug. And this 30 band fits great. And listen, bodies are squishy and it’s totally normal for overhang. That actually means your bra fits well. Also this bra is a stretch lace that works with the bust plus the vertical seam here gives a really great shape and support even without foam padding. Supportive and attractive.

JJ Winks screenshot

Flirt Demi Lace Bra by Montelle

  • Smooth stretch floral lace looks great under clothes and is soft to the touch (no scratchy lace)
  • Cups are lined with stretch mesh for support and a vertical seam keeps the shape round
  • Demi cut showcases the décolletage beautifully without digging in
  • Strap widths and hook-and-eye columns increase with size for security and support
  • This blue combo looked great on Mally and it comes in several colors
  • Match it with the coordinating bottom for a true look!
  • Band sizes 30-38, Euro cup sizes A-F

Wireless Bra from Le Mystere

Another style most folks need: wire-free! Stretchy bralettes are not for everyone, and Mally wanted a wire-free option that still gives great shape and support. This flexible molding cup does just that. It’s great for errands or wearing around when you don’t want to wear an underwire bra.

Tip: if you want a wire-free style with more secure support, I suggest trying one with adjustable straps and band that is bra sized. You can get a better fit, and fit = comfort and support!

JJ Winks screenshot

Sheer Illusion Wireless Bra by Le Mystere

  • Soft, plush contour cups set in a comfortable foam frame for shape and modesty
  • Seamless mesh overlay creates a sheer window effect (sassy!) and moves with your body
  • Wire-free design is flexible and cozy
  • Silky-soft band is smooth and closes with rose gold hardware
  • Adjustable straps and band for a custom fit and security
  • Band sizes 32-38 and US B-G cups

Want more? These styles didn’t make it on air but we shared them on social media! Take a look at two more styles most folks need!

Strapless Bra from Chantelle

One of the most overlooked and misunderstood styles: strapless bras! Most folks need a good strapless or convertible bra to go with those unique necklines and strap-free outfits. This one we found for Mally is a great combination of comfort and support – something we could all use!

JJ Winks screenshot

Norah Strapless Bra by Chantelle

  • Removable straps for outfit versatility
  • Light and soft cups with flexible molding and a round shape
  • Buttery soft and supportive band features silicone bands and lycra lining through the back help hold bra in place
  • Floral lace details decorate the band
  • Cushioned hook and eye for extra comfort
  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified and designed in France
  • Band sizes: 32-40, Euro cups B-F

Sports Bra from Anita

Never underestimate the importance of a great sports bra! They are specifically designed to support and protect your bust – which is vital at any age, but especially if you worry about stretching or sagging. Mally loved the support of this style and for good reason! It’s made by a German company known for their amazing sports bras (and more!) and this one offers maximum support. Add one to your wardrobe, or more if you workout more often!

JJ Winks screenshot

Momentum Sports Bra by Anita

  • This is Anita’s global bestselling high impact sports bra! And just one of many they carry.
  • Seamless, pre-shaped cups are smooth under clothes
  • High performing sweat management fabric has a vibrant sheen that keeps you cool
  • Thick adjustable straps and band for a great fit and security
  • Strap slider has a unique design to avoid slipping
  • Thick, durable materials that last
  • Available in a vast size range of band sizes 30-48 and Euro cups A-H

Remember that even the best bras out there need to fit in order to feel comfortable, and that comfort will provide you with all day confidence! If you wear bras, grab a spot in my Free Bra Class to check on the fit of your bras and take your first step toward saying hurray inside, outside, and underneath™!

Free Bra Class

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Your turn: Have you had a bra fitting recently? Which style from Mally’s makeover will you try first? Share it all with me over @hurraykimmay on Instagram!

Credits: Thanks to the Rachael Ray staff and crew (and amazing producers)! And a special thank you to Mally (who is so brave and such a good sport), and to my brand partners for making this happen: Harper Wilde, Montelle, Le Mystere, Chantelle, and Anita. And a hearty hurray to the brands that shipped samples and didn’t make it on air. You’re amazing!