What is a Hurray Vacay? 

A “Hurray Vacay” is not just a trip, or a vacation. It’s a state of being.

Think about when you’re on vacation. You feel light, free, unburdened, adventurous, healthy, loved, and cared for. And while getting away from it all and taking a trip somewhere is one way to achieve this state of being, there are many many many more ways that have the same affect.

In fact, you can have a Hurray Vacay anywhere and at anytime.

You can declare this afternoon a Hurray Vacay. You can take a vacay in your mind. You can add some hurray to your day. You can embody that feeling of living life while on vacation at any moment. Even with the kids screaming, deadlines calling, dishes piling up, and your wallet empty.

Not only do you deserve some vacay – girl, you need it. And the people in your life need you to take one, too. You can only love and take care of those around you as much as you love and take care of yourself.

Whether it’s a 5 minute or 5 week trip, you can take a step toward living your life like aHurray Vacay.

I’m inviting you to take steps toward self care, ease, adventure, rest, travel, exploring, learning, and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. Come with me on my Hurray Vacays around the world and in my very own home. I hope that you’ll be inspired to take your very own Hurray Vacay!

Because we all deserve some “hurray” and a little “vacay“.


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Explore with me!

Here’s a look at where the #HurrayVacay has taken me. Where am I off to next?

Coming soon: NYC and Florida!

Los Angeles, CA

Photography: Becky Yee Sponsors: Parfait Lingerie, Royce Special thanks to The Gift Shoppe, Tobi

Paris, France

Photography: Laura Boyd, Own Your Sexy Sponsors: NuBra, Simone Perele Special thanks to Tobi, Koolaburra, Lafont, Cobblestone Paris

Waikiki, Hawaii

Photography: Becky Yee Sponsors: Le Mystere, Parfait Lingerie Special thanks to Lafont, Mia Marcelle

Napa Valley, California

Photography: Laura Boyd, Own Your Sexy. Sponsors: Ridge Merino, Blush Special thanks to Mayacamas Ranch, Safari West, Conquer Club

Paris, France

Photography: Becky Yee. Sponsors: Addiction Nouvelle, Bluebella, Easton International Special thanks to Cobblestone Paris Rentals

Old San Juan & Rincón, Puerto Rico

Photography: Becky Yee. Sponsors: Anita, Peach Special thanks to Rincón Paddle Boards

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

Photography: Becky Yee. Sponsors: Fleur’t, Bluebella, Montelle Special thanks to Lauren Dobey and the Entrepreneur Escape

Tulum & Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Photography: Becky Yee. Sponsors: Panache, Cleo by Panache, Miel, AnaOno, Anita. Special thanks to Sanará Tulum, Under Armor, lafont

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