This might surprise you, but it needs to be said: never wear your basic bras when working out! If you exercise, having a few great sports bras is a must. If you wear your basic, everyday bras, unfortunately, you’re just going to ruin and stretch them out with each sweaty wear, and you’re not protecting your bust. Everyday t-shirt bras are not designed to support and protect breast tissue when it’s under physical activity strain.

So I don’t suggest wearing old basic bras that don’t fit anymore, either. (Something so many folks do!)​

Good news. There are sports bras with varying degrees of support, including underwire, non-underwire, and even casual sports bras for things that are really low impact, like Pilates or yoga. Just keep in mind, that perspiration can really break down the elastic and you want to wash them after every single use.

And for that reason, they don’t always last as long. So invest in a couple to rotate to keep them fresh and supportive!

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