Questions to Ask Yourself When Swimsuit Shopping

May 10, 2022 | Body Love, Hurray for Lingerie, Personal Style, Self Love & Care, Style Solutions, Swimwear, Underneath | 0 comments

It’s almost swimsuit time! If you’re nervous to wear a swimsuit this year, I hear ya. Swimwear is the closest some of us come to wearing our underwear in public. It can bring up a lot of worries and fears or judgements. I’m Kimmay and I’ve helped thousands of folks shop for bras and swimwear, and I’m here to help you feel confident in whatever you choose to wear. Hurray!

So here’s an important reminder: your coverage and what you wear is completely up to you and how much you show does not affect who you are. Got it? Good!

Here are some questions to ask yourself the next time you go shopping for or put on your swimsuit.

1. Who am I wearing this for? Am I covering up because of what I think someone else thinks? Am I thinking of their comfort, their judgment and their approvals before my own?

2. If I were to choose something to wear, that made me feel amazing and no one else was around, what would it be?

3. How do I want to feel today?

Lastly, a kind question that you can always ask yourself or your body is: what is the most loving next step that I can take? For you, it might be to take off a t-shirt or it might be to put a bikini on for the first time after your body has changed. It might even be to wear more! Truly, it’s up to you.

Take a deep breath and remember that your body and the way it is today – exactly as is – is worthy of support, love, and a gorgeous swimsuit. Hurray!

Need a good place to start? Shop swimsuit styles in various coverage options in my blog post:

Your Turn: What will you wear this summer? Are you a one piece, tankini, or two piece fan? What next loving step can you take to support and love your body? I hope this helped. Follow me over @hurraykimmay on Instagram and TikTok for more tips.

Credits: Filmed and written by yours truly. And use my affiliate link to get this Freya swimsuit top! I’m wearing it in a 34DD.