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Valentine’s Day is traditionally about you and a partner. And Galentine’s Day is about your friends. So what about you?

I hear it all the time: “Self-love is selfish. How egotistical! How vain! How me me me!” Right? And truthfully there are some versions of self-love that can lean toward egotism, selfishness, and downright vanity. For sure. But that isn’t love to me. Love is an expansive virtue. It’s harmony. It’s inclusive. It’s a connector. Love does not isolate, or hate. It doesn’t compete and try to win. Love is doing the best for all those involved. And that includes YOU.

What I’ve found to be true is that if you want to be a loving person out in the world, you can do your best when you are loving toward yourself first. We are so much more capable to show up for, serve, understand, drop the judgement, include, respect, care for, forgive, and love others when we first offer those opportunities to ourselves.

When it’s truly self-love, it’s not selfish. Loving yourself isn’t me me me. But it also isn’t others others others and only showing up and serving those in your life at the expense of your own joy or health. It’s about we. Self-love cultivates a beautiful place in which to show up and serve the we we we.

Below in this Self-Love Gift Guide you’ll find some simple advice as well as some items to Buy & Try. These are great gifts for a friend or loved one who is on a self-love journey, or for yourself! In fact, gifting yourself is a really great way to affirm and love on yourself inside, outside, and underneath™

Psst! Some of the brands linked are proud partners of mine or I may get a small thank you if you purchase through me. Your purchase through those links helps a lot in keeping articles like this coming your way. Either way, I always share items that I truly love and can help you say hurray!

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Inside Self-Love Gifts

Inside around here means your inner life, emotions, mental health, and faith, intuition, or connection to a higher power. The items below are great for spending some quality time with yourself and your thoughts in order to learn acceptance, understanding, and eventually love within your own mind and heart.

Setting up a regular practice of prayer, meditation, or journaling is a really powerful way to listen to your inner-self. When you listen with love, compassion, and kindness you can also start to forgive yourself for misunderstandings, stand firm in the truth of who you are, and more easily celebrate yourself without needing others to validate your worth. Small, daily exercises of self-love make HUGE differences over time. And even if no one else sees this work, you know that you are taking beautiful steps towards loving yourself from the inside, out.

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Affirmation Cards

Show yourself some love and find the message that is right for you with these beautiful black and gold detailed affirmation cards from Please Notes. Each box of 65 cards has a different affirmation or empowering quote and inspired image on them that will support you.

Choose one to set a positive intention for your day, as a journaling prompt, or a point of focus for your meditation practice or pull one out if you are feeling a little unsteady and need a little bit of guidance.

These gorgeous cards are here for you to connect with your truth and the message you need to hear. Hurray!

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More Inside Gifts to Buy & Try

How to Love Yourself Deck
Daily Prayer Journal
Rose Quartz
Yoga and Meditation Bolster

Underneath Self-Love Gifts

Underneath in Hurray Kimmay terms means your physical body and what’s underneath your clothes. As an Undergarment Educator, using underwear and lingerie to say hurray and practice self-love is a BIG deal to me. My bra coaching sessions are not just about finding a bra that fits, but how to turn the everyday practice of putting on your undergarments into a daily self-care ritual. You’ll find LOTS of information throughout this website to support you with bra help (including how to create a self-love ritual with lingerie) so below are a few ways (in addition to bras!) to show your body some love!

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Horoscope Pleasure Ritual Kit

Calling all my astro babes! This kit from Bijoux Indiscrets has some powerful tools for your own self-love ceremony, and is made “to reconnect you with your feminine energy through pleasure”. Hurray! It includes:

  • A necklace encasing your very own zodiac gemstone. So you can remember to always love yourself.
  • A warming-effect clitoral balm that increases pleasure and enhances orgasm. It smells good too!
  • A playful finger vibrator that fits perfectly in your hand or around just one finger. User-friendly, you control the three intensity at the touch of a button.

New and full moon rituals just got a whole lot more hurray, wouldn’t you say? Bonus: I hosted a free class with my friend and expert Laurie-Anne on the power of “orgasmic manifesting”. Check it out!

More Underneath Gifts to Buy & Try

NK IMODE – Bust Support Silk Chemise

Knickey – Organic Mid Rise Brief
Lifetherapy – Loved Hydrating Body Lotion
Thistle & Spire – Medusa Bodysuit

Outside Self-Love Gifts

Outside means your connection to the world around you, including your work, relationships, and environment. It also includes the way you show up and present to the outside world! Does your home have loving reminders for you? Do you practice receiving and giving love with your friends? Do you dress in a way that is authentically and unapologetically you? Do you courageously show up to your work in the world from a place of self-love?

Remember, self-love is really for you, but it will shine out into how you move through the world and for others to see, too! The items below can help you create a self-love environment and to share your self-love with others.

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Two Dozen Roses

Have you ever sent yourself flowers? Do it, do it! It’s one of the most amazing things to open up a box of fresh flowers from yours truly. When I lived in NYC there were flower stands everywhere and I could easily pick up a bunch to show myself a dose of love. But out here in rural Oklahoma our fresh cut flower options are quite limited, so having them sent to myself in the mail is a new treat!

Any flower that makes you smile and reminds you that you are loved will work and roses are a favorite option because they represent love, and have a delicious smell. These from Benchmark Bouquets are sent in bud form and blossom before your eyes. They will add beauty to your home environment and offer you a visual reminder of the self-love work you are doing. And if anyone asks, “who sent the flowers?” you can say sincerely, “someone who loves me!” Bonus points if you use the gift section to write yourself a love note 😉

PS: if you want an everlasting floral arrangement try a silk or faux rose arrangement!

More Outside Gifts to Buy & Try

Me Moi – Loves Got to Do With It Tights
Master Class – Rupaul Teaches Self-Expression and Authenticity
Sudara – Globe Love Tee
It’s OK Art Print
Your turn: How are you going to show yourself some love? Which of these items or brands will you try out for yourself or gift to a friend? Tell me everything over at @hurraykimmay on Instagram so we can say hurray together!
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