Spring Clean Inside, Outside, and Underneath

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I’m the first to admit it: I’m a packrat and a clutter collector. I always have been. My honey and I have lived in the same tiny apartment in New York City for 10 years. In those 10 years, I’ve collected, and purged, and accumulated, and condensed over and over again. And instead of clearing out little by little, I would wait until things became just too much to handle. It would usually lead to overwhelm, a fight over the stuff, maybe even tears. And I would try to remedy this with a full force clear out. It was exhausting work. And, inevitably, I would end up cluttering the place up again. I did this over and over again. When I started gaining more self-awareness I recognized this pattern in my home as one I was also holding in my emotional life.

Kimmay in Paris wearing Tobi in Cobblestone Apartments

When strong emotions would arise – good or bad – I would pack them away to “deal with” later. I was convinced that allowing myself space to feel those feelings was inefficient. I was hurrying through life and I had things to get done. So away they would go until later. One of my coaches called this, “The Feelings Closet”. The thing is, I would pack and pack and pack that closet until one day when I went to put a feeling in there, all the pent up feelings would topple down all over me. My feelings would overtake me and I would spend a day or more feeling completely overwhelmed by emotion. We started working on unpacking those emotions on a regular basis, and even dealing with them right away so I didn’t have to put them into the closet. This little by little, consistent cleaning out, and dealing with the “stuff” before I even packed it away was a huge lesson. It completely changed my relationship with my emotions, and in turn updated several aspects of my life.

So I started doing this with the things in my home. {Full disclosure, the apartment in these photos is not my home! This gorgeous flat was provided by Cobblestone Apartments during my #hurrayvacay in Paris. Ooh la la! Some of the links in this article are affiliate links or a brand partner. As always, I only share my honest opinion to help you say hurray inside, outside, and underneath™!} To start in my own home I hired a cleaning person to come over every other week to give our small apartment a good scrub. This was a big financial stretch for us, but I can not tell you how much I love how deep she cleans our place. It – and our sanity – was worth the investment. Then little by little I would unpack my things on a regular basis. I would release clothes I no longer wore, kitchen utensils I had in duplicates, books I was done reading. At first I was having a friend help me drop things off at Goodwill or The Salvation Army. And eventually, we started offering them to our cleaning person. I told her she did not have to take them, but she was delighted! Turns out that my release was a blessing for myself and for her.

Kimmay relaxes in a cozy Tobi sweater in a beautiful Parisian Cobblestone apartment

So how can you spring clean your life on the inside, outside, and underneath? I have a few tips and ideas below. When reading these tips, keep the three aspects of saying hurray in mind and see where you can apply them in your own life:

Inside: Our relationship with our inner life. What’s going on inside of us; our souls and hearts, our emotions; our connection to Source or God.

Outside: Our relationship to the outside world; how we show up; our clothes, makeup, and hair; relationships with others, our jobs, our home, and our environment.

Underneath: Our relationship with our physical bodies; how we adorn or support our bodies underneath our clothes; how we fuel our bodies; and nutrition.

Kimmay gives tips on hand washing bras with this beautiful Simone Perele set

Everyday Cleaning: These are your daily habits for cleaning your inner and outer life, and what’s underneath. I like to meditate daily using the Calm App, or just checking into myself and my emotions. I ask myself what I need to embrace and what I need to release. I pray. You can build your own daily practice of gratitude journaling, eating healthy, exercising, dusting, washing the dishes etc. What regular practices can you incorporate on a daily basis to clean inside, outside, and underneath?

Lingerie tip: Things like sports bras and period underwear should be washed right away to avoid stains, and the breakdown of the material. Learn how to clean these items on my Care page.

Kimmay hand washes this beautiful Simone Perele bra with Soak

Deep Clean: Even with consistent cleaning we, our homes, and our bodies all need a deep clean now and then. Perhaps for your home that means dedicating a weekend to big cleaning projects so your place is spic and span. It could look like a month long project of going through all of your clothes and donating what no longer serves you, then going on a shopping spree for the new you. Maybe it looks like a detox or healthy food overhaul. The deep clean for your life may be going on a vacay, or retreat. It may be 5 days of concentrated mediation or exploration. It could be a deep and powerful self forgiveness session. Wipe your soul clean of any misunderstandings or judgements you’ve been telling yourself and start fresh, and clean, and new!

Lingerie tip: Did you know that bras should be washed after every third wear or so? All they require is a 15 minute soak! Learn how to wash your bras and other delicates on my Care page.

Let Go and Release: Part of cleaning is releasing. Releasing the old can be difficult – I know this very very very well. In my life, I struggle to let go of things because “what if I need that one day”. In myself, I struggle to let go of old versions of myself because they were cozy and familiar. But part of growth and renewal requires making space for that newness to come in. Make space. Create the room for your new identity, your new things, a new wardrobe, a new body, a new partner, a new life. Part of my Capricorn nature means I’m ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn is the planet of structure and has a very parental tone. It will come in and break down the structures that are not working in order to build up the structures that will support you to thrive. It’s why when people have their “Saturn returns”, it can feel very trying. The breaking down and building up is work. And so worth it. What old habits, fears, or items can you let go so you can build or invite in new things to help you thrive?

Lingerie tip: Bras are made of stretchy material that help them lift and support. Once they are stretched out, it’s time to say goodbye. Learn how to help them keep that stretchy feeling by hand washing them on my Care Page. Or, ready to donate bras in good condition that aren’t your size? Mail them to one of my favorite organizations, Free the Girls or Support the Girls!

Kimmay wears an open back Tobi sweater in a Cobblestone Apartment in Paris in Hurray Kimmay's blog post Spring Clean Inside, Outside and Underneath

Reorganize: When you clear out and let go, and then invite in new things, there’s a bit of a jumble sometimes. This is where you get to regroup, reorganize, and create a system that will help you thrive. In life, I look at this as implementing new routines, practices, and habits. That may mean some trial and error as you find the best way for yoga to fit into your work schedule, or when to do the hand washing in your home. And don’t forget to structure in some space (for magic, exploration, slowing down) in your home and your calendar.

Lingerie tip: To prevent denting a molded cup, never fold one cup into the other. Instead, stack bras one behind the other in a drawer. And keep accessories like detachable straps, nipple covers, and more in a cute pouch or bag alongside your bras.

Ask for Support: In my home, I hired a cleaning person to come in and assist with the cleaning. You can also work with an organizer! In your life, this may mean working with a therapist, or a coach. It may mean asking your friends and family for support. It could mean seeing a couple’s counselor. Perhaps it’s a personal trainer or nutritionist. It can also include leaning on Source, God, or Spirit for guidance. You don’t have to do it alone.

Lingerie tip: The best way to get great support from your bras is to check in on your size, and make sure you have a great fit. Use my free resources to say hurray!

Kimmay gives tips on how to Spring Clean Inside, Outside and Underneath on the Hurray Kimmay blog!

Like most things I write and share about, this is something I’m actively working on. I have been practicing over and over how to unpack my emotions and to clean out my life on the inside, outside, and underneath on a regular basis. And I’ve been taking great steps in regularly cleaning out my home, and taking in less and less in the first place. And there’s still work to be done. Just like any other act of self-care, it’s a practice. This kind of life spring cleaning can be done any time of the year. It’s that renewal and refreshment that we’re seeking, no matter what the calendar says.


Your Turn: Where does your life need refreshment and cleaning out? What can you clear out so you can invite in space, or something new? What’s the clutter getting in the way of you saying hurray?

Need some extra support? Here to help. Apply for a coaching conversation with yours truly. I invite you to see what it’s like to do the deep cleaning together, with a coach by your side. Let’s do this!

Credits: Photos by Laura Boyd of Own Your Sexy and Own Your Brand during my #HurrayVacay trip to Paris in March 2018! What a whirlwind trip. I am so thankful to partner with a few great brands who provided some of the things I’m wearing or using in this post. Super cute and cozy backless sweaters provided by Tobi. Supportive and comfortable backless bra by NuBra. Out of this world apartment provided by Cobblestone Paris. My favorite bra wash by Soak. Gorgeous blue bra set by Simone Perele.