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Looking for a “nude” or neutral skin tone panty that actually matches your skin tone? You’re in the right place. This is an addition to my previous blog post on Skin Tone Bras. In that blog post, I shared how undergarments that are as close as possible to your skin tone will look the most invisible underneath light or sheer clothing. I also mentioned that since I started fitting folks for bras and undergarments that I have seen a LOT in the fitting room, and one such thing was the difference between skin tone options for those with light and darker skin.

Finding skin tone color underwear for people of color has been, and continues to be a challenge. If you sort through online underwear departments by color, there’s often a “nude” option that is light in tone for white folks, or white presenting folks like me (and maybe you!). Click on it and mannnnnny different options come up in the results in various shades of light beige. Seamless underwear, plus size undergarments, thongs, panties, boyshorts, shapewear, you name it! It’s all there. And if you click on the “brown” option there are far fewer options. Sometimes just the basic style is available and only in sizes Small to Large. Or it’s a fashion color for the season but won’t be around in a few months.

The intimates industry – along with our world at large – is actively working against this skin color bias. There are more options than ever before. Hurray! And yet it still remains a massive issue much larger than underwear. I urge you to support causes related to racial equality and to educate yourself on racism and discrimination. (I have a lot to learn still, myself!) Discrimination infiltrates every part of our society, including the seemingly silly parts of life like choosing what underwear to wear. But I believe adorning two of the most sacred parts of our body every morning with our undergarments is one of the most powerful choices we have. And for some people, their choices are limited by racism and discrimination.

So where can you shop for skin tone neutrals in your shade? Good news! Below you’ll find 20 different skin tone underwear options. I did include some neutrals for light skin, too. But truthfully those are far easier to find. The various darker “nude” color underwear options are included as a starting place when looking for skin tone underwear to wear underneath light colors or sheer pants, skirts, and dresses, or simply because it’s fun to have a seamless look and affirms that you and your skin are lovable and beautiful.

You’ll notice that I put the word “nude” in quotations because that outdated word usually refers to the light nude color only. And since that might look like nude or skin tone for one person but not to another, most brands are no longer using “nude” to describe one shade. They are instead offering up different ways to name the various skin tone colors, from numbers to foods to earthy elements. Although some of the brands below still have some changes to make when it comes to inclusivity, you’ll notice that below I purposefully chose brands and products that are not using the word “nude” to describe the color shared. I also chose images of someone with that skin color (or very close to it) wearing the product. This was a challenge ya’ll – and so worth it! I want you to make the most loving and informed decision you can, and that includes being able to see the color on someone of your color!

Psst! Some of the brands linked are proud partners of mine or I may get a small thank you if you purchase through me. Your purchase through those links helps a lot in keeping articles like this coming your way. Either way, I always share items that I truly love and can help you say hurray!

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Buy & Try Skin Tone Underwear

Below are just a few of the options (yep, there are even more out there!) for you to buy & try! I have shared 20 different pairs of underwear from 18 different brands below, some who are dedicated to providing neutrals in darker shades, some who are adjusting their skin tone offers. Like a style but it’s not your shade? Click on it and see what other colors or styles that brand offers. Many are available in a wide variety!

In addition, the brands below vary in size offering, price range, and accessibility. Some you can buy in your local department store, some are only available online. Most of these are “everyday” or basic styles that can support most folks’ everyday wardrobes and pants or skirts. There’s a mix of seamless, high-cut, bikini, thongs, boyshorts, and even a butt lifting style from Spain!

A few come in “mainstream sizing” or the narrow range you’ll see in department stores, or “alpha sizing” like S-XL. MANY of those below are available in a more vast size offering, including up to 4XL.

Do a little exploring below! Remember, these are just the start. And I hope they help you say hurray!

Wacoal – B-Smooth Seamless Hi-Cut Brief in Sand
Calvin Klein – Invisibles Hipster in Light Caramel
Fleur’t – Iconic Boyshort in Seashell
AnaOno – Jeanine High Waist Hipster in Sand
Miel – Viki Brief in Moroccan Spice
Chantelle – Soft Stretch Hipster in Hazelnut
Leonisa – Butt Lift Underwear in Brown
Cosabella – Soire String Bikini in Quattro
Elomi – Cate Hi-Cut Brief in Hazel
Savage x Fenty – Curvy Hi Waist Thong in Tobacco
Maidenform – Microfiber Boyshort with Lace in Cinnamon Butter
COCOA by NS – High Waist Boyshort in Cafe Au Lait
Nunude – Shaping Briefs in NU5
Evelyn Bobbi – Retro Bikini in Clay
Knickey – Organic Low-Rise Bikini in Bon Bon
Natori – Pure Bliss V Kini in Truffle
Commando – Classic Thong in Mocha
Hanes – Perfect Match Cotton Brief in Modern Mocha
Cosabella – Soiree Confidence Boyshort in Uno
Nubian Skin – High Waist Brief in Berry

Need help with bras? I also created a Buy & Try: Skin Tone Bras guide where I shared 20 different bras and 18 different brands! You can also sign up for my free Bra Class to find comfort and confidence without guessing or wasting time and money on bras that don’t fit. This is just one way I can help you say hurray inside, outside, and underneath!

Your turn: Have you tried any of the styles I shared here? Are there styles above that you want to try? Tell me everything over at @hurraykimmay on Instagram so we can say hurray together!
Credits: Product images are from each retailer. The title image features underwear from Knickey. Shop the links above to test out these items for yourself!