Say Hurray for Your Morning Routine

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Style notes: I’m wearing a PJ set courtesy of Bluebella, and a bra from Rosy Paris {which I bought at the amazing Galereis Lafayette in Paris. The most amazing department store I’ve ever been to!} Photo by Becky Yee during the Hurray Vacay in Paris in a beautiful apartment thanks to Cobblestone Paris

Good morning! Have you ever seen those articles like “What Every Successful Person Does In the Morning” or “The MUST DO Thing to Become a Morning Person”? I hate those. Hate is a strong word, so maybe I distrust those articles. Because how you start your day is unique to you. There are certain methods or tips that can help most people have a wonderful morning (some are below!) but I want to caution you: there is no one size fits all method when it comes to waking up and saying hurray. If you have six kids and have to be at work by 7am after a 1 hour commute, you and I are going to have VERY different morning routines. That’s because I have a cat and zero human children, and I “have” to be at work (I am my own boss… soo….) at 10am, and I live a 10 minute walk from my office. Different morning routines for different people. That’s the way it goes. And what’s more, what makes you say hurray some mornings, may be different on another. {Sunday vs. Wednesday = totally different hurray}. Or, your morning routine can change along with your life cycles. {I may not always live near work, or I may have those six kids one day.} Get the picture?

Still, I get asked a lot how I wake up and say hurray. So, I thought I’d give you a revealing look at what my morning usually looks like on a work day. So here she is:

  • 7:15ish
    • mysteriously wake up before my alarm but decide it’s too early to get up
    • look at phone and scroll through emails and social media
  • 8am
    • alarm goes off. It’s a cute little ditty on my phone, and my screen says “Wake up! It’s a new day. Hurray!”
    • stay in bed continuing to read emails {especially The Skimm} while my honey snoozes
  • 8:30 am
    • Streeetttch and breathe a little
    • Get out of bed and use the bathroom
    • Greet Sunny Cat on the way to the bathroom and sometimes have to defend my privacy in the bathroom
  • 8:35 am
    • Go into kitchen, accompanied by the meowing and purring of Sunny Cat
    • Put on Pandora or a good song on YouTube on my phone
    • Dance {You know that “My kitchen is for dancing” poster? I have it. And it’s true.} or sing along
    • Usually I capture Sunny’s morning {aka rolling around on the ground or meowing or eating} to one of the songs and post to Instagram stories
  • 8:45 am
    • Make and eat breakfast. Usually one of the following:
      • Eggs and gluten-free bread with dairy free butter and half an avocado or strawberries
      • Gluten free oats with banana, real maple syrup, blueberries, cinnamon, almond milk
      • Smoothie with frozen fruit, almond milk, Shaklee mix, cinnamon
      • Gluten free, dairy free waffles with syrup, cinnamon, and dairy free butter
  • 9:00 am
    • 10-15 minute meditation if I didn’t get off to a slow start
    • Or I read a page (or two because I’m usually behind) from the daily devotional “Jesus Calling”
  • 9:15 am
    • Do my hair and makeup, pick out my outfit and undergarments
    • Get dressed and packed up for the day
  • 10 am
    • I should be at my office but I’m actually just leaving the door and walking over
    • Kiss my honey and Sunny Cat goodbye
    • Put on some music and my headphones in for my spirited walk over to the office
  • 10:15 am
    • Arrive at my office, settle in for a long day {I usually work until 6 or 7pm, and often have travel or big projects included in there}
    • Make coffee with almond milk and sugar {I specifically wait until I arrive at my office because otherwise I would sit and sip it at home for hours and never arrive at work}

Did you notice the hurrays and the areas that may need improvement? I have to admit: I DO NOT have my ideal morning routine yet. I know, I know! I have some updates and improvements to make. In fact, writing this post is 1 part sharing tips with you, and 3 parts learning tips for myself. And I’m ready. So ready. I’m ready to make some updates because I’ve already made a few, and I can see the amazing impact they have had already. So imagine how my morning and my day can go when I make even more tweaks and updates? I’m working on it.

Kimmay's morning routine on the Hurray Kimmay blogStyle notes: I’m wearing a PJ set courtesy of Bluebella, and a bra from Rosy Paris {which I bought at the amazing Galereis Lafayette in Paris. The most amazing department store I’ve ever been to!} Photo by Becky Yee during the Hurray Vacay in Paris in a beautiful apartment thanks to Cobblestone Paris

And the thing is, you don’t have to update your morning routine overnight, or suddenly love waking up and looking forward to your day because you made changes for one week. You can start small. You can start with one small update. Test it out. See how it goes. I promise those small changes can make big improvements. Want proof? Here’s an example.

I had a daydream/visualization about my ideal day. In it, I woke up in the morning feeling refreshed and amazing. I was in a beach house, and my honey and I were in a beautiful bedroom, with all white decor, and fresh, beautiful linens. The windows were open and the smell of sea salt wafted in. We woke up to the sunshine and lazily cuddled and then made our way to the beach to eat a healthy breakfast and sip coffee by the waves with the wind and sea salt in our hair. We had zero cares in the world, zero plans for the day, and zero obligations. It was so amazing. Now… back here in reality, I do not have a beach house and I have plenty of things I must do. It could be tempting to say “I can never have that!” And maybe in its entirety and right here today, that is true. But I can have small doses of this. I can feel like I’m on vacation anytime I want, in fact. And I can infuse a little bit of that feeling into my everyday life with small steps. You may not be able to fully overhaul your morning routine in one day, one week, or even one year. But you can start small.

For instance, one of the things I noticed about waking up and feeling amazing was what I wear wearing. No joke! I was wearing a light and airy, woven cotton nightgown. Yep, a totally old fashioned, breezy number. So the next day while I was at a department store for a bra fitting client, I intentionally went over to the sleepwear department and looked for a nightgown similar to what I’d seen in my dream. I was hesitant, at first, to buy it. This was out of the norm for what I usually wear, and it was a little expensive and old fashioned. But I realized it was less expensive than a beach house, and more attainable than a change in living situation and … actually kinda sheer and sexy. So on to the credit card it went.

Kimmay wearing Lise Charmel in paris on the Hurray Kimmay blogStyle notes: I’m wearing a bra and panty set thanks to Lise Charmel, a sophisticated French brand known for their ornate undergarments. Bra size 32E, bottoms size Small. Photo by Becky Yee during the Hurray Vacay in Paris. 

And OMG what a huge hurray. I wore that breezy nightgown and felt so fresh and light and carefree – even if just for a moment. And it showed! My honey loved it, too. Which lead to another sassy experience that made me say hurray, if you know what I mean. And I wake up feeling so cute and cozy and light in it. I wear it around the kitchen while I’m making breakfast and feel like I could be at that beach house and sipping my cup of joe by the seashore. I swear, it totally changed my mornings and it’s just a nightgown. You can get the same results with many different things. So imagine if you made a few small updates, and then a few more, and finally a few more… It’s all possible! And you, too, CAN say hurray for your morning routine.

My friend and colleague, Alyssa, asked me if it’s possible to have an ideal morning that doesn’t include things like “me time” and yoga and meditation. As a mom of several kids, she doesn’t see that as even remotely possible. We discussed the importance of honoring your current reality, and infusing small doses of hurray. The trick is, figuring out what makes you say hurray. Because “me time”, yoga, and meditation may be the ticket for many people, but not for others. Alyssa, in fact, loves having family snuggle time in bed in the morning. What I suggest is trying something out and tweaking your routine here and there. The tweaking is important. The more you ask yourself what you really want or need, and find small ways to infuse that intention into your current reality, the more easily you can slowly update not just your morning, but how you approach your whole life.

Here is the most important thing you can ask about your morning: how do you want to feel? If you want peace – create space for it and invite in actions to suit that need.  That may mean using an alarm that is softer and more gentle, and getting up a half hour early so you can avoid rushing, or spending 10 minutes in quiet meditation. If you want connection, direction, ease, vitality, energy – focus on what will support those feelings and go from there. Choose the feeling (or feelings) that you want to feel and start building a routine around it.


Once you’ve explored how you want to feel, it’s time to try out a few things and start building your morning routine! Here are a few ways to practice updating your morning routine with a little hurray on the inside, outside, and underneath!

Inside Kimmay wears Bluebella pajamas on Hurray Kimmay blog

Style notes: Once again, I’m wearing a PJ set courtesy of Bluebella, and a bra from Rosy Paris {which I bought at the amazing Galereis Lafayette in Paris. The most amazing department store I’ve ever been to!} Photo by Becky Yee during the Hurray Vacay in Paris in a beautiful apartment thanks to Cobblestone Paris

Inside: What is going on inside our hearts and our minds, and what we put inside our bodies.

  • When your eyes open, pause and breathe before rising or reaching for your phone
  • Start the day with gratitude – contemplate five things for which you are grateful before getting out of bed
  • Read a devotional, pick a goddess card, subscribe to a “quote of the day” email, etc.
  • Reflect on your week and set intentions for the day
  • Create a short (or long!) meditation practice. Use an app or listen to a guided morning visualization.
  • Journal about any fears or excitement you have about the coming day. Sometimes just putting it out on paper gets it out of your head and makes your emotions more manageable.
  • Turn on the tunes! Pick a song or station that reflects the mood or feeling you want to create that day. Listen to it while in the shower, or during breakfast, or as you do your hair.
  • When in the shower, breathe deep and be mindful of each and every action, soaking in the self care
  • Spritz or inhale some essential oils. Lavender if you need clam, sweet orange if you need energy, eucalyptus if you need a mental boost, etc.
  • Create and recite positive affirmations for your day
  • Eat a nourishing, healthy breakfast. Try out recipes. Infuse lots of color and actually sit down to enjoy it.
  • Update your coffee routine with all natural sweeteners and organic milk options (I use organic almond milk)
  • Skip the caffeine and start to enjoy lemon water, or green tea for a major health boost
  • Get a great night’s sleep the night before.

OutsideKimmay in letote pink dress in paris, morning routine HK blog

Style notes: I’m wearing a pink dress that I rented from LeTote. I love having fresh new things in my wardrobe without having to purchase them – it’s like closet sharing with everyone in the USA! In this case, I brought my dress to Paris with me during a Hurray Vacay. Photo by Becky Yee.

OutsideWhat we put on our bodies and how we interact with our surroundings

  • Get moving! Whether it’s dance, yoga, or exercise – get that body moving
  • Stretch. A slow motion form of movement. Inddddduullllge and wake up your body slowly.
  • Pick out what you’re going to wear. Try your best to only stock your closet with things that truly make you say hurray. That means things that fit well, look great, and make you feel amazing. That way, you’ll actually look forward to picking out and wearing your clothing. You can even pick out your clothes the night before to save time for something else in the morning!
  • Experiment with makeup. I have a pretty quick makeup routine, but I LOVE to do my eyeliner and spend a little extra time to get it just right.
  • Prepare your hair for your day ahead. I was not a “hair” person for a long time. Then I finally learned how to use a curling iron, and now I’m hooked. I love the simple repetition, the slow process, and counting over and over… it’s almost like a form of meditation! Plus, I loooove the way my hair looks. It totally sets up my whole day for some hurray.
  • Skincare routine. Do you haphazardly wash your face? Upgrade your routine with all natural or good for your skin and the environment products, including scrubs, washes, and even the kind of washcloth that you use. Take it slow and enjoy the process of cleansing your face and starting a fresh day.
  • Adorn yourself. It’s easy to pop on a bracelet or earrings without intention. Use accessories to adorn your body and add some hurray to your outfit. I like to pretend I’m a Queen putting on my royal jewels.
  • Create a space in your home, just for the mornings. Maybe it’s a breakfast nook, a yoga spot, a vanity – make it special and decorate it with things to kick off your day with some hurray. Maybe that’s a vision board, quotes, or a fun color!

Underneath Kimmay wearing a bra and panty from Lise Charmel on Hurray Kimmay blog

Style notes: I’m wearing a bra and panty set thanks to Lise Charmel, a sophisticated French brand known for their ornate undergarments. Bra size 32E, bottoms size Small. Photo by Becky Yee during the Hurray Vacay in Paris

Underneath: What we wear under our clothes, and our relationship with our bodies

  • Pick out your bra. This is a HUGE way I add hurray in my day. Just like with your clothes, make sure the bras in your drawer all fit well and make you feel great. That way, instead of a “ugh, I GUESS I have to wear this one…” you can say “oooh hurray! I get to wear this one today!” Also, having a drawer full of bras that fit well means you can have more freedom with the clothing you choose to wear.
  • Be intentional with your underwear. Want to feel energetic? Try a thong in a bold color! Want to feel calm and comfortable? Try a boyshort made of super soft material. Choose underwear that matches your intention for the day!
  • Say something nice in the mirror. Take a look at your face and your body, and send some love to one or more parts of your body. Complimenting your body helps you two be a team today. You are going to go through the day together, so why not go through it with some love?
  • Moisturize and massage. Does your body need a little dose of love each morning? Grab a really great cream (maybe it’s rich with a yummy scent) and gently, slowly, massage it all over your body. As you massage each body part, imagine you’re rubbing in loving kindness and gentle encouragement.
  • Pajamas and nightwear – Just like I did with that nightgown or with the cute PJ set above, you can pick PJs to wear the night before that will make you say hurray! Not only will they help you feel fantastic as you drift off into sleepland, you’ll also wake up saying hurray right away.
  • Wear a beautiful or cozy robe. If the first thing you slip into is a luxurious, super soft, cozy, sexy robe, you’re already starting the day the right way. And while you get ready all morning, you’ve got on a layer of hurray.


Let’s hear from Hurray Kimmay readers and friends!


Before getting out of bed, take 5 deep breaths in! Really helps start the day on a positive note. It gets you out of your head and into your body. It’s really helpful for anxiety-prone people (like me) who wake up worrying.


Joe M

Starting with positive thoughts and affirmations has always been super helpful for me. Most folks wake up thinking about all the “ish” they have to do/why it’s going to be hard, etc. I have good mornings where I go to bed writing reasons that I’m going to crush the next day next to the alarm clock. That way when I get up, I have an extra reminder for myself that I’m gonna have a great day!

  • Joe M. 

Leigh D

For me it starts with me not having caffeine in the afternoon/evening and going to bed on time. Otherwise I have a terrible morning!

  • Leigh D. 

As a 4th yr med student, I am pretty stressed and very busy. So my mornings are my only real ‘me’ time. I make sure everything is done the night before I sleep and leave NOTHING for work in the AM. I am a morning person since childhood so perhaps this is easier for me, but I always wake up 2hrs before I need to leave my house. This allows me time to snooze if I need to, read the news, make my tea, sit for a bit, work out (which rarely, if ever, happens but is an option), etc. What stresses me out more than anything in the AM is being rushed or not getting that chance to ease into the day. Honestly, I don’t meditate or do affirmations or anything positive, so to speak. But I think just having that time to do whatever is helpful, even if it sometimes involves me reading devastating news from the night before or digesting the latest political drama.

  • Em S.

Veronica B

1. Alarm goes off at 5am. With eyes closed, hands pressed to heart – silent prayer of gratitude. Three complete breaths
2. Quick Stretch in bed
3. Wash face with cold water and a tad spray of neroli hydrating oil serum
4. Grab a cup of coffee with coconut milk and sip on the couch

  • Veronica B. 

Johanna V

My morning starts with my alarm set to India Arie’s song “I Am Light.” Before I step out of bed I open my arms wide to stretch and greet the day. I arch my back forward and back a few times. Then I get out of bed and I drink at least 3 glasses of water to get things moving, to release stagnant Energy, and to replenish. It’s important to take a few moments of quiet transition from sleep to wakefulness. It can help set the tone for your day.

  • Johanna V.
Mariana K
I love including energy medicine into my morning routine. Donna Eden’s book “Energy Medicine” is a great resource or she has some YouTube videos where you can learn the basic routines. I do my energy medicine while greeting the day/sun/etc, gratitude, and visions for the day.  {More info: “Energy Medicine brings you vitality when you are drained, health when you are ill, and joy when you are down.” – Donna Eden} One makes motions that include tracing your bodies meridians, moving energy and massaging your body with your hands either along your body or in your auric field, and various postures. It helps me get present, strengthen my auric field, soothe my nerves, and feel more vitality flowing through me.
  • Mariana K. 

Debbie and Dan

My husband and I get up around 6:00 AM and we have devotions, like Our Daily Bread, and then we pray together. There is something about praying together that glues us together. It’s about an hour long we do it most mornings (Monday trough Friday). One of the reasons we do it is because I can remember hearing my mother and father praying in the mornings for our family, and that always stuck in my heart. Then when we had children and they got to school age, we decided to have family devotions in the mornings in our bed. What wonderful memories, scrunched up in our double sized bed reading the Bible and devotions and then praying – even when we were so tired. But as the chicks jumped out of the nest it was my husband and myself, and we plan on doing this always. After that I go and do my own devotions and then stretch (because my back is all kinked up!). And then the ever anticipated, wonderful, amazing taza de café!

  • Debbie P.

danielle G

Every morning I put almond and rose oil on my body and make a pot of tea. I wake up early enough to sit and drink one cup of tea before I leave for work. It’s my reflection time before the day begins. My mom had always told me to moisturize my skin and I went from lotions with chemicals to natural oils. In the winter it is especially nourishing. And when I was traveling abroad, I realized to-go cups weren’t a thing and I wanted to take a piece of that slow life back with me. Now, when I make a pot of tea, it’s like I’m back at a little table by the street in Barcelona or having breakfast in Killarney. It forces me to slow down and there is something so peaceful and pleasurable about that.

  • Danielle G. 

Elaine w

I love starting my day with meditation, stretching, reading, and affirmations I have written out in sharpie on neon index cards as well as a green smoothie. Recently, in the shower, I’ve been cranking a Panache Desai “meditation” from his podcast called “Jumpstart Your Morning.” It makes me feel great and cracks me up because he repeats “You’re amazing. You’re beautiful. You’re energized.” And every word you could possibly want to hear, all to a club music beat.

Creating a new habit can be tough for sure. If you’re motivated you can do it! And giving yourself an hour, or a few moments, to start your day the way you want to can really payoff. Keep in mind that getting up early, you need to first look at how you’re ending your day. Decide when you want to go to bed. Give yourself some wind down time and decide what you will do when you wake up. If this is new for you, focusing (only) on getting up 5 or 15 minutes earlier can be a 1st step. Then you can build that into a ritual or routine.

  • Elaine W.

Sonya D

A nice hot shower with delicious smelling salt scrub.

  • Sonya D.

jul's A

I have juice of a half lemon (preferably organic) with 8 oz. of cool water, sipped through a straw first thing in the morning. It flushes out the liver, is great for your skin, and alkalizes your body. It’s the simplest health tip and self-care for each morning that I practice daily. Be sure to brush your teeth about an hour later, not right away to protect your teeth enamel.

  • Jul’s A.

Carl E

I open the blinds and exercise every morning. It’s only 15 minutes, and requires no “equipment” so I can do it anywhere, and I do it first thing, before I really realize that there are other important things to do.
I do other things to get exercise (run, bicycle, play drums, etc.), but having that as a foundation has been a major improvement to my life.

  • Carl E.

chris m

It is really helpful to remember that your morning time is a bridge between the dream world (the unconscious) and your waking life (the conscious). Creating a sense of ease and care in the process of waking up can make the difference between a stressful or graceful way of being throughout the day. I recommend sitting up in your bed and placing a hand on your heart, taking 3 deep breathes & then moving through your morning tasks slowly, with heart.


Your Turn:

  • What is a small step that you can take toward saying hurray for your morning routine?
  • What small change can you implement now?
  • What do you love about your morning routine, and what needs an update?
  • How has your morning routine changed as your life has changed?
  • What kind of morning and day do you want to create?
  • How can you bring along your routine with you when you travel?
  • How does your routine shift on a workday vs. a weekday?

Journal about it, talk about it, and share with us here!

However your morning routine looks, I encourage you to make some room for compassion and positivity. Starting your day with some hurray on the inside, outside, and underneath will help you walk through your day filled with love that you can spread around – to yourself, to others, to the world.

xoxo kimmay

PS: As always, I never photoshop or airbrush my face and body. It’s important to me to show you what my body really looks like. I may be posing, and looking my best, but I’m also looking like the real ME. I did my own hair and makeup for these images, and they were taken by Becky Yee. I was also, very very very sick during this photo shoot and for most of my time in Paris. It didn’t stop me from saying hurray for lingerie! C’Est la Vie!