Q&A: Underwire vs. Wire-Free Bras

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Hurray! It’s time for another Hurray for Lingerie Q&A!

Megan asks: “I know it’s popular to wear a bra with an underwire, but they’re not always comfortable. Do I HAVE to wear one?”

Oooh this is a good one, Megan. Here’s your answer.

Focus on Fit:

  • First of all, when it comes to wearing an underwire bra or not, no one is saying you HAVE to do anything. You should always wear whatever makes you say hurray. OK?
  • What’s popular in bust shape changes from decade to decade. The most popular bust shape now in the USA is generally, smooth, lifted, round, and slightly separated. This shape is most often achieved with an underwire bra.
  • If an underwire bra is uncomfortable; I encourage you to get a bra fitting! 90% of the thousands of women that I’ve helped shop for bras are comfortable in an underwire bra once we’ve found the right style and size for them. Always make sure you’re wearing the right size.
  • This may sound contradictory, but often a woman who is wearing a loose or worn out bra is more uncomfortable than someone who is wearing a snug, well fitting bra. Get my Top Five Bra Fit Tips and check on the fit of your bras!
  • Remember, that a snug bra that hugs your body stays in place and does its job. A loose bra roams around all day and digs in – including the underwire area.
  • Experiment with different brands, as some are made with softer materials and more flexible wires.

Kimmay wearing Ana Ono Rachel wire-free bra, Hurray Kimmay blog

Important health notes:

  • Of course, if you have a health reason or are nursing or pregnant, going sans underwire in a supportive bra is ideal. Check out these beautiful bras made especially with breast cancer survivors and breast surgery patients in mind.
  • Underwire bras worn in the right size and style, and for their intended purpose, are not harmful.
  • There is no evidence that underwire bras cause cancer.
  • If you are wearing a bra to sleep in, wear a bra without an underwire. Underwire bras are not intended to be worn while sleeping.
  • I am not a doctor; I’m a lingerie expert 🙂 If you have a health related question, please ask a health expert.
Kimmay wearing wire-free Miel bra in Tulum, Hurray Kimmay blog

Kimmay wearing a Miel wire-free bra and matching panty on the #HurrayVacay

Going Wire Free:

  • So if you want to try a non-underwire bra, fit still matters. Make sure it fits well and feels great.
  • You’ll get extra support and definition from non-underwire bras that have seamed cups and inner engineering.
  • You’ll get a smooth shape from stretchy and sleek styles.
  • There are even molded, push up, or lace wire-free bras.
  • Bralettes are very popular right now! Read this article (featuring yours truly) all about the bralette trend on Slate.com.
  • I like bra sized non-underwire bras for a more firm fit, and stretchy over the head styles for a more relaxed fit. In fact, I wear stretchy styles for sleeping, lounging, and traveling.
  • Check out this detailed article I wrote on About.com all about the different kinds of Wire-Free bras, their uses, who makes them, and even specialty styles to try.
Kimmay wearing Anita non-underwire sports bra, Hurray Kimmay blog

Kimmay wearing an Anita wire-free sports bra and matching panty on the #HurrayVacay

When to wear non underwire:

  • Personally, I feel great in my underwire bras. They fit well, they look great, and they’re really comfortable.
  • I’ve created my own rule of thumb: I feel comfortable wearing a non-underwire bra on the same occasions I go sans makeup. So, working out, sleeping, long car trips, around the house, running to the grocery store, to a good friend’s house, etc. That’s how I do it, but trends and our tastes are always changing. Find the combination that works for your lifestyle and wear whatever makes YOU say hurray!
  • Did you know that there are underwire and non-underwire versions of sports bras? Learn all about the different kinds of sports bras, including those with underwire and when you should wear them.

Underwire bras can get a bad rap for being uncomfortable, and non-underwire bras have often been dubbed dowdy or unsupportive. Not true! Find the fit and coverage that works for your personal size, shape and style and you’ll be saying Hurray for Lingerie in no time. Thanks for the question, Megan!

Style notes: 

The bras seen in this video are noted below, along with the minute and second where you can see them. The bras seen in the photos are noted below each photo.

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xoxo kimmay

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Photos by Becky Yee of Around Digital Media on the Hurray Vacay at the Sanara Hotel in Tulum, Mexico. Video by It’s Relevant TV.