A note from Kimmay and the Hurray Kimmay team: You might have heard about Thinx in the news over a lawsuit for certain chemicals found in their products. At Hurray Kimmay we aim to be as transparent and accountable as possible, and to be honest we do not have all the details and are working out whether or not these chemicals are indeed harmful, or if it’s safe to continue wearing Thinx period underwear. We loved sharing this brand and their alternative to typical menstrual products and empowering bleeders to be period proud. And though we haven’t worked with this brand in quite some time, we thought it was important to encourage you to do your own research and make a loving and informed decision about what you put on your body. Always. In the meantime, we are on the hunt for more information ourselves, as well as different period product options so that you can say hurray inside, outside, and underneath.

It’s time to take the taboo out of menstruation!


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