Kimmay on Today: April Bra Makeovers and Tips

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Hurray! I’m back on The Today Show with Hoda and Jenna to share some fabulous bra fitting and innovative bra styles. This time, I called up my pals at a local boutique in NYC so I could personally support three amazing women, each with a different bra need. Then, I swung by The Today Show studio to share a few of the newest and most interesting bra styles with everyone’s morning show BFFs. 

If you’ve ever struggled to find a bra that fits, to fill out your cups, or just don’t believe it’s possible that a bra can feel and look good…this is for you. I’m so excited to share this bra education with you. Hurray!

Psst! Some of the brands linked here might be past or future partners of mine, but were independently chosen for this segment without compensation or contract. I’m proud to bring them your way!

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3 Bra Makeovers

It was an absolute pleasure and honor to fit three wonderful women, and share some great bra fit and shopping tips with them. I decided to meet them at Journelle in NYC, a great store with pretty things and great basics. 

Everyday Bra: First up, Kadi had yet to find a great basic bra (know the feeling?) and was avoiding underwires because they were painful. Turns out, she was in the wrong size and style for her body! Once we got the right size, we tried a few styles and Kadi ended up choosing a plunge front, lightly lined t-shirt made by Journelle! My favorite part about this bra for her was the color. Women of color often have to buy a black bra or a “nude” tone that is far too light to blend in with their skin. This basic option was a great fit for her skin and shape for her bust. 

Bonus tip: there are so many skin tone options these days, and wearing one that matches closely to yours is best if you want your bra to disappear under white or light clothing!

Strapless Bra: Next up, Kelly was in desperate need of a good strapless bra. She brought one that she thought might fit, but just didn’t feel right or provide the shape she really wanted. Turns out, Kelly was actually in the right size, and the bra she was wearing was lovely…just not the right style for her! Size is just a starting point, and trying on a few styles to see what provides the support, shape, and security you want is key. We tried on a few options and she ultimately went with the very popular Red Carpet Strapless from Wacoal. This style is popular for many reasons and it was the reinforced band and firm cups that won out in the end for Kelly! 

Bonus tip: if you plan to wear a black or dark colored outfit, make sure you have a black or dark colored bra underneath! Dark clothing can sometimes rub off on lighter bras, making them look dingey or gray. Keep your light bras protected and stick to dark under dark!

Maternity Bra: And finally, another Kelly was 30 weeks pregnant and expecting her 3rd baby! I was so excited to support her with both maternity bras, and a few nursing options. Maternity and nursing bras are often interchangeable to most folks, but there is a big difference. Maternity bras are meant to be worn during pregnancy and are usually wire-free to accommodate changing bodies. Nursing bras have a special function with access to the breast for baby, like a clip, or pull over cup. 30 weeks is perfect timing to shop for nursing bras, as typically once you’re on a regular feeding schedule, that is the size you will settle into. 

That said, Kelly was most excited to finally find support and a round, lifted shape in a regular bra! She decided to spend her third trimester (when the body is changing less) in the Elomi Kintai Plunge Underwire Bra – a great basic for full busted folks. She ended up in a UK 36G which is a US 36I and she looks fabulous! 

Bonus tip: if you’re expecting, have a few bras on hand that have expandable or stretchy cups and enough room for that initial engorgement period when the milk first arrives. Those will get you through until you’re ready to put your regular nursing bras into rotation.

Journelle – Victoire Plunge Bra

Wacoal – Red Carpet Strapless Bra

Elomi – Kintai Plunge Underwire Bra

Want more info? Learn more and buy & try others for yourself with these guides!

Innovative Bras & Tops

The styles I shared on the show are all great go-to options, and can be found at your local bra boutique, online, or in some larger stores. They are tried and true and great for many folks! Below, I decided to share a few newer, more innovative styles that you can try, too. In the end, wearing what fits well and feels good is always the best option. Because even the “best bra” in the wrong size or fit will be a bad bra! Keep reading and see which of these styles makes you say hurray.

A Bra for Petite Busts

Pepper – The Classic All You Bra

  • For petite busted folks who want shape without adding any push up. They want to be their size!! It’s “oomph” without the “oof”
  • Lightly lined, underwire cups and sheer mesh overlay are more shallow to avoid gapping and fit flush to the bust
  • Smooth look under shirts
  • Buttery, silky fabric for the band and trim
  • Ethically made 
  • Comes in 40AA and other hard to find sizes!
  • 32-40 band sizes and AA-B cups

Bra Solution for Fuller Busts

Understance – The Salma FlexWire Full Coverage Lace Bra

  • Features their signature FlexWire for cozy support. Note: Underwire flexibility varies by size. The bigger the band/cup size, the more rigid the underwire.
  • Underwire has a wider opening, perfect for fuller busts.
  • Bridge (center-front band) is arched for comfort on higher stomachs 
  • U-shaped back sets straps inward, and pleated straps avoid slipping 
  • 5-part cup includes side support for a rounder shape
  • Several colors available
  • This brand has a great stance on sustainability, as well as body acceptance and walks the walk with their images, ads, and marketing. Hurray!
  • 30-48 band sizes and D-J US cups (available in every band size!) 

Bra for Uneven or Less Dense Breasts

Livi Lu Lane – Back To You Bra and Fill It Up Inserts

  • This bra comes with a pocket for inserts, and the brand offers 3 different insert size options (filled with water and oil) for a customizable fit!
  • This is a fill up bra, not a push up bra. It’s not meant to over accentuate, but rather to fill out sunken cups and create an empowered, symmetrical silhouette
  • Create an even shape by using an insert on one side or fill in sunken cups and replace the tissue loss you’ve experienced. 
  • Bodies change and that’s ok! This is great for post weight loss, nursing, pregnancy, or even lumpectomy or other body changes and tissue loss
  • Also great for fluctuating bust size during cycle (time of the month) 
  • Inserts come in 3 different sizes and you can completely customize your cup fill
  • Smooth cup and convertible straps are great to wear with most outfits
  • This company is just getting started and new sizes and styles are coming soon
  • 32-38 band sizes, B-D US cups

Tank For Going Braless

Uwila Warrior – The Braless

  • It looks like a ribbed tank, but it’s a stealthy bra! This is what you wear when you want to go “braless” and yet still want some support 
  • The secret is the ultra-lightweight ribbed cotton blend that uses light compression to keep everything in place without an underwire, itchy tags, or an uncomfortable underband. 
  • Cami length hugs in place with enough casual support to be worn as a bra for most busts
  • Wear it on its own as a crop top, under clothes, to sleep, on long trips, etc. 
  • This runs small and snug so size up if you’re in between sizes or want a less firm fit
  • Comes in several colors! 
  • Sizes XS-3XL

More great items to buy and try!

Proof – Leakproof Underwear

Shapellx – Built-In 360° Tank Ruched Shaper Dress

Journelle – Estelle Hipster

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Credits: Thanks to the Today Show staff and crew (and amazing producers)! And a special thank you to the brands that helped make this happen: Journelle, Pepper, Understance, Livi Lu Lane, Uwila Warrior, Shapellx, and Proof. Hurray!