Best & Worst Ways to Take off Your Bra

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Did you know that how you put on and take off your bra can have a lot to do with how long it lasts, how comfortable it feels, and how good it looks? It’s true! Here you’ll find some advice on the “best and worst” ways to take off and put on your bra. I’ve been fitting folks of all sizes since 2005, so this advice is well tested! And, I put some of that advice into TikTok videos so you can see what I mean below.

In the end, it’s your body and your bra and you can take care of it however you like! And if you want to save some money, feel more comfortable in your bra, and look your very best, these tips are for you. Oh, and keep in mind that these suggestions are for a traditional back close bra. There are some versions below that are more mobility friendly, and remember that there are other kinds of bras that are even better for folks with mobility challenges. Hurray! ​

Worst Ways to Take Off Your Bra

How do you take off your bra? If you’re doing one of these, unfortunately, it’s probably not great for the bra. Let’s see!

First is the “crush and spin” reverse, where you take the straps off and then you flip the bra down underneath you, crushing the cups against you and flipping those underwire and you yank it around and unhook it.I know this is easier for some people to do for mobility reasons. If you can try another way, you will help that bra last so much longer, which will save you money and comfort in the long run.

Another common way is people just pull it up and over their body and up like a t-shirt. Unfortunately, if your bra can do that and it has a back clasp, then your bra is probably stretched out and not actually doing its job.

Same thing is true if you can take it down and then take it off, like it’s a skirt or a dress. If you can go past your body and down over your hips, then your bra with a clasp is probably too loose.

I’m not gonna lie, I do this next one often. Even though I should know better as a bra fitter, I’m only human! This is the take from underneath the t-shirt one. So you take it down, probably stretching out the straps there, and then you take it down to the other side, stretching out the other straps. Then, hopefully, you unhook it in the back and take it out. If you do that, that’s okay. If you’re taking it out through your tee shirt, you might be warping the bra. Sorry.

Remember, the benefit of learning a new way to take off your bra is to help the bra last longer (so you’ll save money), support longer (so you’ll feel more comfortable), and look better (no denting or warping the bra and thus your silhouette!). If you want some examples of the best ways to take off your bra, keep going!


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Best Way to Take Off Your Bra

We’ve already talked about the worst ways to take off your bra, which will ruin your bra. Here are a couple of really great ways to do it. Again, however you want to take off your bra is completely up to you. If you want to help it last longer, feel better and save money. This is a really great way to do it.

Up first is the reverse of the mobility friendly version I posted on how to put on your bra. So that means straps off first, gently. Be really careful here. Then gently twirl the bra around. You can kind of pull it in a downward motion as you’re doing it. Then we can take it off right in front of you and voila, your bra is off and you haven’t ruined it.

But the best way (for your bra) to actually take it off is to simply reach behind you and unhook it in the back. And then to take off the straps, and voila, your bra is off.

If your bra is a traditional bra with a back clasp, these are the best ways to take it off! Hurray!

Your Turn: So how do you take off your bra? Follow me on Instagram and TikTok and let me know! Plus you’ll get lots of great information on how to feel comfortable in your bras (and your body) with fun tips, cool new styles, and real body advice. Hurray!

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