Best Ways to Put on Your Bra

Apr 26, 2022 | Hurray for Lingerie, Personal Style, Style Solutions, Underneath | 0 comments

Looking for the best way to put on your bra? Is there really a right or wrong way to put on a bra? I’ve been fitting folks for bras since 2005, and I’ve seen ALL the methods you can imagine. In the end, how you put on your bra is up to you! And, some methods can really ruin the bra. If you want to save money and keep the support and comfort as long as possible, try these versions!

I shared two of the best ways to put on a classic bra with a clasp in the back on my TikTok, and the comments sections were wild! Some folks thought “this was the only way”, while others said, “this is impossible for me!”

With some practice, the classic version can be possible. It took me months to unlearn my old habit and learn the new way, and now it’s second nature! And I know not everyone physically can. I’ve supported folks of many different abilities, so I made sure to include a more mobility friendly version that has helped many of them!

Watch the videos below and see if either method works for you and your bras!

Classic Way to Put On Your Bra:


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Okay, this is the best way to put on your bra!

Ideally, you want to put your bra on straps first, then pull it down underneath. You can even lean over and get them in there if you need to. Then hook it in the back behind.

Next, take the cup or the wire back, if there is one, and invite your whole bust inside. I like to think of this as inviting everybody to the party, bring them all in.

Putting your bra on this way will help your bras last longer, because you’re not stretching out the band, denting the cups or ruining the underwire.

And I know some of you might be thinking, “Kimmay, there’s no way I can do this”, but with a little bit of practice you might be able to.

And if you’re looking for a mobility friendly option, stay tuned. Make sure to like and follow if you want to see another way to put on your bra, that will help it last longer.

Mobility Friendly Way to Put on Your Bra:


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As promised here’s the mobility friendly option for putting on your bra without ruining it.

First, especially if it has a molded cup, start with the cups facing out and up. One of my colleagues likes to say, “if it has an underwire, you want those underwires to be smiling.” Hook it onto the side, or as close to the back as you possibly can.That way you’re not stretching it as you’re twisting it around your body.

Be extremely gentle as you’re twisting it around, don’t yank it. You’ll just stretch out that band. Then gently bring it up to here, without yanking it and then put on the strap so that you’re not warping the bra or stretching it out once it’s up and on. You can pull the cup or the underwire back, invite everybody to the party, as I usually say, and then your bra is on and now you have not ruined it.

This is a really great option for people who can’t reach all the way behind them or anybody who just wants to put their bra on this way. Follow and like for more.

Check out my blog post with the “Worst Ways to Put on Your Bra” to see if you need are using one these methods.

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