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Ready to take it easy? Me, too! So when you’re lounging, streaming shows, or even working from home there are a lot of options for what to wear. One is no bra at all. I mean truly, this is always an option! But what do you wear when you don’t want to wear a bra but you want to wear something? ::trumpet sound:: a lounge bra or top!

In today’s blog post I’m sharing my 16+ years as a bra fitter (since 2005 for AA-N sized busts, thank you very much) to help you go BRA FREE or bra casual. I know, I know, it sounds ludacris but the truth is that there are so many more options out there than “zero support” and “full, underwire, sports bra level support”. It’s not all or nothing. And knowing your options can help you make a loving and informed decision about what to put on your body. And that, friends, is a huge hurray. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Psst! Some of the brands linked here are proud partners of mine (proud partners this time are AnaOno and Bra:30 by PJ Harlow) and I’m so grateful and excited to share them with you! Or I may get a small thank you if you purchase through the links on this page. Your purchase really helps a lot in keeping articles like this coming your way. I always share items that I truly love and can help you say hurray!

Kimmay is wearing Bra30 Sporty Tie Dye

What is a Lounge Bra or Bra Top?

You might not believe this, but a lounge bra or bra top is meant for lounging. WOW. I know! But really, this kind of bra or top is usually designed to provide low support and can be worn for various reasons. They can come in the form of a bra, tank top, or even a blouse. For bras, they are usually wire-free and made of very soft, stretchy material. When it comes to the tops, they generally have some level of support built-in, perhaps with a shelf-bra, or from the compression of the material itself. This makes a lounge bra top slightly different from a regular tank top or t-shirt.

Lounge bras and bra tops are often more casual in their appearance (as opposed to a fashionable lace bralette) and perhaps more easily worn on its own without a blouse or other article of clothing over it (as opposed to regular wire-free bra). There is certainly some cross-over of those styles! But the main point of a lounge bra or top is simple: comfort. It’s meant to be worn for very casual and low movement activities, usually around the house.

Should you just go bra free? While you certainly can, it’s not everyone’s preference to do so! Reminder: what you wear on your body is up to you! There are many reasons why some folks might choose to wear a lounge bra or top instead of going without a bra. For some, it feels uncomfortable to go without a bra. Either because the skin on skin contact from their bust to their abdomen is hot, or it’s physically painful to go without some support. Other reasons might include modesty or being in the presence of their current company (ex: one of my clients wanted something to wear around her teenage boys’ friends, or to answer the door for packages.) And of course there’s the good old fashioned reason of: they want to wear something!

Lounge bras and bra tops are great to have in your bra wardrobe for low key activities. Wearing them can give your regular bras a break and keep them from stretching out too fast. And these types of bras and tops can also be great for someone who is dealing with health issues, is highly anxious, or whose body needs a break from anything too snug. Try a few below and see if wearing a lounge bra or bra top makes you say hurray inside, outside, and underneath™!

Kimmay is wearing Bra30 Hipster

Lounge Bra Tops and Camisoles

Ya’ll. YA’LL. I have to say that I am obsessed with these ribbed tank tops. They are NOT your typical tank top. The Bra:30 is designed as an “after bra”, for when you take off your regular bra. And it’s built to be worn when you don’t want to wear a bra, but you don’t really want to go braless. The slight compression is the perfect amount of support to gently hold things in place without a shelf bra. I have worn mine lounging, working from home, out for walks, to restorative yoga, and traveling. They’re stylish and easy to wear on their own!

FYI I’m wearing the Hipster length with jeans, and the Sporty length in a tie dye print with matching PJ Harlow shorts.

JJ Winks screenshot

Bra:30 by PJ Harlow

  • Incredibly powerful cotton/spandex ribbed fabric is 90% Cotton 10% Spandex
  • Maintains support without a bra (not even a shelf bra)
  • Keeps bust lifted to avoid skin on skin contact
  • Stretches to fit your unique body shape and cradle your bust
  • Available in several lengths, colors, and prints
  • Made In The USA
  • Sizes S-XXL fits Sizes 0-20 (and full busts love these!) I typically wear a 34DD these days and chose the Medium.


More Lounge Bra Tops and Camisoles to Buy & Try

From shelf bras to crop tops, try these lounge bra tops for yourself!

Uwila Warrior – The Braless
Klassy Network – Halter Brami Top

Bravissimo – Zara PJ Top (Up to UK J Cup)

JJ Winks – Full Moon Top
Just My Size – Flexees by Maidenform Long Length Cami (up to 3X)
Embrago – The Ultimate Top
Aerie – Seamless Lace Trim Longline Bralette
Miel – Coco Camisole
Annette – Pima Cotton Cami Bra
Knixwear – Luxe Lift Tank
Comfort Bra – Coobie Padded Scoopneck Cami
DKNY – Ribbed Strappy Longline Low Impact Sports Bra
Kimmay is wearing AnaOno – Delilah Soft Cup Bra

Lounge Bras

I can’t say enough about the entire AnaOno line! I’m proud to say we’ve been supporting each other since the very beginning. Though their styles are designed with post-surgical busts in mind (think reconstruction, lumpectomy, augmentation, or mastectomy) this brand is “boob inclusive”! Meaning many different types of breasts and chests can enjoy it. I have natural breasts and wearing AnaOno as a lounge bra gives me all the comfort and just the amount of support I need. The whole line is wire-free and wonderful, and I’m highlighting just one here!

JJ Winks screenshot

AnaOno – Delilah Soft Cup Bra

  • Pockets can accommodate lightweight breast forms or prostheses
  • Convertible, adjustable straps (can be worn criss-cross!)
  • Made with buttery soft, eco-friendly modal with a breathable mesh back panel, and ultra-plush Super Soft® lace trim
  • Available in 3 cute colors (and matching undies!)
  • Underwire free
  • Boob inclusive and great for many breasts and chests
  • Sizes S-XXL. I’m wearing a Medium and it’s pretty loose and cozy!
Kimmay is wearing AnaOno – Delilah Soft Cup Bra

More Lounge Bras to Buy & Try

Browse these wire-free lounge bras in various sizes, colors, and needs. See which one feels the best on your unique and beautiful body!

Pretty Polly – Seamfree Eco Wear Bralet

Montelle – BodyBliss Breeze Collection Bralette
Calvin Klein – Plus Size Invisibles V-Neck Comfort Bralette
Wacoal – Net Effect Bralette
Le Mystere – Smooth Shape Wireless Bra
Fleur’t – Modal Bralette
b.tempt’d – Comfort Intended Bralette
Rhonda Shear – Adjustable Strap Ah Bra
Yummie – Evelyn Bralette

Natori – Bliss Perfection Lace Trim Bralette

Harper Wilde – Lounge Scoop
Aerie – Seamless Snap Front Longline Bralette

Want more? Check out this selection of wireless Cozy/Casual bras for many sizes and needs!

Remember that even the most casual bras out there need to fit in order to feel comfortable, and that comfort will provide you with all day confidence! If you wear bras, grab a spot in my Free Bra Class to check on the fit of your bras and take your first step toward saying hurray inside, outside, and underneath™!
Your turn: what do you usually wear for lounging? How can you support your body and love yourself with something cozy, well made, or soft? Which of these will suit your lifestyle and desires? Come over to @hurraykimmay on Instagram and tell me everything!
Credits: Photos by Andrew Werner during the #hurrayvacay trip to NYC! Makeup by Beauty Marks NYC/Ashley Capone. Absolutely no air brushing or filtering my body! What you see is what you get. Always. Special thanks to our proud partners (and amazing brands!) AnaOno and Bra:30 by PJ Harlow.