Hurray Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Self-Care

Nov 23, 2020 | Body Love, Personal Style, Self Love & Care | 0 comments

It’s holiday season. Hurray! 2020 has been a year of so many trials and it’s taken its toll on all of us in one form or another. I always think self-care is an important practice, and especially this year. So if you’re looking for something to give (or get), these self-care focused gifts are a great place to start! And keep in mind, self-care isn’t just for the holidays. Gift these items all year long and put some hurray in someone’s day (including your own).

By the way, I specifically chose small brands for you to support in this post, and/or products that I have tried myself and truly love. And in most cases, I actually know and adore someone who owns or works with the company. You are supporting real humans doing wonderful work in the world when you shop these items! In addition, some of these are brand partners of mine, so I may get a little thank you % if you purchase using these links. So thank you for supporting me and the work I do right here on Hurray Kimmay, too!

Want to see these items in action, along with some Sunny Cat – my adorable strawberry blonde kitty – photos? Check out my Gift Guide IG Highlights

Self-Care Gift Items to Buy & Try

Browse these products and brands to find your next favorite item! Remember some are having holiday deals and specials so keep an eye out for sales and special pricing.

JJ Winks screenshot

JJ Winks


These PJs and loungewear are amazing for working from home, or hanging out with family without letting it ALL hang out. Their “Light Hug®” inside this top provides comfort and camouflage for breasts and the closed back adds to its coziness. They say it feels like you’re going braless. I say it’s like secret support. Hurray! Bonus: their leggings have a 4” tall waistband that lays flat, and everything is made from a super cozy modal blend! Makes a great gift for anyone who is working from home or needs a hug.

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The Happy Planner


The Capricorn in me LOVES to schedule the hurray in my days. The Happy Planner® was designed to inspire your daily planning – for whatever it is you want to plan. They make customizable disc-bound planner systems, sticker books, and all the accessories necessary! I’m excited to test out this All the Feels planner to support my work in The Hurray Clubhouse, where we don’t shy away from feelings. I’m going to use it to track my mood, and schedule time for emotional housekeeping, self-care, and goals every day right along with the other members! Bonus: the affirmations along the way are SO hurray. Makes a great gift for your friend who feels supported when she plans it all out.

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Fleur’t has amazing loungewear, sleepwear, and bralettes that I adore, and its this cashmere-blend cardigan that I wear all the time. I wear it as a robe or a cardigan and it’s especially handy for traveling! It’s just as cozy (and chic) for a long plane ride to Paris as it is for a holiday with the in-laws. And it’s so sophisticated that you can hop on a video business call while wearing it over a camisole or blouse and feel like you’re lounging in your coziest robe. Bonus: it comes in two colors and there are pants and tops made of the same material. Makes a great gift for your busy, multi-tasking friend who demands both comfort and chic style. 

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This pretty camisole is a little dream come true! You can wear it for sleeping, lounging, traveling, errand running, or working. It’s made with soft material, including a stretch lace back and wrap front. It’s also made by a brand who specializes in supporting folks after surgeries – like breast cancer. So its design can work for someone with reconstructed, removed, or natural breasts (to name a few) making it a wonderful way to love just about anybody in your gift giving circle. Bonus: shopping with AnaOno means you’re supporting a brand that does a LOT of great work for the breast cancer community! Makes a great gift for someone who is experiencing loss or change and needs a hurray.

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RAD Roller


I am gaga over the RAD system. I use them at home and even travel with some of these tools! It’s made with athlete recovery in mind, but I use these balls and rods to work out tension, kinks, and stress that comes with just being a human these days! Test out one item or get a whole kit. Use the balls on your feet, the wand on your calves, and the roller on your back. I’m telling you, these things are like magic. Bonus: RAD has loads of free videos that teach you how to make the most of the tools right in your very own home! And you can use RAD15 for 15% off! Hurray! Makes a great gift for anyone with tension who wishes they had a live-in massage therapist.

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Emu Australia

These fluffy Mayberry slider slippers are adorable! They wrap your feet in year-round luxury and have that 1950’s pin up look thing going on with the 2020 work from home feel. Wide crossover straps are made from the softest Australian sheepskin and a lightweight, flexible rubber outsole keeps you from slipping and sliding around. Bonus: These come in a rainbow of fun colors and various styles, but I love the classic look the best! Makes a great gift for your playful friend who wants to luxe up their at home style and comfort level to the max.

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Fork & Melon

I don’t care how “basic” it sounds. I LOVE a bubble bath. It’s my go-to self-care step and I make it really luxe with candles, music or a movie, and of course: bubble bath. I’m excited to try out Fork & Melon’s non-toxic bubble bath (aka Fine Cleansing Wash) which is made with their signature ingredient, watermelon seed oil imported from France. Ooh la la! It has detoxifying, moisturizing, clarifying, and anti-aging benefits. Bonus: it comes in a pretty glass bottle and a refill! And it’s vegan, cruelty-free, and free of toxic ingredients. Makes a great gift for someone who likes to unwind with some toxic-free bubble bath time.

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Lark Love

Self confessed coffee drinker, I have recently let go of my morning coffee routine for something more supportive of my health (and mind!). This herbal tea blend from this fab brand is on my own wish list! It is a grounding and relaxing rooty tea blend made of adaptogenic herbs with potent antioxidants. Bottom line: sipping this can fortify adrenals, strengthen brain function, soothe inflammation, and improve mood. Soooo hurray! Bonus: has no caffeine and contains roasted dandelion root, ashwagandha, marshmallow root, ginger root, turmeric root, oatstraw, and licorice root. Yum! Makes a great gift for anyone who needs to take it easy and enjoy life one sip at a time..

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Your Turn: OK hurray! So, which of these items or brands will you try out for yourself or gift to a friend? How does it feel to support small brands making a difference in the world? Share with me @hurraykimmay!

Credits: Images of Kimmay by Laura Boyd in Napa Valley, CA wearing Fleur’t. As always, no airbrushing or altering! Ever.