It’s almost Halloween and everyone is dressing up in costume. Some of my favorite costumes are superheroes! I love to see people dressed up as powerful, strong, justice focused folks. And it got me thinking. Are you a superhero or the one who needs saving? And are you focused on saving others too often and not on caring for yourself? And what if you could be your own superhero?

My tagline is I support people to uncover their confidence, stand in their power, and learn to love themselves inside, outside, and underneath™. And a superhero is a perfect example of someone who is confident, powerful, and loving. Hurray!

I really believe that we all have our own superpowers and we can be the hero of our lives. And it doesn’t have to be a big, flashy, save the world kind of action. People, like you, are saving themselves everyday from negative thoughts like “I’m not good enough,” or from mediocre jobs and relationships that are out of alignment with their values. Ordinary people are doing extraordinary things like asking for what they want in life, and being brave enough to go out and create it. There are small and big ways to say hurray and be your own superhero every day.

Do you want to summon your inner superhero? They are right there, waiting for the Bat-signal and ready to help. Below are a few ways to do just that! Read my suggestions and let me know what works for you!

Some of the items in this blog post were gifted or I may be a brand partner and receive compensation or affiliate income. As always, I only share what truly makes me say hurray! 

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Remember Your Power 

Sometimes when we feel down or defeated it can be easy to focus only on the things we can’t do, or the stuff we’ve messed up. So when I need a confidence boost, I make a list (or refer back to one) of all the things I’ve done that showcase my power. Think back on some of the really tough things you’ve gotten through. Reflect on a few of the major life changes or growth that you’ve navigated. Did you move for college, or go through a breakup? Did you have to make the hard choice to put down a pet, or rally through an illness? Did you breathe through a fight instead of flying off the handle? Hurray, you! Sure, those times were tough but you survived! That’s power, baby.

In addition to the tough stuff, remind yourself of the things you’ve done where you totally nailed it. Instead of dwelling on your weaknesses, draw on your strengths. Think of the things that come naturally to you that you may be taking for granted. I often forget that others find bra shopping difficult because I have so much experience doing it. Or I am surprised when people see me on TV and say, “I could never do that!” To me, being on TV and talking to millions of people is fun!

So you may not be a really great runner yet or public speaking makes you want to hurl. That’s ok! Remember that you’re a really good cat parent, and when it comes to creating spreadsheets with built-in formulas and color-coded columns, you are a genius. Say thanks for the powers you do have, and use that energy and gratitude to improve upon the others step by step with grace.

Some really important superpowers include compassion, self-awareness, understanding, knowledge, experience, generosity, and positivity. Your superpowers can be sweet and subtle or majorly impressive. The point is they are yours and that power is within you to draw on whenever you need it.

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Know Your Kryptonite 

Every superhero has a weakness. No one is flawless – not even Superman. And as for us humans, that’s especially true. While you don’t want to dwell on your weakness it’s important to know them and to honor them so you can work with them. One of my weaknesses is anxiety. I have a panic disorder and have debilitating panic attacks from time to time. If I ignored this very real Kryptonite, I could actually make this issue worse in my life. Instead, I lovingly look at it as something that deserves my attention. Doing so has helped me find ways to deal with it without being ashamed. Even with anxiety, I can still kick butt!

Maybe for you, there’s a weakness or vulnerability when it comes to how you talk to yourself, or your relationship with food or your body, or you’re in an unsupportive partnership. You can decide how you want to move forward. You can work with it, upgrade it, or end it. The power is yours.

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Rally Your Sidekicks 

Have you ever noticed that most superheroes have a sidekick? At the very least they have backup. When they’re saving the world or putting a stop to a supervillain, the best superheroes call in reinforcements. You can take that lesson and do the same. When I’m feeling extra sad or feel I’m spiralling into Negative Town, I call or text a friend. I admit that I’m feeling low and ask for support. That could mean a few texts of “You got this, girl!” or an hour-long call or “Tell me everything” or dinner and drinks and dancing. While you are your own superhero, that doesn’t mean you can’t have help to say hurray.

Think through your friends list and relationships and make a note of who really has your back. If there’s room for improvement here, set an intention to create more powerful friendships and partnerships. That means showing up and giving and being open to receiving support. And, working as a duo to take on challenges means you also get to celebrate together, too!

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Assemble Your Super Tools 

Superheroes often have nifty gadgets and high tech tools that help them fight crime or battle aliens. These tools are often a combination of their own super strengths and powers, and items that they create or were gifted. Your super tools could be anything that helps you say hurray inside, outside, or underneath. That may mean rituals and practices that help you throughout the day. They could also be books, software, or resources that help make things better. For example, I love the Calm app, which helps me meditate and focus on positivity. I also love using affirmations as part of a daily practice. You may enjoy yoga or running, or have a favorite vibrator that brings you to a heavenly state. Just saying! Thor has his hammer, you have yours.

Summon your inner superhero! Kimmay helps you find your powers in this Hurray Kimmmay blog!

Customize Your Cave

Create a space in your home, office, or car that reminds you of your inner superhero, and also has some of your tools at hand. For me, this is an altar space in my home. It’s where I have my vision board, candles, and crystals. I keep journals and affirmations cards there. I come back to it again and again and fill up with the knowledge that I am powerful, confident, and loved.

What space do you have or can you create that inspires your inner superhero? And where can you go that will fill you up? PS: It also helps to clear clutter (emotional or physical) so you can have a clear head, heart, and home. That way you can fully step into your power without distraction!

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Create your Costume 

Adorning your body and dressing for your best life is a major go-to for me when I want to call in my superhero. I highly suggest that you have a go-to power outfit or a few pieces in your closet or drawers that help you feel amazing. These are items that you wear when you need an extra boost. Superheroes have capes. You can have an amazing lingerie set (a personal power choice of mine), or high heels, or a favorite pair of jeans.

And don’t forget that you can assign powerful intentions and reminders to your accessories! I wear jewelry that reminds me of my purpose and power, like a necklace of clear quartz for protection, or a bracelet of Joan of Arc that came with the phrase: “I am not afraid. I was born for this.” What can you wear on a daily basis that reminds you to say hurray and just how amazing you are?

Your Turn: What can you do remind yourself to summon your inner superhero? What are your superpowers? What is your kryptonite and how can you work with it, update it, or end it?


Credits: These photos were taken during the Fall in Love With Yourself retreat to Paris by Laura Boyd. Makeup and hair by Zuleika Acosta. Wearing a Dominique bustier, a gift from the company. I purchased this Playful Promises sheer skirt at The Rack Shack in Brooklyn. As always, no airbrushing!