Q&A: How to Prevent Broken Underwires

Dec 27, 2015 | Hurray for Lingerie, Q&A, Underneath | 1 comment

It’s time for a Hurray for Lingerie Q&A! In this series, I answer some of the most common (and interesting) questions that I get about bras, underwear, and more. If you’ve ever suffered the pain of a broken underwire stabbing you in the heart, you’re going to love today’s Hurray for Lingerie Q&A.

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Melissa asks: My underwires are constantly popping out of my bra or breaking! How can I stop this from happening?

5 Ways to Prevent Broken Underwires Popping or broken underwires are common problems for many bra wearers, and it’s easily preventable. I’ve got some simple tips and easy methods for avoiding underwire problems. Watch the video for a full answer and to see some of the how-to’s. And here is a recap of what you’ll find out in this episode:

Put it On Properly:

  • Did you know that how you put on your bra could cause the underwires to pop out? If you do the “crush and flip” or you flip up your bra when you put it on, that puts a lot of stress on your underwires and often causes them to break or pop out.
  • Instead, try a gentler approach by starting with the cups facing up – never flipping them up – or even better, straps first, bust in, and hook in the back.
  • Watch a full video on how to put on your bra. There is a better way – and I promise, it’s easier to do than you think!

Hand wash and air dry:

  • The #1 reason that underwires pop out or break: the dryer. AHHH! Dryers are death traps for your bras. Underwires get caught up in the holes in the washing machine and softened by the high heat. Avoid the dryer at all costs and air dry your bras.
  • It’s also ideal to hand wash your bras by letting them soak in a basin of water and gently rinsing them. If you’re going to put them in the washing machine, be sure to hook the backs first, put them into a mesh lingerie bag, and use the most gentle cycle you can.
  • Here are some of my favorite tools for caring for your bras, including cool dry racks, colorful basins, and innovative ideas!

Use gentle soap:

  • Bras are made of delicate materials and lots of elastic. Using a typical laundry detergent is often too harsh and causes the material to get brittle, which means it will rip and tear easier, which means underwires can break through the fabric and pop out a lot easier.
  • Go with a very gentle soap made specifically for lingerie, silk, hosiery, or cashmere.
  • Here’s are my directions for hand washing your delicates, including a wonderful detergent brand Soak!

Store them well:

  • Never stuff your bras into a crowded drawer or suitcase. Dedicate a safe space for your underwire bras to avoid crushing, tangling, or abuse.

Say goodbye:

  • If your bra is truly overstretched, overworn, and just plain dead – it’s time to say goodbye. Don’t risk a wire popping out and a stab in the heart. Invest in a few new bras and take extra good care of them.
  • If they are dead or don’t fit, here are 5 ways to donate your bras!

Have you ever suffered an underwire popping out, or breaking?! Try these tips and take very good care of your bras. Whether you’re spending $20 or $200, or you’re an A cup or an G cup, a little prevention goes a long way. Hurray!

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