Hurray for Lingerie Q & A: Is there a right way to put on your bra?

Sep 7, 2015 | Hurray for Lingerie, Hurray Kimmay TV, Q&A, Underneath | 4 comments

OMG. I’m super excited because today I am finally sharing a Hurray for Lingerie Q&A video. HURRAY! This is a good one. It’s a question that has come up a LOT in the bra fitting room. Here it goes!


Angie from Philadelphia says: “I just watched a funny BuzzFeed video all about how to put on your bras. Is there really a right way??? My mind is blown!” 


Hurray! I’m so glad you asked this, Angie. There isn’t a “right or wrong” way, but there is a “better for your bra” and “not so great for your bra” way to do it. Or, in this case, a “hurray and not so hurray” way. Most women don’t even know that they are harming their bras when they put them on each morning, but putting them on the hurray way is one way to help them last longer!

Watch the video for some demonstrations and explanations of the Not So Hurray ways (and why The Crush and Flip is the worst EVER!) and an alternative for the Hurray Way if you have a rotator cuff or flexibility issue.

It’s ALL right here in the first episode of Hurray for Lingerie Q&A on Hurray Kimmay TV!

Here’s the deal. How you put on your bra is up to you. I’m not going to go home with you and help you, nor am I going to stand over you and say: hey, you’re doing it wrong! Taking care of your bras is up to you! You can do it 😀

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xoxo kimmay