Hurray for September

Sep 1, 2015 | Hurray Media | 0 comments

Kimmay of Hurray Kimmay, wearing Cleo by Panache swimwear. Photo by Around Digital Media

Hurray – September is here! Growing up in Western NY, I’ve always been a big Fall fan. {Even when I lied to my friend Val in second grade about which season was my favorite, so she wouldn’t copy me. I told her Fall and then chose Summer. She was devastated that I had lied to her, and because now we wouldn’t be in the same group in class. I felt horrible for lying to her. . . and to myself. I love Fall. It really is my favorite! Ok I’m not scarred for life or anything ::cough cough:: lessons learned. Be true to yourself. Don’t lie to others.}

Childhood deceptions and life lessons aside, this is one of the first times I can remember actually enjoying the summer weather. I did a lot of fun things in the sunshine over the summer, most of which involved traveling for work, to see family, or the #HurrayRoadTrip. That warmth and radiance from the sun gave me so much energy and brightness. This was one of my most vibrant summers ever. And now, I’m ready for a new season.

As the sun sets on summer, I feel a calling to reflect, renew, and say hurray for the upcoming change in seasons. I have several big projects and important tasks to accomplish, that I can’t wait to put into motion. For instance, I’m officially hiring for Hurray Media, and I have interviews scheduled throughout this week. I’m also going up to Boston again (another road trip with a fun friend and colleague) for another work conference (anyone else going to Inbound?) and to meet with two clients (hurray – I love what I do!). And I’m feeling this crazy urge to get things in order: my finances, my computer, my paperwork, my wardrobe.

Do you feel it, too? 

So here’s one last hurray for summer – there are still warm days ahead of us as we make the slow climb down the thermometer and into Fall. I’m setting an intention to enjoy them. Who’s with me?

Kimmay of Hurray Kimmay, wearing Cleo by Panache swimwear. Photo by Around Digital MediaAs always, I never photoshop my body’s shape and these images are all me. There are enough false standards out there and I’m not adding to them. I’ve seen thousands of real human women without their clothes on in the bra fitting room. Each and every one was lovely, and not a single one (even super models) looks like those airbrushed images in the magazines.

I’m wearing a super supportive, cup sized bathing suit top and skirted bottom from Cleo by Panache. This is a molded, strapless style with optional/convertible straps made for D cups and up. I’m wearing it in a 32DD and it fits perfectly! Wearing a bathing suit that fits well and feels great is THE way to say hurray on the beach. Here are more two piece swimwear tips and photos.

Kimmay of Hurray Kimmay, wearing Cleo by Panache swimwear. Photo by Around Digital MediaThis photo shoot was one of my most favorite shoots to date. I worked with Becky Yee, from Around Digital Media, in sunny Florida. We were lucky enough to be down there for a work conference, and we partnered with Bare Necessities to do the #HurrayRoadTrip campaign. My brother was SUPER to take us and his family (including my adorable niece and nephew) out on his boat in the Indian River. He and my sister in law were such a huge help, and they even kept the kids out past their bedtime so that we could catch the sunset for these shots, and these stunning photos here. Huge Hurray!

PS: Becky is an amazing photographer, and she’s sharing her tips on Image and Authenticity in my next BIG: Believe Inspire Grow pod meeting on September 17th in NYC. Check it out and RSVP here.

Kimmay of Hurray Kimmay, with two starfish. Photo by Around Digital Media

I have a thing for holding things up in front of my boobies in photo shoots with Becky LOL. Here’s proof. These amazing 9 pointed starfish were everywhere out on the sandbar. I never thought I’d pick one up, let alone pose with them! I felt daring and wild, and in awe of nature’s beauty.

Kimmay of Hurray Kimmay, with two starfish. Photo by Around Digital MediaAs a content marketer for lingerie brands, I’m on social media a lot. In between shots and while waiting for the sun to make its final decent into the horizon, I hopped on my cell phone to send some tweets and post some Instagrams. Becky caught me working in my bathing suit, in the middle of the water, in this amazing location. I feel truly blessed and honored to be able to work from anywhere and support the brands that work with me. Hurray!Kimmay of Hurray Kimmay, working in the middle of the water. Photo by Around Digital MediaWho else is ready for September? Here’s what I’m up to – let’s meet up!

  • September 8-11 Attending the Inbound marketing conference in Boston, MA
  • September 13 Hosting my monthly Wild Woman Circle for the new moon in Pisces in NYC
  • September 17 Hosting my monthly BIG pod meeting with guest speaker Becky Yee of Around Digital Media (who took these gorgeous photos!) for a talk on Image and Authenticity in NYC

Here’s a big hurray for September!

xoxo kimmay