Hurray for Memorial Day and Boston, MA!

May 25, 2015 | Hurray for Lingerie | 0 comments

Flags at Boston Common Memorial Day Hurray Kimmay

Hurray it’s Memorial Day!

Last week, I took the train up to Boston from NYC for some work and fun (they don’t have to be mutually exclusive, after all!). I took the above photo at Boston Common, where 37,000 small American Flags grace the park grass. According to this article, “Every year, the Massachusetts Military Heroes organization plants a Garden of Flags in front of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Boston Common. The intention is to commemorate each of the Massachusetts service members who have given his or her lives to defend the United States and our freedom since the Revolutionary War.”

It was truly a sight to behold. Here is another snap of this very impressive installation.

Memorial Day Flags in Boston Hurray Kimmay

I was so fortunate to get a proper Boston tour from Bostonian and lingerie boutique owner, Jeanna Kadlec of Bluestockings Boutique. You may remember Jeanna from this blog post and this video interview on Hurray Kimmay. Huge HURRAY for fellow lingerie industry friends with whom I can share life, business, and girl talk. Jeanna Kadlec and Kim Kimmay Caldwell Hurray Kimmay*Please ignore the strange proportions below. I wasn’t planning on putting these side by side, but they’re too cute not to!Kimmay and Jeanna in Boston Hurray Kimmay

The train ride to and from Boston was so beautiful. I’ve taken this Acela ride just a few times now, and it’s dreamy. Here’s a short snippet of the scenery from my Instagram feed…

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Besides site-seeing and lingerie chit chat, I went up to Boston to attend WistiaFest, a video content marketing conference. As a lingerie marketer, I love helping brands and businesses develop and share their video content. Hold up. That sentence may sound really lame to some people, but I’m pretty passionate about it. Last year alone, I made, produced, voice recorded, edited, or hosted at least 25 videos for my own website and for my clients. In fact, a series of product videos I made with the fabulous lingerie brand, Elila, are now up on! Hurray!

Video is one of my favorite forms of communication, education, and brand building so I was thrilled to learn more, meet like-minded (and really fun!) people, and grow as a business owner. Here are a few photos from the conference, taken by (the very talented) Sasha Israel.

Hurray Kimmay at WistiaFest 2015 photos by Sasha Israel

Playing corn hole and soaking in the Boston sunset at the Wistia after party…Kim Kimmay Caldwell at WistiaFest 2015 Hurray Kimmay photo by Sasha Israel

Dancing to Michael Jackson in the Wistia HQ parking lot. Because I love to dance. Hurray! {A version of this photo made the Wistia thank you email.}Kim Kimmay Caldwell at WistiaFest 2015 Hurray Kimmay photo by Sasha IsraelJust a small selection of the nearly 400 WistiaFest attendees during the wrap party. WistiaFest 2015 on Hurray Kimmay photo by Sasha Israel

I’m so excited to put my new video knowledge to use. One reason: I’m starting my very own Q&A video series! There’s more information to come, soon. But for now, if you have a Bra-blem, I’m here to help you solve it. Submit your questions now and get ready for the answers via video. (Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter HK Updates to be the first to know about this exciting video series!)

What's your brablem HK

————————->One final note. Thank you so much to the veterans and current troops. I have several vets in my family, including my step dad. And, it’s his birthday today! Here’s a throwback with him, my step sister, a little piglet, and I circa early 1990’s. Happy Birthday and Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Birthday and Memorial Day Hurray Kimmay

Happy Memorial Day everybody!

xoxo kimmay