Bluestockings Boutique Bursts Onto the Scene

Apr 22, 2015 | Hurray for Lingerie | 0 comments

Hurray for lingerie!

If you remember, last December I interviewed Jeanna Kadlec, the owner of the soon-to-be lingerie e-tail store, Bluestockings Boutique. {{{You can watch my video interview with Jeanna here.}}} Jeanna hoped to create a shop with “underthings for everyone”, with a focus on an inclusive lingerie shopping environment and offerings for the LGBTQ community. Well folks, the day has finally come: Bluestockings Boutique is open! Hurray!

Bluestockings boutique opens. Here's what's on Kimmay's wish list.

Despite Jeanna calling this a soft launch, and insisting that the actual launch will be in June (coinciding with Pride Month), Bluestockings Boutique has already made a big splash with write ups on some very fancy sites. I specifically remember meeting Jeanna in person, after our Google+ interview, at CurveNY, the big lingerie trade show here in NYC. I asked Jeanna “Are you prepared for when your brand totally blows up? I know you are going to get a great response.” Jeanna just blushed and thanked me for my confidence in her and her vision, but I was dead serious. And now it seems I may have been accurate.

I will admit that Bluestockings Boutique’s offerings are currently limited, with a few carefully chosen lingerie, basics, and accessories options. There’s special attention to a size option for most, with small bust brand The Little Bra Company (I highly suggest their Lucia bra) and full bust favorite, Curvy Kate, two favorites from my years as a bra fitter. There’s also an inclusive option for women with darker skin tones from new brand Nubian Skin, bralettes and underwire options, foundations to sexy styles, some sassy play things, and even binders for women who want to minimize their bust. So while the selection isn’t vast, it’s breadth is wide.

Aside from a few favorite things I already own (like the Commando seamless bottoms and Pretty Polly tights – Hurray!) and favorites from my years as a fitter (TLBC and Curvy Kate), here is my personal wish list from the Bluestockings Boutique:

Jeanna revealed that the most popular item during her opening weekend was the lace boxer by Foxers. I almost caved and went with the lace version. Instead, I opted for this tomboy version for my very first Bluestockings Boutique purchase. I love to wear comfy underwear shorts to sleep!

What's on Kimmay's Bluestockings Boutique wish list - Hurray Kimmay

Also on my wish list from Claudette (how cute it this sheer blue tulle?), Blackbird Underpinnings (um, crushed velvet high waist retro style undies? YES please.), and Toru & Naoko:

What's on Kimmay's Bluestockings Boutique wish list - Hurray Kimmay

What's on Kimmay's Bluestockings Boutique wish list - Hurray Kimmay

And I just saw these days of the week undies from Cheek Frills in an article and literally squealed with glee when I saw them on the Bluestockings Boutique site:

These days of the week undies are on Hurray Kimmay's Bluestockings Boutique wish list

Besides Jeanna’s stellar commitment to offering products that both appeal to and support the LGBTQ community (and otherwise), she’s making a stance on sustainability, ethical practices, and partnerships with smaller and larger brands alike. Read more about the Bluestockings Boutique sustainability policy here. And I highly encourage you to read the BSB (not Backstreet Boys… Bluestockings Boutique) blog. Especially this little article about yours truly. Jeanna and I talk lingerie, stereotypes, and saying hurray.

I have seen many lingerie retail businesses fail at making an impact, and a lasting impact at that. I have high hopes for Bluestockings Boutique and full confidence that Jeanna’s integrity and and heart filled purpose will propel her and her brand forward. As some of my posts are in conjunction with brands that I work with on the marketing agency side of my business, I want you to know: Bluestockings Boutique is not a current client (I say current b/c you never know), and I bought my Foxers with my own hard earned money. I simply support this brand and the woman behind it and appreciate her support in my brand, too.

Have you checked out Bluestockings Boutique yet? Visit the shop, read the blog, follow on Twitter. And don’t forget to tweet at me @hurraykimmay and tell me what makes YOU say hurray!

xoxo kimmay