Pros and Cons of Virtual Bra Fittings

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Have you ever considered or had a virtual bra fitting? First of all, who is this for? Because in most cases, a virtual bra fitting is not as great as an in person fitting. In fact, I would go so far as to say: virtual bra fitting can not replace in-person fitting. But that said, it can support. And it’s sometimes the best option for certain people, or occasions. Curious? 

I’ve been fitting folks since 2005, and now I train others to fit with empathy and accuracy, so I love talking about the different ways that you can get bra fitting support. Virtual bra fittings, or “coachings”, can be a really great option! The thing is, there are some pros and cons. Below, I’ve mapped out some of the top reasons why you might want to consider a virtual fitting, and why you might want to skip one. In the end, my goal is to help you say hurray inside, outside, and underneath. Hurray!

What is a virtual bra fitting? What can you expect?

Virtual bra fittings are different from going in person. Typically, I call them “bra coaching” sessions, as the fitting aspect is really done by trying on bras together. That said, there are various ways to do this, and at the very least they are a wonderful way to ask a professional specific questions about getting your best fit. 

Video – some fitters offer video assistance so they can see your current or new bras on your body, guide you visually to measure yourself or check on the fit, and even see your bust shape. 

Every fitter is different, and when I offered this service I broke it up into two sessions. Session one was an assessment of the current fit, and an educational discussion. Then we discussed desired styles and shape, and I created a list of bras for them to shop online, along with suggested sizes. Sometimes we’d order styles in several sizes to compare. Once their order arrived, we’d have a second session so they could try on the new bras under my guidance. This was the next best thing to me fitting someone in person with stock on hand! 

These sessions can be over Zoom, a What’sApp video call, FaceTime or other video software. You might be asked to remove your top and/or bra in the session so the fitter can have more information about your body and current fit. I often have folks step off screen when undressing or changing bras if that helps. You can always say no, (and should if you feel uncomfortable!) but this does limit the amount of help they can offer. 

You’ll want to tune in from a private, well lit place and set up your computer or phone so it’s easily elevated without having to hold it. That will make measuring yourself or showing the fit to your fitter much easier. 

Phone – you can also get bra coaching by talking on the phone! This is a customer service option that goes beyond general information on a site, and offers personalized answers to questions about fit, specific styles for a special occasion outfit, or even answers about silhouettes. It does, however, limit the fitter from being able to see any specifics. 

Chat or email – another option is to get bra help via writing. To me, this is less of a “virtual fitting” and more just advice, similar to the phone option. I offered bra fitting support via chat and email for an online retailer for years, and it was really great option for folks who needed quick bra advice or style questions.

The Pros of Virtual Bra Fitting

Here’s a tip: think of these types of virtual bra fittings as a telemedicine appointment. Bra fitters are like doctors! They are skilled, trustworthy, and there is only so much that they can do without having you join in person. Each bra fits differently, and certain things are best assessed in the flesh. That said, telemedicine and virtual fittings do have their positives!

First, the biggest pros about virtual bra fittings are who this can help! Let’s discuss who might benefit from a virtual bra fitting. Having a professional guide you virtually through the bra fitting process could be a really great option for several groups of people or various instances. Here’s a short list:

  • Distance: for those who have to drive 2-3 hours from the closest boutique, a virtual fitting can be a Godsend! When I lived in NYC and had numerous places or shops to refer folks, this wasn’t an issue. Then I moved to rural Oklahoma, where my neighbors would drive 2.5 hours just to go to a Victoria’s Secret, which didn’t carry some much needed sizes or offer true fit expertise. Checking in with an expert virtually who has bras up to an N cup is truly helpful! 
  • Physical limitations: if someone is physically unable to get into a store, a video bra shopping session could be amazing! Maybe they even live close to a shop, but they are either confined to a wheelchair or to bed, or they have some kind of physical limitation that is preventing them from getting into a store in person. Same thing goes for somebody who might be sick or injured. A professional can guide them virtually toward their best undergarment options without having to come to the store.
  • Caregivers: It’s not always the sick or injured person themselves who can benefit from some virtual bra support! Somebody who is a parent or a caregiver may not be able to physically get away, or bring the person in their care. 
  • Marginalized communities: This can apply to many groups who are underserved, from size, skin color, or gender and more. I’ve worked a lot with the trans community, for example. For some folks, it does not feel safe or comfortable for them to go into a store that’s very gendered or to present a certain way in public. So in that case they can get bra fitting help virtually, and feel safe and supported without having to go into the store themselves. Additionally, they can become familiar with the fitter, before feeling comfortable enough to go into the store. Not to mention, there may be less stores around that offer products and services specific to their needs. 
  • Busy people: if you’re like, I do not have time for this, but you just want to do a quick check in or get some great advice on your bras, then virtual bra fitting is a great option. Just keep in mind the limitations you might experience with this method. 
  • Repeat  Buyers: this is if you’ve already been into a really awesome store where you’ve been fit in person, your body hasn’t changed, and you just want to do a quick refresher with your favorite bra fitter. You can absolutely ask if you can schedule a virtual bra fitting to go over some of the latest fashion items that came in, or to help you make an adjustment as your bra has stretched out, if that’s something that they offer. Remember, good fitters want to fit you in person. That is how we can do our jobs best! And having this as a second option can sometimes be super supportive.

Another great pro about virtual bra shopping is that you can work with whatever fitter you want. If you’re following an awesome person on TikTok, or if you’re following a great store that has inclusive options, or really beautiful things, and offer virtual fitting as a service, you can work with them from anywhere. Isn’t that cool? 

The Cons of Virtual Bra Fitting

Unfortunately, there are some limitations to virtual bra fittings. Here are a few: 

  • An expert is not able to try those bras on with you in person. Honestly the real work of a bra fitting is trying on bras together. They can get the best bra for you so much faster when you are there in person with their bra stock. Bra fitting is truly an art form that really works best when you have the product there to try on with you. And working with that expert in person means they get to actually use their expertise to make the whole experience so seamless instead of having to work through the computer screen. 
  • You might have to undress in a video format with somebody. Maybe in person is worse for you, or maybe on screen feels more scary. You can also ask them if they are recording, or if you can. You should be able to trust a reputable bra fitter that this will remain confidential. 
  • You might have to purchase some bras based on the fitting and the coaching, then you have to have them sent to you, and then try them on and see if they fit. If they don’t fit, you gotta return them. That said, if you were in person at a store, either shopping on your own or with a fitter, you have all of the product right there and you don’t have to purchase it first. You would just take home what fits well. 
  • Bra fitters are limited on the information they can see in front of them, and their size suggestions will be informed, but not perfect. That means your fit might be a bit off the mark. 

In the end, this is a really great option for folks that either can’t get into a store, don’t feel safe shopping in a store, or just honestly don’t have the time to go into a store. But it’s not a total substitute for working with a really awesome trained bra fitter in person. And it’s always a great idea to go into any kind of fitting knowing the basics of what to expect in a great fit. Grab my free fit guide below to get started! 

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