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Hurray for GMA! I was welcomed on Good Morning America recently by Lori Bergamotto and the team to help 3 amazing women find “The Right Fit”. We stopped at the bra floor at the big Macy’s on 34th St in NYC, a place where I’ve actually brought several bra fitting clients in the past to teach these bra wearers a thing or two about size, fit, and saying hurray.

All three of these folks were shocked by their new bra sizes, and walked out feeling comfortable and confident. See their transformations below, shop their looks, and learn more about how you can finally find your own comfort! 

Psst! Some of the brands linked here might be past or future partners of mine, but were independently chosen for this segment without compensation or contract. I’m proud to bring them your way! There might also be an affiliate link below. As always, I share what I think will support you and help you say hurray.

Check out the replay of the show (when it’s available) on the Good Morning America site.


The issue: Ann started in a 32C and was worried about “side boob” spillage and “back fat”. 

The bra: I fit Ann into this b.tempt’d Future Foundation Contour Bra in Rose Smoke

Ask your local bra shop if they carry this amazing t-shirt bra! Or, you can find it at Macy’s and these online shops:

The hurray: Ann fit into a few awesome bras in 32D and 30DD! So a small tweak to her size made a huge different in the overall fit, and especially where her wire sat around her bust. No spilling anymore! In addition, her bra was super stretched out from a long time of wear and tear. This is so common and it’s so important to not only take care of your bras, but also swap them out when they’ve expired. 

One way to keep them looking great longer is to have a full bra wardrobe to rotate, and wash them with extra care. Learn more about keeping your bras in great shape on my Care Page.

Remember, back fat or any kind of squish is totally normal and often a sign that your bra fits and your body is human. That said, the back of this bra has a seamless look which can aid in a smoother looking back. 

Ann also noted that her shoulders are slightly uneven, and had an “ah-ha” moment when I mentioned that you can (and should!) adjust your straps to fit each shoulder. Hurray! 

In the end, Ann felt so comfortable and looked great. Hurray! 


The issue: Daneska was wearing a 42DDD and she felt like it just wasn’t giving her any support or lift. She was ready for a bra update! 

The bra: I fit Daneska into this Elomi Charley Underwire Molded Spacer Bra in Cinnamon

Ask your local bra shop if they carry this amazing t-shirt bra! Or, you can find it at Macy’s and these online shops:

The hurray: Size update alert! Daneska went from wearing 42DDD to 38J. Yep! Elomi is a UK brand so that’s a 38GG in the UK. She looked and felt so much better now that her band is snug like a hug, and her underwire and cup can fit all the way round her bust. Plus, this cinnamon color is a dreamy neutral for her beautiful skin. She still gets smooth and flexible support with the spacer material, as well as fully adjustable AND convertible straps. 

You can see the difference even with her t-shirt on, but also she could feel the difference which is what really matters. Daneksa loved this gifted bra so much that she bought a second one, and then the seamed version, too! Hurray! 

PS: you can buy the seamed version of the Charley for extra support and lift here or at your local bra fitting boutique. Those seams really act like support beams on a bridge! 


The issue: Oceania was wearing a size small in her bra, and said she would normally shop for a 32B. She said that wires hurt and everything gapped. 

The bra: I fit Oceania into the Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Full Coverage T-Shirt Bra

Ask your local bra shop if they carry this amazing t-shirt bra! Or, you can find it at Macy’s and these online shops:

The hurray: Ociania went from thinking 32B would fit best into a 30D. She had no idea that when wearing the right size and style, she can’t even feel the underwire in the bra! When I put her into this bra, she audibly gasped. She can also wear a 28 in some bras, but this CK style fits a little tight, so the 30 band was a perfect hug. 

She also noted that her bust fluctuates, which is super common. For those with a changing bust, a stretchy wire-free option is great (also awesome for lounging and weekends) so I pulled the new State of Day bra from Macy’s for her to try out in an awesome caramel neutral for her skin.

In the end, this size update really surprised her but she was also shocked by how good a classic underwire bra can feel when it’s the right size and fit. After all, that’s why I teach The Comfort Fit System™ and that fit equals comfort. Hurray!

If you’re not sure if your bra fits well, grab my free fit guide below.

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Your turn: Do you have the right fit? What issues do you have with your bras? What sizes here shocked you? Share it all with me over @hurraykimmay on Instagram!

Credits: Thank you to Good Morning America, for having me on the show! Plus, huge hurray to Macy’s Herald Square and the bra volunteers. Ya’ll were awesome! So grateful to share my heart and expertise with America. Hurray!