The Best And Most Difficult Things About Being A Bra Fitter

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The Pros and Cons of Being a Bra Fitter

What is it like to be a bra fitter? The job of a bra fitter can be both truly rewarding and exceptionally challenging. I’ve been fitting folks for bras since 2005 (that’s almost two decades of bra fitting!) and many of those years were spent in the bra fitting rooms of NYC. 

I was a bra fitting in a small boutique in SoHo, then at a fancy department store, and for a luxury Italian brand. I’ve fit thousands of people in person, supported folks with bra help through email and online chat, executed virtual bra fittings, taken people to shop at department stores, done in-home fittings and bra drawer audits, and more. I even train other people on how to become a bra fitter (especially one that is compassionate and supportive), 

You name it, I’ve fit it. 

I have lots of bra fitting friends, and we’ll often swap stories about the pros and cons of bra fitting. It’s a really important job and often fulfilled by some of the hardest working, kindest, and most resourceful people I’ve ever met. Bra fitters are truly a Godsend!

I could write a book about my adventures as a bra fitter (and maybe one day I will)! For now, below are just a few of the best and most difficult parts of the job. Take a watch or read below!

Best Parts of Being a Bra Fitter

  1. People. I actually love working with people. Not everybody’s a people person, but I am absolutely someone who gets lit up by meeting lots of different folks, and this is a great way to do it.
  2. Beauty. Bras are gorgeous! And I love shopping for them myself, and helping other people understand that it’s actually really fun to shop for bras and then wear something really gorgeous too.
  3. Transformation.  You can actually change someone’s life with a bra. Not an exaggeration.

This last one is honest THE best part. Seeing the difference it makes in somebody, to finally feel comfortable and confident in this really sacred part of the body, every single day, is a huge hurray. 

Bonus! Personally, I get to go on TV and I get to travel to Paris and New York to talk about bras and learn about them. Going to the fun expos is actually one of my favorite parts of this job.


Here are my top 3 favorite things I love about being a bra fitter! Bra fitters, comment below and tell me your favorite part of the job!⬇️ #brafitter #brafittertips #professionalbrafitter #brafitterlife #bratips #brafittingspecialist #undergarmenteducator #brafittips #brafitting #brafitters

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Difficult Things About Being A Bra Fitter

  1. Emotions. The most difficult thing is dealing with other people’s stuff, like their stories about their bodies and their insecurities about bra sizing. That is really big thing you have to overcome.
  2. Bra math. I thought I’d never have to do math again in my life!
  3. Physical. It is physically demanding to fit people in person. Oh my gosh there have been days where I just didn’t pee or eat at all, and I was just constantly on my feet helping people with bras.
  4. Isolation. It can be really isolating. There aren’t a ton of people who have this job, and it can be hard to relate to other people when talking about your job. So it’s so important to build up a community around you that understands this.
  5. Styles. It can be really fun to keep up with trends but it’s also really demanding because there’s so many different styles out there for many different types of bodies.

Even with all of the pros and cons, I still love being a bra fitter and Undergarment Educator. It’s one of those jobs that is demanding but extremely rewarding. I have learned so much about myself and others, and have some of the most wonderful memories from the bra fitting room. These days I fit less and teach more, but no matter what form this work takes, it’s always so uplifting (in more ways than one!). 

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There are so many things I love about being a bra fitter, but some parts of the job are really difficult!😅 Fitters, what would you add to this list? Comment below⬇️ #brafitter #brafittertips #professionalbrafitter #brafitterlife #bratips #brafittingspecialist #undergarmenteducator #brafittips #brafitting #brafitters #brafittingbasics

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