Q&A: 5 Bras for Racerback Tops

May 2, 2016 | Hurray for Lingerie, Q&A, Style Solutions | 0 comments

Time for another Hurray for Lingerie Q&A! This question is from Monica, who asks:

“I have a lot of racerback tops and dresses and I really don’t like my boring bra straps to show. What can I do?”

This is a great question! As the weather warms up, you may be wearing tank tops and sleeveless dresses, right? And sometimes those tank tops and dresses have a back that is cut in slightly, right? And if so, your bra straps show, right? OK, right! I’ve got 5 solutions for you in this video Q&A, with a quick recap (and a few shopping links!) below.

Racerback or T-Back bra:

  • It may sound obvious, but the racerback bra is a classic option to wear with a racerback top.
  • You can try a style with a smooth or lacy back.
  • Something to keep in mind: a racerback bra usually has a front closure. This style is easy to put on for people with mobility problems, but it often limits the lifetime of your bra because there’s only one hook instead of three. That means you can’t adjust your band as it stretches out over time.
  • The bra shown in the video is the “Feathers T-Back” bra by Natori.

Kimmay wearing a racerback braCriss Cross Straps:

  • Many bras have convertible straps on the back. That means you can change where the straps attach to the band.
  • Some have settings to be straight back, slightly in, slightly criss crossed, or very criss crossed. Adjust the straps to suit your top!
  • When criss crossing straps, be sure to lengthen them first. They’re going a longer distance now. Failure to do so can result in accidentally chocking yourself when you put on the bra 😉
  • Once the straps are criss-crossed, you’ll put the bra on over your head, get your bust in the cups, then hook the band behind you.
  • The bra shown in the video is the “Infinite Possibilities” bra by LeMystere. It can also be worn as a halter!

J-Hook straps:

  • Some bras come with a simple j-hook and eye attached to the straps. That’s a little hook that is shaped like a “J”, and a little eye to put it into when you want to convert your bra straps in the back.
  • Some of these hooks are adjustable, meaning you can place them wherever you like on the straps. Others are stationary.
  • Again, loosen your straps before hooking them, then reach back to hook it or ask a buddy to help.
  • The bra in the video is the “Sophia T-Back” bra by LeMystere.

Bra strap converter:

  • Ok so this isn’t a “bra”, but it’s an easy way to turn any bra into a racerback bra.
  • There are many options, colors, and sizes available including plastic and fabric styles.
  • The converter shown in the video is “The Strapper“.

Show your straps:

  • If boring straps have got you wanting to hide them, try wearing a bra with straps in a fun color, pretty lace, or decorative detail and make it part of your outfit!
  • Some bras are just too pretty to hide. Experiment with showing your straps, first. Eventually, you may even want to try a bra with a decorative back, which you can purposefully let show underneath an open or low back top!
  • The bra in the video is the “Rive Gauche Demi T-Shirt” bra by Chantelle.

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Need help making sure your bra fits? If your bra straps are constantly falling, or the band is riding up, you need my 5 Bra Fit Tips video and PDF guide.

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