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Dec 31, 2015 | Hurray for Lingerie, Underneath | 0 comments

Hurray! Mid November I started my new position as the lingerie expert for It’s been a crazy content creation time for me since. Writing articles is a lot of fun, and a lot of work! I’m so proud of the first ten articles that are up on the site. It’s been such a whirlwind! Here’s a recap of what I’ve written so far:

  1. Soak Phil BasinYour step-by-step guide for hand or machine washing your bras. Trust me, how you wash your bras makes a big difference in how long they last, how they feel against your skin, and how well they support your bust. This is a must read for anyone who wears bras!

  2. The best items to wash and care for your lingerie Since we’re on the topic of washing, I’ve gathered up my favorite items for washing and caring for your lingerie. From colorful basins to my favorite dry racks – these will make washing and drying easy and (dare I say) fun!

  3.  Your guide to the best lingerie gifts under $25 Treat yo’self to something fun without spending too much! These make fun little gifts to give to your girlfriends (think bridal shower or bachelorette), or your lover (hello Valentine’s Day), or yourself.

  4. The Best Round-Up of Lingerie Gifts under $100 You don’t have to break the bank to get a luxe looking lingerie set. I gathered some of the best lingerie under $100, just for you, darling.

  5. Hanky Panky lace cuffsThe best luxurious lingerie gift ideas! Ok are you ready to splurge? You HAVE to see these luxe lingerie gift ideas – even if you’re just window shopping, you’ll swoon over these!

  6. Who Makes the Underwear Amy Schumer Wears in the Pirelli Calendar? This was a big year for women and body image and Amy Schumer is on my list of she-roes. Her portrait in the Pirelli calendar got a lot of attention for good reason. I found out who made the pretty undies she wears in the photo!

  7. Secret ways to stay cozy. It’s cold out there! I’m sharing some of my favorite ways to stay warm with cozy layers underneath your outfits. This is NOT your grandma’s long underwear. You may be surprised at some of the unique, pretty, and downright genius solutions.

  8. Getty Images / Bra DonationsHow to Donate Those Bras You Don’t Wear You know those bras that sit in your drawer and you never wear? Yeah, it’s time to give those away. If it hurts, doesn’t fit, or isn’t your style – say bye bye. Before tossing it in the trash, think about donating it! I’ve got 5 ways to donate your bras (even those that you swear no one can or should wear.)

  9. The real reasons your underwire bras break (and how to stop it!) Underwire popped out? Ouch! Your bra wants you to know: “it’s not me, it’s you.” Here are the surprising reasons your underwire breaks or pops out and how to prevent it from happening.

  10. 6 lingerie resolutions to make in 2016 These are great resolutions to make anytime – especially for the new year. Make this the year you love your lingerie and say hurray!

Hurrrrrray! I’m so excited about these first 10 posts. I hope you find them helpful, especially if they help you say hurray for lingerie. Do you have a question you’d like for me to answer in an upcoming article? Ask me! Want to pitch your product to be featured? Contact me! And you can always tweet at me @hurraykimmay and tell me what makes YOU say hurray.

Happy New Year!xoxo kimmay