Black Cat Magic

Oct 6, 2015 | Hurray for Lingerie, Outside, Underneath | 2 comments

Hurray for Halloween!

I think getting dressed up is really fun 🙂 And I think cats are pretty awesome. In fact, we just welcomed a new cat into our home! After my cat, Bella, passed away in May, I was completely heart broken. My husband and I thought that it would be a very long time before we would welcome another furry friend into our lives. But life, and Sunny, had other plans. Please welcome Sunny to Casa Caldwell!

Clearly, I’m a cat lover. And Sunny is very easy to love. You’ll see more Sunny over on Instagram.

Sunny may be a strawberry blonde (she’s a very yellow hued orange cat), but black cats are a staple of Halloween decor and design. While some think that black cats are evil or bad luck, I think they’re quite the opposite. In fact, any time a black cat crosses my path, I say hurray! To celebrate, I’ve found a few black cat themed Hurray for Lingerie picks for your October, and beyond. Instead of the typical super sexy picks which you can find anywhere, I’ve chosen a few fun, cozy, and sassy ideas to help you say hurray for lingerie, swimwear, and sleepwear. Personally, I own so much cat themed clothing that it’s probably unhealthy. . . but I always think there’s room for more 😉

Take a look at my black cat magic picks! Which would you wear?

Black Cat Magic - cozy, fun, and sassy cat themed picks for halloween on Hurray KimmayShopping information, hurray!

Black Cat Magic - cozy, fun, and sassy cat themed picks for halloween on Hurray Kimmay

More shopping information, hurray!

And no black magic cat post would complete without a great cat eye tutorial! Here’s one from one of my favorite ladies of style, Keiko Lynn on Look TV.

Meow! Wishing you a big Hurray for Halloween.

Black Cat Magic on Hurray Kimmay

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