How To: Make a Hurray Kimmay Wedding Day Kit

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Hurray! Usually June is a busy bridal season, but I’ve noticed so many Fall weddings in the past few years. Have you? Whether you are the bride or know someone getting married, I have a great How To for you.

Recently I traveled to NJ to attend my sister-in-law’s bridal brunch. We played games, sipped mimosas, and chatted about the upcoming wedding day festivities. I realized, that in all of the activities that a bride goes through before her wedding, she has the opportunity to ask for many gifts and great advice. And as the giver, you have the responsibility of picking great and thoughtful gifts for the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, etc etc etc. {I had already given my sister in law the stunning set from The Giving Bride, and was looking for something special and useful.} Instead of picking yet another thing off of her registry, get creative and give her a Hurray Kimmay Wedding Day Kit.

It’s easy to pull together a few wedding day necessities and create a thoughtful, useful, and hurray-for-her-wedding-day gift. Here are some ideas for packing the perfect Wedding Day Kit:

step 1 pick a pretty pouch hurray kimmay1. Pick a pretty pouch

I chose a gold zipper pouch from Triumph that could easily fit everything I was giving the bride, but was also small enough that she could throw it in her wedding day bag or pop it in a bridesmaid’s duffle without taking up too much space. Plus, it’s pretty!

The style above was found at Anthropologie – a great place to get a pretty pouch.

step 2 pack panties hurray kimmay2. Pack panties

It’s surprising to me how many brides ignore their bridal undergarments! And if they did purchase the perfect bra, they forgot about the panties. I have seriously talked to women who realized only the day of their wedding that they forgot to buy wedding day panties and sent a bridesmaid to the nearest shop. Or, that in their excitement for the honeymoon lingerie, forgot to choose something special for the wedding night. Help her out!

nuetrals for you hurray kimmayIn my kit, I chose a gorgeous pair of white lace and nylon panties for her wedding day or night from Triumph, and a box of 3 animal print thongs from Affinitas for the honeymoon. Because these items are either sized XS – XL or sometimes “one size”, it’s easier to estimate her size and get it right. Bra sizing can be tricky! So if you’re unsure of her size, go with easy-to-guess sizing or provide a receipt. Even if she doesn’t wear them on her wedding day, you’re gifting her a dose of hurray in her day well into her married life. Pretty panties are always a good idea.

You can also find a “something blue” or a wedding themed pair of panties. Or go with a safe and practical seamless pair in a “neutral for you” tone (well, neutral for her, in this case). If you’re giving this gift earlier on in the wedding planning process, you can also include a gift certificate for her to purchase her wedding day undergarments or wedding night lingerie.

The styles in the top photo are from Hanky Panky, Cosabella, and Heidi Klum Intimates

The neutrals are from Wacoal and OnGossamer

step 3 include thoughtful accessories3. Include thoughtful accessories

There are so many things that a bride or her bridesmaids may need that day – you just never know! Here are a few things I packed, plus a few more ideas:

  • Bra strap converter for her racerback rehearsal or honeymoon tops and dresses. The one in the photo is from QT intimates and is a heart shape – aw!
  • Pretty lace footies so she can dance the night away – these are from Pretty Polly and are cute and functional to avoid blisters inside wedding weekend heels.
  • An eye mask so she can get her beauty rest the night before the wedding. This soft quilted mask is from Carmen Van Glasser. So cuddly, and she can use it well beyond her wedding day.
  •  Fashion Tape – oh my, I can’t tell you how often this has come in handy at weddings! Use this special double sided tape to fix a fallen hem (for ladies and gents), keep a strap in place, avoid overexposure from a too-low-v-neck-bodice, stop a satin belt from slipping, secure a slip from riding up… so many uses! I had a handy sample pack, but any kind of small package will work.
  • Bust cream for showing off her décolletage. This moisturizing formula from Elila smells great and has a lifting component that keeps this delicate skin area looking its best.
  • Travel size delicate wash and stain wipes. Because regular detergents are often too harsh on delicate lace and silk, these can come in handy for saving an expensive wedding gown, lingerie, and the day. Eucalan has a great travel kit!
  • A snack. I chose a few candies to help this bride stay sweet. Hey, weddings can be stressful! And to keep her blood sugar up and avoid fainting. Many brides forget to eat, so a meal bar, trail mix, or something nutritious is a great idea!

Other ideas:

  • Safety pins. Next to fashion tape, these are your biggest life savers.
  • Mini deodorant – trust me, people forget to pack this.
  • Nipple covers. Whether they are stick on or slip into a bra, there’s always someone who’s accidentally showing off their headlights when they didn’t mean to. Save their day. Hurray!
  • Breath mints or gum. Because, hurray, there’s going to be a “you may now kiss the bride” moment.
  • Lip gloss or chapstick for kissable lips.
  • Travel tissue pack or monogrammed hankie. For tears of joy.
  • Bobbi Pins – you can NEVER have enough on hand
  • Deodorant sponges. These are so helpful!
  • Clear nail polish to fix runs in stockings or chipping nails
  • Essential oils like lavender to calm her nerves and dab on her wrists

step 4 write a sweet note4. Write a sweet note

Include a thoughtful note with a description of what’s inside and what she can use each item for. Show her that you’re thinking of her on her special day and are wishing her a day of joy and … sanity 😉 Include some wise advice or wedding day encouragement, and help her say hurray!

Pick and choose the items that you want and will fit into your pretty package. Customize it to her and what you know she’ll love and need on her big day. What a wonderful gift, right?!  Wrap it up in pretty paper and gift it to the precious bride.

What would you include in your wedding day kit? What would make you say Hurray to receive for your own wedding day? Share with me here or send me a tweet @HurrayKimmay

xoxo kimmay