So Hot & Cold

Mar 6, 2015 | Hurray for Lingerie | 0 comments

How do you like it: how or cold?

I’ve had a dose of both in the very same week. I just got back from a trip to Florida and I’ve arrived into the freezing cold and snow of NYC. {In fact, I flew in on a Delta flight into LGA just one day before that scary incident. Thank God!} As a Rochester, NY native the snow doesn’t really bother me too much. But after such a snowy winter in the Northeast, I was ready for a trip to the warm, sunny shores of South Florida. The snow was enough to send me, but I also just wrapped three exciting and exhausting days at the CurveNY expo, working with The Lingerie Journal hosting special sneak peeks into some of my favorite booths like Elila and Hanky Panky. And, I had an even better reason to go: a girlfriends weekend with some of my nearest, and dearest friends to celebrate each of us turning 30! Hurray!

Super excited for the warm weather, I packed a few swimsuits (some of my favorite retro styles from Vitamin A and Seafolly, plus a few modern cuts from L*Space), tank tops, shorts, and wore my only pair of long pants and long sleeved shirt on the plane. I woke up extra early to wash and straighten my hair before the flight. These details are important because when I arrived in Florida, I was not greeted with sunshine. It was in the 60s, cloudy or raining, windy, and extremely humid. There went my hair (it grew to about 5 times its usual size in the humidity over the course of my trip) and there went those shorts.

Despite the cooler air, my friends and I insisted on sitting outside as we dined. . . until it started to rain. The five of us made the best of it indoors, as we waited on the last two to join us. We set up a surprise baby shower for one of our friends who was yet to arrive. There was a struggle to keep the baby bunting from falling, a terrible encounter with bad food and cheap drinks, and lots of bundling up in the stormy weather. We were still having fun and looking forward to more time together, but it wasn’t until our last friend arrived and all seven of us were finally together that things really took off. We surprised her with the baby gifts, the weather turned warm and downright beautiful, every place we went to had amazing food, we laughed and cried, debated over “the dress” and declared it voo-doo, and made memories to last us another 30 years. I’ve known these girls since we were in middle school, and spending the weekend with them was so special.

To add to the fun, I tacked on a few days to visit my Dad and family across the coast! We went shopping (hurray for Tatyana Boutique, retro fashion, and a new Beach Bash bathing suit below!), celebrated my birthday again, watched movies, went to dinner, went to the beach, hung out with a few of my brothers, and I visited with college friends in the stunning Bal Harbour shopping center for a day of luxury, playing dress up in $4,000 gowns and $18,000 jackets from The Row at Saks, and reminiscing at La Perla. All in all, this trip was SO fabulous.

Girlfriends trip to Florida Hurray Kimmay

at the beach hurray kimmaySwimsuit from Tatyana Boutique, by Beach Bash. Sunglasses by Gap.

miami beach hurray kimmaySwimsuit by Vitamin A, Rx Sunglasses by Warby Parker, Miami Beach tank top from a random cheesy souvenir shop.

At Bal Harbor hurray kimmay

La Perla Bal Harbor Hurray KimmayHere’s a Hurray for Lingerie tip: when it’s cold, gray, and snowy outside I LOVE to wear sassy or colorful lingerie underneath my clothes for a bit of heat.

Meanwhile in snowy NYC. . .

A special thanks to photographer Kevin Goggin who asked me to brave a snow storm to get these snow day shots in Astoria Park. We were freezing (and I lost the blue polka dot umbrella from my photo shoot with Bumbrella in the wind) but it was so worth it. His work is beautiful!

Snow day hurray kimmay photo by Kevin Goggin snow day hurray kimmay photo by Kevin Goggin snow day hurray kimmay photo by Kevin Goggin snow day hurray kimmay photo by Kevin Goggin


And here’s a video of the most recent snow day here in NYC over on my Instagram @hurraykimmay.

So what’s your favorite season? Do you like it hot or cold? Are you like me, and you like the change that comes with each new season? Share here or send me a tweet @hurraykimmay.