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Let’s admit it, ladies. We’ve all been there: you’re strutting your stuff in a beautiful dress or skirt, and you’re wearing a seamless thong or bikini to avoid those unsightly “visible panty lines”. Hurray for you! However, what looked great at home suddenly turns into a see-through setback when you hit the sunlight. Eeeek!{Photo by MGB Photo}

I had this conundrum in my very sheer wedding gown (shameless share of me on the best day of my life). I tried on several sleek shapewear items and literally walked down Third Ave in NYC testing out the sunlight while I asked people on the street, “Can you see the shape of my thighs through this dress?” The answer was yes. And while I love my shapely legs, I did not want them to be what my husband’s family and our friends were looking at as I walked down the aisle.

Instead, since I really did not need the shapewear, nor did I want to bother with something super tight and smothering on a very hot August day (it was so hot I felt like I was peeing down my leg while I was saying my vows. Truth. TMI?) I opted for a light blue Hanky Panky thong and a seamless Commando slip. Voila!

And while this worked for me and my long gown, there’s a new option in town: The Bumbrella by Cici Soleil. The what? I know, the name is silly (that’s why I like it) but the idea is genius. This 2-in-1 panty slip combines a sleek mini slip with an attached brief or thong. Tara Gallagher, a medical professional, created the Bumbrella after a mortifying experience involving a sheer black dress, a thong, and the sun… at a funeral… EEEEEEEK!  Talk about the last place you want an accidental overshare of your bum.

The Bumbrella by Cici Soleil is brand new, so I’m sharing the lowdown here with a video, some fun photos, and a special invitation to see it, meet its creator, and pre-order the Bumbrella in person in NYC with me! Here’s the scoop:


According to the size chart, I would fit into the XS or S for some measurements, and a S and M for others. I’m also taller than the average lady at 5’7”. {FYI my measurements are 26” waist and 37” hips and I usually wear a size 2 or 4.} Tara sent me the thong option in black in a size small, and the brief option in blue in a size medium to try. Surprisingly, they both fit. For maximum security and to avoid any slippage, I’d go with the small because the medium was on the loose side, but I was surprised at how well the medium ft, too.

Both sizes were comfortable, easy to wear, and lightweight. I would consider these slips to be between a low-rise and mid-rise fit. As a very high-waisted lady myself, I’d love to see additional rises in the future.  Even so, the elastic never dug in or caused muffin top where it stopped. Hurray!

The Bumbrella is available in sizes XS to XL in a thong or brief option.

Bumbrella on Hurray Kimmay


The length of these slips is pretty awesome. I have slips already, but they tend to be a little long for some of my shorter dresses. That being said, if I were to wear a shorter slip, I’d also pair it with a brief underneath if it’s a full skirt (um, hello air bursts while going down the subway stairs or over the subway grates) or a thong in a tighter skirt, so having the attached option is really perfect. From my experience, this attachment helps the slip and underwear stay in place. No slipping slip!

As an opaque option for under sheer clothing, it works perfectly. And the sleek material is pretty seamless. While it’s edges are not as seamless as the aforementioned Commando slip, it’s a practically invisible option for under most clothing options. What I really love? That extra layer of discretion equals peace of mind.

Tara, a medical professional, makes a point to explain the health hazards of wearing tight shapewear on a regular basis. Because there’s no room to breathe down there, because they’re not always cleaned properly, and because of a lack of other options, women overuse or misuse shapewear and wind up with some funky situations down there. To avoid this ghastly problem, Tara says the Bumbrella “conceals without squeeze”, which is also good news for those ladies who want less “sucking in” and more “cover me”. Healthy and comfortable!

Bumbrella featured on Hurray Kimmay


Currently available in black, a neutral, and blue, the Bumbrella is a sassy little number. I had so much fun styling this like a regular skirt. I felt 100% confident that I was covered underneath, especially in the brief option.

I’ve already remarked on the stylish, modern length, but it bears repeating: it’s pretty awesome! You can see in the video just how perfect this length is for underneath a simple a-line dress.

Bumbrella on Hurray Kimmay


Priced at $48 retail, the Bumbrella is right on par for price if we compared it to a slip and panty purchase of comparable quality. The Bumbrella website suggests hanwashing with a gentle wash, which means you can easily help this little number last a long time. Considering the versatility of its length and basic design, the Bumbrella will not go out of style anytime soon and is a safe investment for almost any woman’s wardrobe.

Bumbrella overview Hurray Kimmay

Overall: A big HURRAY for the Bumbrella by Cici Soleil!

For more information and wholesale inquiries, visit wearbumbrella.com

UnderHaus flyer for Bumbrella

You’re Invited: Guess what! I’m so excited about the Bumbrella that I’ve teamed up with Tara to bring it to the Completely Bare Valentine’s Day Market and Pop Up Shop in NYC February 6-8th. This is your chance to make wholesale preorders (the shipment drops in March) and to make a retail preorder. Come see the Bumbrella in action, feel the smooth material, meet its creator (and me!), try one on for yourself, and be the first to add the Bumbrella to your undergarment solutions wardrobe.

{Bumbrella photo credits: Around Digital Media. Hair: Katie Bickert. Makeup: Mollie Parks Booth} PS: retouching is used to clear away blemishes or studio props (there’s actually a big black extension cord coming out from behind me and my black dress!) but NOT retouching my figure, my body, or my shape. Realistic standards and authenticity are super important to me.


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