Kimmay on Today: Best Bras for your Body

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​Hey there, and thanks for tuning in or re-watching my segment on The Today Show! I had a great time with Megyn Kelly talking bras – my most favorite topic. I’m so thankful to be able to share my expertise and heart with the world. While we only had so much time to get through everything live on the air, I wanted to make sure you had all the information you need to say hurray for lingerie.

After all, I use bras and bra fitting as a way to open my heart and I know that with a little education and inspiration, you can, too. Below you’ll find the scoop on my favorite bra sizing resources, some of the styles and brands I shared in the segment, and those we didn’t have time to get to. Hurray!

Get the full scoop in Today’s recap article here or click the button to watch the replay, and take a look below at the styles I shared on the show, plus a few extra options just for you!

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BTW the brands I shared on the show were not brand partners, just great brands I wanted to share with viewers. A few links here might be affiliate links for some additional brands or retail websites. As always, I only share what makes me say hurray and I know will support you!

First up is Erin! Erin was wearing a 36B non-underwire bra. She found underwires to be uncomfortable and thought the band was too tight. Turns out she was actually wearing two band sizes too big! She ended up in a 32D in this bra. If you’re curious about how to check in on your size, check out my free bra class. Because of Sister Sizing, the 36B bra cup and 32D bra cup have the same volume. In other words, a 32B would have been two cup sizes smaller than the 36B. So when changing the band make sure you adjust the cup size, too!

Unlike clothing – which feels comfortable when it’s loose – a loose bra band will actually cause a discomfort. It will ride up the back causing straps to slip, cups to fall forward, and underwires to dig. A firm back band is the key to a great fit. The t-shirt bra that Erin is wearing is the On Gossamer Beautifully Basic Lace Back Plunge Bra. She loved this bra for it’s smooth cups, deep plunge, soft (and pretty) lace back, and the convertible straps!

This bra was a winner for Erin in this color because it’s close to her skin tone. When you want your bra to be invisible underneath white, find a bra color that is as close to your skin tone as possible. There are many brands out there making different shades and I love these three options I had on the show:

Next up, Alyssa! She came to me wearing a 38D.

Alyssa is young and fresh, but her bra was not. Her bra was stretched out and the band was riding up. So even though she measured a 38 band and was wearing a 38 band, it no longer fit. Remember to toss your bras once they’re stretched out!

Though the band was correct, her cup size was two sizes too small! That meant her underwire in the 38D could not fit all of her breast tissue inside which lead to less support. I upped her cup to a 38DDD instead! Alyssa is wearing a DreamFit Lifting Plunge Bra which is only $11.44 at Walmart! The plunge front is great for her because she’s youthful and fun! And the price is amazing, right?

If you’re investing in a brand new bra wardrobe, make sure you start with the basics and build from there. You can continue to update and add in the different styles and sizes that you need. Though we didn’t have time to show them, I loved the other full bust bras I picked out for Alyssa. Take a look here:

  • DreamFit Spacer Bra $11.44  This style has a bit more coverage and flexible, breathable cups for a super smooth shape and loads of comfort
  • DreamFit Convertible Strapless Bra $11.44 If you have a full bust, look for a strapless bra with extra support: a firm underwire, side boning, and molded cups, like this one.
  • Adore Me North Unlined Bra Set $59.95 It’s a myth that lace bras are not supportive! It depends on the design. A three part cup, like this one, is engineered to support (like a bridge!) Plus the tulle lining is extra supportive.
  • Adore Me Sarabeth Bralette Set $39.95 If you want in on the bralette trend but don’t want to skimp on support, try layering! Wear a plus size bralette over your basic bra for a sassy look. Though we didn’t get to it in the show, this one looked dynamite on Alyssa!

OK now things get sassy! Megyn asked about nipples, because they’re still quite taboo in the USA. Watch the segment to see my take on this, and check out these fab bras and accessories that can help you show or hide your own headlights!

pssst! some of the links here are an Amazon affiliate link! I always share the items that I truly support and love, along with my honest (and expert) opinion.

  • Molded Bra: The easiest way to cover up on a daily basis. A thicker molded bra, or a padded bra will keep things concealed the best. Try the one I showed here: On Gossamer Mesh Bump-It-Up Bra $46.00
  • Sheer bralette: If you want to let them show (like they do in Europe!) wear a sheer bra or bralette. Try the light as air On Gossamer Next to Nothing Bralette $34.00
  • Fabric nipple covers: These are soft and can slip into any bra. They have a small “pocket” for the nipple so they don’t get squished. These are a bit thicker but very lightweight. Fashion Essentials Foam Nipple Covers $9.99
  • Large adhesive nipple covers: If you have a larger areola and need more coverage, you’re in luck! Try the resusable NuBra Large Pasties $18.00
  • Small adhesive nipple covers: Less coverage but just as potent. And as Megyn says, “they work!” Try NuBra Small Pasties  $16.00
  • Non-adhesive nipple covers: Keep in mind that if your top or bra is sheer you can get the most invisible look by matching your nipple cover to your skin, just like with a t-shirt bra. I love to slip in Dimrs Nipple Covers $29.99 (which, like many of the styles here come in two skin tones) into my bras because they are very thin and completely seamless. And because they are not adhesive I can wear them again and again.
Next, a few fashion solutions for cut out, open back, or lace up outfits!
This trendy dress had all sorts of ties in the front and cut outs in the back. If you want zero straps or other undergarments to show, consider wearing an adhesive bra.
  • I suggest staying away from adhesive bras made of paper because they offer less support and shape.
  • Here I shared the NuBra Seamless Bra $42.00 which has a smooth, molded cup. It’s also Made in the USA from high quality materials, and is the original stick-on bra! Plus, the shape is great.
  • Don’t believe me about the shape and support? I’m wearing the NuBra in this segment! That’s right, even under my everyday (well, my Megyn Kelly Today) dress I still get great support and lift from this adhesive bra.
  • Sizing note: I usually wear a 32DD/E or 30DDD/F bra. In the NuBra I’m wearing a D cup. I find they typically fit your bust based on your sister size in a 34 band.
  • While this style isn’t for everyone, it’s a great option and I highly suggest you give it a try!
Then, Megyn asked me if it’s every OK to show off your bra.
  • You know me: I love to! It comes down to knowing your audience and your own style.
  • My best advice is to make sure it fits your personal style, and to showcase a beautiful bra that is really meant to be seen. You want it to be clear that you’re showing off your bra on purpose – not by mistake.
  • This lace back bra in this gorgeous green color is begging to be shown off. {Here’s a similar style from b.tempt’d}. You can wear this front closure, racerback bra underneath a racerback top so that the straps don’t show… or let it do it’s thang in an open back top.
  • With a lattice work dress you can also let a colorful bra peek trough. I think this hot pink On Gossamer Next to Nothing Bralette | $34.00 is so fun underneath this orange dress. Maybe it’s also because pink and orange are Hurray Kimmay colors!
  • If you want more coverage, try a lace cami or tank.
  • It’s so fun to let a little lace or funky straps show!

Remember that even the best bras out there need to fit in order to feel comfortable, and that comfort will provide you with all day (and night) confidence! If you wear bras, grab a spot in my Free Bra Class to check on the fit of your bras and take your first step toward saying hurray inside, outside, and underneath™!

Your turn: Did you tune in to the show? Do these styles look comfortable to you? Which will you buy and try? DM me over at @hurraykimmay and let me know what makes you say Hurray!