Wondering what to wear underneath your dress on your wedding day? We’ve already covered some of the most popular bra options. Now it’s time to get down to it. Or, at least down the body. Here’s the scoop on which underwear to wear on your wedding day!

{Special note: In the picture above I am in an incredible apartment compliments of Cobblestone Apartments, wearing the longline bra by Felina, robe by Fleur’t with Me, stockings from Faulke, and underwear by Addiction. Thank you to these brands for making me feel phenomenal! More info on these brands below.}

  • Whether you’ve received it as a gift from your bridesmaids or you bought it yourself.
  • Whether you wear something “boring and practical” or “pretty and sexy”.
  • Whether you wear something blue, something white, something neutral, or something to match your wedding colors.
  • Whether you wear full coverage shapewear or a thong that is barely there.
  • Whether you wear a panty with “bride” on the butt or crotchless underwear, or not.
  • Whether you wear expensive French lace, or packaged underwear from the drugstore.
  • Whether you go with it or without underwear at all!

As always, and I can not stress this enough: wear what makes YOU say hurray. 

How you choose to clothe and adorn yourself on this big day (and all others) is an opportunity to put some hurray in your day. In my many years as a bra fitter and lingerie expert, I’ve helped many brides find just the right underwear to wear on their wedding day. Here are some of the most popular options for brides. Feel free to take some of the advice here, from the readers below, or to follow your own hurray.

Popular Types of Bridal underwear

Hanky Panky Blue Thongs

Something Blue – Depending on your what you wear on the outside that day, what you wear underneath could be your something blue! If this is a tradition you want to include on your wedding day, it’s kind of a fun non-traditional way to include it. Choose any shade of blue, choose lace or smooth, choose the cut and coverage that you like. If you’re wearing a slightly sheer gown, this color may not work best. For gowns with lots of layers, texture, or bulk – you can totally go with blue!

A few to try: 

  • Thong: Try a cute thong in blue, like the Hanky Panky low rise thong that I wore on my wedding day! You can even get a pair that says “I Do” in crystals. A thong is especially great to wear if you find them comfortable, of if you need zero panty lines.
  • Boyshort: From my super duper research (here) it seems that boyshorts are often very comfortable. A boyshort with some design details or thick texture (like this cute pair from Foxers) is well suited under a full skirt or dress with lots of layers. You can also try a more seamless version – even in blue!
  • Bikini: Remember, the blue you choose can be any shade! Try a dark blue, simple, comfortable bikini like this one from Bali. 
  • Shorts: If you want something with a bit more coverage (and to help with any thigh rubbing), try a comfortable short with longer legs, like this light blue option from Warner’s.

white lace boyshort from Felina

White or Ivory – since white is the traditional bridal color, you might as well match your underwear to the occasion. Plus, if your bridal bra is white, it’s lovely to match on such a day. Bonus: white is such a lovely color to wear, especially if it’s lace!

A few to try:

  • A white lace boyshort from Felina is so pretty!
  • If lace isn’t your game, try this Warner’s No Pinching, No Problem hipster in white, ivory, (or any other color!)
  • This Spanx brief has some slight smooth action for a little extra support.
  • Cosabella has some of the cutest panties out there – including a wide range of white. From sexy panties with side ties, to seamless briefs, to their popular lace thongs.

PS: You may consider matching your underwear to your gown, no matter if it’s white or black or red, or whatever! You can also match your underwear to your bridal colors. For instance, you may wear a white dress but your colors are purple and pink. Find a panty in those colors and coordinate!

Simone Perele Women's Amour Boyshort

Lace – lace is so glamorous. And there are many different types of lace, especially when it comes to lingerie and underwear. You can find a simple elastic lace with sweet daisies in it, or go all out with hand-cut leaver’s lace made on looms in Europe. The choice is yours. If you find lace itchy, you can skip it OR get a lace panty lined in soft tulle. Another tip if you suffer from itchy lace (like me) is to give them a good soak in gentle lingerie wash before wearing them. This will rinse out any starch or sizing that may have been used to stiffen it up.

A few to try:

  • Simone Perele makes some of the most glamorous – yet still wearable – lace underwear. So French, so beautiful.
  • b.tempt’d by Wacoal white Lace Kiss thong panty (with a cute blue bow)
  • Try a cute panty with dainty, sweet lace like the Delirious French Brief from eberjey. It’s not too stuffy or serious!
  • Several of the items on the list in different categories are also in lace. Shop around and see what you like best!

Shapewear – I’m a big fan of being comfortable, and embracing your beautiful body as it is. That being said, some brides like to accentuate their shape or smooth things out for the big day. If you do decide to wear some kind of shapewear, make sure you feel your very best in it. You can even wear it around your house or test it out with your gown – because a beautiful catered meal and dancing are a great part of the wedding day, and you don’t want to miss out on the fun because your shapewear is too snug. Wear what feels great and look great, too!

  • Squeem is known for their flexible waist cinchers, and they also make some pretty lace trim bottoms with their signature cinchers built-in.
  • Spanx has the reputation for lots of different kinds of shapewear. Try a brief, short, high waist, or even tights. You may especially love their Spotlight Series with its lace, and retro style details.
  • Maidenform offers a shaping brief that you can get in white, which may match your bridal bra or gown!

Seamless – If your gown is made from a thin or non-textured material (like a slim layer of silk, for example) wearing something seamless will keep eyes on you and your gown, not your panty lines. Seamless underwear is often available in many cuts and coverage, so find the one that feels best for you! Tip: if your gown is also a bit sheer, try wearing underwear that is a neutral-for-you (as in, as close to your skin tone as possible) so it will disappear underneath.

  • Commando makes a vast variety of seamless underwear options. I say hurray for the Original Thong.
  • Yay Panties makes seamless, lightweight thongs and hipsters. I’ve tried and like them both!
  • Hanky Panky‘s “Bare” collection is super smooth. I especially like the Godiva thong for it’s higher waist. (Plus these come in various neutral skin tones!)
  • Wacoal’s Body Base Short is a seamless, lightweight short without lots of shaping.

Here is what kind of underwear different brides

(including yours truly!)

wore on their wedding days!

Photo by MGB Photo

I wore a light blue lace, low rise thong from Hanky Panky. I thought it was only appropriate that I wore underwear as my “something blue”. And, I had the same thong in other colors, so I knew I’d be very comfortable. We got married on a very humid day in August. Thank goodness my dress was very light and sheer because I was so hot! For underneath, I wanted something lightweight and without lines, and no panty lines is one of the pros of wearing a thong. Over the thong I wore a seamless neutral colored slip from Commando to avoid unwanted “see through” issues. I felt light and comfortable in my gown! When I changed into a short beaded dress (and sneakers) for the reception, I put on a seamless neutral-for-me bikini from Simone Perele.

-Kimmay, age 32, owner of Hurray Kimmay

Married 2012

Sean Gallery Photography

When choosing underwear for my big day, comfort was key. I wanted something nude in color with seamless fabric to avoid having it show through my dress. I ended up going with a Body by Victoria hiphugger brief, that had a mostly satin finish with some lace embellishments. They were comfortable all night and the lace detail made them feel extra special and bridal!

– Alicia O., age 32, actress currently in Aladdin the Musical on Broadway

Married August 26, 2017

I wore a Spanx shaping brief and had cups sewn into my dress!
– Diana Z. age 30
Married June 16, 2017
Under my black bridal gown I wore a pair of high-waisted Bali Lace Desire undies that were white with black lace which matched the bra I was wearing!
-Laura B., photographer and owner of Own Your Sexy and Own Your Brand
Married May, 20 2017
Note: Laura is a NYC photographer that I work with quite a bit! I took Laura and her wife shopping for their undergarments to wear on their big day! Hurray! Want personalized help with your wedding day undergarments? Here’s how I can help.

Photo by Johnny Arguedas

I wore blue cotton undies with whales ???? on them from Aeire as my something blue, under some neutral colored Spanx high-waist shorts, and I sewed bra cups into my dress. The whales had been a bit of a running joke with my husband, and they were my favorite pair – something to ground me a bit on that crazy day. My dress was all lace so I didn’t have to worry about lines, which was nice. I also didn’t want too much of a food baby, so I wore the Spanx.

-Lisa Hufnagel, age 31

Married June 27th, 2012

That’s funny – I don’t even remember. I “eloped” so I didn’t go out and buy anything special. And I wouldn’t change a single thing. It’s been an amazing almost 10.5 years, so I wouldn’t change a moment of it.

-Kristyn Bango, age 32, owner of Puro Co. and well:body Tribe

Married May 4th, 2007

My bridesmaids got me a lacy white thong that said “Bride” in blue shiny beads. It was cute!! I loved what I wore. There were lots of layers in this dress, so I felt snug/warm and didn’t need much underneath.

-Stephanie R. 

Married September 21, 2013

I was so boring. I wore basic white silk undies with a lace band along the top. They did the job, but I wish I had worn something a little sexier! Maybe undies that were all lace – just something to make them a little more special. Or maybe a bright color instead of traditional white to mix things up (my dress was thick enough that they wouldn’t have been seen). We kept things pretty traditional for our wedding day and since tradition is typically white white white, I don’t think it ever even occurred to me to wear undergarments that weren’t white!

-Lena F., age 36

Married April 2008

I just wore a basic neutral with lace top underwear, gifted to me from Kimmay via Panty Drop!

It was so comfortable and easy to wear because it was full coverage, so I didn’t worry about it bunching up. Looking back maybe I would have liked a white lace underwear with a little blue trim, but I danced so much and never felt uncomfortable in the pair I had, so overall I felt really great!

– Kat, Hurray Kimmay assistant and actress

Married October 8th, 2017

Photo by Sara Sloboda

I wore a nude, lace, barely there thong from Macy’s. I had a pretty tight dress and considered wearing nothing, but then went with those ones. They were also very pretty and romantic.

-Jessica R. 

Married 2012

Photo by Mon et Mine
I wore lacy white undies and a corset/waist shaper from What Katie Did! I think they were a Brazilian cut. I just thought they looked cute and my bum looked great in them. I did get a fancier lingerie set for the honeymoon, with a bit of blue trim!
– Maggie G., age 27, digital strategist
Married May 10, 2014
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Your Turn: Married? What kind of underwear did you wear for your wedding? Did you follow traditions? Wear something practical, or pretty, or a mixture of both? Looking back, would you wear something different?
Is your wedding coming up? Have you given your underwear any thought? Is that even on your radar? What thought can you put into your undergarments to feel your very best on that day?
Whether it’s your wedding day or “just another day”, add in some hurray. What you wear down there is an opportunity to adorn and dress yourself with love.
Need some help with that? Hopefully this article helped you think about your options, and make a choice that makes you say hurray. If you need more help, contact me for a virtual or in-person session.
Credits and things: The photo at the top of yours truly was taken by Becky Yee during a #HurrayVacay in Paris. The gorgeous apartment was compliments of Cobblestone Apartments, longline bra by Felina, robe by Fleur’t with Me, stockings from Faulke, and underwear by Addiction.
Note: All bodies on this site are beautiful and require zero airbrushing or photo-shopping. So, there is none 🙂
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