The Top Things to Pack for Vacay

Jun 27, 2017 | Hurray for Lingerie, Hurray Vacay, Napa Valley Vacay | 25 comments

Style notes: T-shirt, Old Navy; Pretty Little Panties floral hipster, Blush Lingerie. Photo, Own Your Sexy during the Hurray Vacay in Calistoga, CA on the Mayacamas Ranch.

If you don’t know by now, I LOVE to travel. In the past year or so, I’ve gone to: Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Florida, Ohio, Paris, California, {take a look at the recaps here} and I have trips planned for Toronto, Seattle, and Vancouver in the next few months. Hurray! I talk a lot about how you can take a Hurray Vacay anywhere and at anytime. And if your kind of vacay does include a trip away, it’s important to pack well. Besides the basic toiletries and common packing items, I think there are a few essentials that put more hurray in your vacay. Take a look at some photos from my latest Hurray Vacay in California, along with my top ten items to help you say hurray each on the inside, outside, and underneath below.

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Top 10 Things to Pack: Inside

Inside: What we put in our bodies, and what is happening inside our minds and hearts

  1. Healthy snacks – I am one of those people that gets super hangry if I don’t eat every now and then. Avoid airport delays wreaking havoc on your meal schedule and keep everybody involved happy. Plus, when you’re on the road or in a foreign town, knowing where to grab a quick bite to eat can be difficult. So I keep a small stockpile of healthy snacks in my travel bag for emergency access. My go to’s are gluten free bars or fruit.Kimmay wearing Ridge Merino at Mayacamas Ranch.Style Notes: Wearing a tank top, and base layer leggings courtesy of Ridge Merino. These are actually made of high quality merino wool and are SO comfortable! Photo, Own Your Sexy during the Hurray Vacay in Calistoga, CA on the Mayacamas Ranch.
  2. Water bottle to take everywhere – travel and plane trips can be dehydration mayhem! Stay hydrated and never be without a sip. Especially helpful when traveling to tropical and hot locations, but just as important no matter where you go. 
  3. Essential oils – I forgot my lavender oil when I went to Puertro Rico and promptly bought a new bottle while I was on the island. I dabbed it on my body for a calming affect, and dropped some of it into a bath to help my body relax. My top three favorites: lavender, sweet orange, eucalyptus. Try a blend or make your own. Aura Cacia makes great oils that you can stash in your carry-on, and also makes a series of mists that you can spray in your hotel room or on your body. It’s an easy way to make your hotel room more homey. 
  4. Supplements – keep your body happy and healthy during tough travels.Kimmay meditating wearing Ridge Merino on Hurray Kimmy blogStyle Notes: Inversion merino wool long sleeve shirt, and Ridge merino wool boyshort (yep!) courtesy of Ridge Merino. Photo, Own Your Sexy during the Hurray Vacay in Calistoga, CA on the Mayacamas Ranch.
  5. Meditation app – I suggest Calm or Headspace for some on-the-go meditation and deep breathing. Believe me when I say this: lifesaver during my travels. Absolute lifesaver. 
  6. Journal and pen – Travel time is some of my best ideas time. I looooove to allow some space for high vibe thinking, inner soul connecting, and deep diving. 
  7. Headphones and media – I can not live without headphones when I travel. It’s my way of blocking out the hectic travelers around me on the plane or airport lounge and tuning in to my favorite audiobook, podcast, music, movie, or TV show. It keeps me calm and focused on something I enjoy, even if my fellow passengers are grumpy, stressed, or crying (babies on planes – it happens.)
  8. A great read – Either audio or paper, I like to pack a book for the road. It’s great to have something to read while at the pool or beach, to wind down before bed, or on the plane.Kimmay wearing Blush pajamas and eye mask on Hurray Kimmay blogStyle Notes: Liberty Pajamas and eye mask, Blush Lingerie, Photo, Own Your Sexy during the Hurray Vacay in Calistoga, CA on the Mayacamas Ranch.
  9. Sleep mask – let your mind rest and block out the light or distractions around you. Perfect for long plane rides, hotels, and even staying at your in-laws where they may not have black out curtains. Especially helpful if you’re trying to adjust to a different time zone.
  10. Noise maker or ear plugs – Again, the calm app comes to the rescue for me. I’m used to noise at night, living in NYC – usually in the form of a fan. Calm has different sounds you can play, like rain, waves, or ethereal background noise. I also pack earplugs just in case my travel companion snores or the area wildlife gets up and out of bed before I do. 

Top 10 Things to Pack: Outside

  1.  Black stretch pants or leggings – These also follow the multi-purpose packing reasoning. Wearing them with heels for dinner, take a nap in them, or wear them on an adventure! Kimmay wearing blush lingerie set and free people dress in Mayacamas Ranch.Style notes:  Rhiannon Gown by Spell; Fanciful bralette and high waist panty courtesy of Blush Lingerie. Sunglasses, Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Photo, Own Your Sexy during the Hurray Vacay in Calistoga, CA on the Mayacamas Ranch.
  2. Multi-purpose dress – Find a dress that is comfortable enough to wear on the plane or in the car, cute enough to wear out to dinner, and easy enough to wear as a coverup at the beach. I promise, this is not impossible to find. Stretchy, A-line, slip or wrap dresses are the best for this.
  3. Swimsuits – That’s with an “S” at the end. I never pack just one! I love to be able to go for a swim in the morning, change out of my swimsuit for lunch, and then take a dip in the afternoon – without having to put my wet suit back on. Ick! Plus, I mix it up with a great one piece and some two pieces so I’m ready for any kind of water adventure (including laying by the pool and doing nada.)
  4. Basic, mix and match layers – To avoid overpacking, choose some basic tops and bottoms that you can mix and match, and a few layers that coordinate easily together. You’ll save so much space and worry! And you can always dress up basic attire with a takes-up-less-space accessory like jewelry or a scarf.Kimmay wearing blush underwear on Hurray Kimmay blogStyle notes: Blanket wrap, Madewell. Halter crop top, Express. Play lace underwear, Blush Lingerie. Photo, Own Your Sexy during the Hurray Vacay in Calistoga, CA on the Mayacamas Ranch.
  5. Blanket, wrap, or scarf – This is one of my most favorite things to pack! I have a blanket/shawl/wrap thing from Madewell that I roll up and strap to my backpack where there’s room for a rolled up yoga mat. I bring it on the plane and keep warm. I wear it around town and on chilly nights. I’ve even used it as a pillow in a pinch.
  6. Sunscreen – Sunglasses and hats are great for sun protection, but the best is some good sunscreen. I slather or spray it on multiple times a day. So pack a large bottle in your checked bag or buy some when you arrive. Just avoid buying it at the hotel, where it’s usually more expensive.
  7. Bath salts and scrub – I mentioned earlier that I like to take baths when on vacation. It’s a real way for me to unwind. Plus, plane and car travel, plus sleeping on a strange bed, and lots of fun physical adventures can leave my body sore. Pack some soothing salts just in case. And, scrub away the beach and salt water, sweat, and chlorine with a great scrub.
  8. Mirror – I swear, every hotel I’ve been to has a mirror over a desk or vanity that is really far away from where I can stand, which means without my glasses on, I can’t see a thing. And/or the mirror has terrrrible lighting. So I just started bringing a travel, light up mirror. Yep! Works great for my photo shoots, and means you can do your makeup or look at your beautiful reflection in any room you like. 
  9. Jewelry – The easiest way to jazz up any outfit, and it’s small and easy to pack. Kimmay wears blush underwear and gives top ten tips on packing for a hurray vacayStyle Notes: This custom hat was a gift – brand, unknown. Fanciful panty, Blush Lingerie. Sunglasses, Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Photo, Own Your Sexy during the Hurray Vacay in Calistoga, CA on the Mayacamas Ranch.
  10. Sunglasses and hat – I wear a hat on the plane and usually pack a few others, too. And I pack multiple sunglasses. I know. I know. Excessive. But these are musts for me on vacay!

Top 10 Things to Pack: Underneath

  1. Strapless bra – Pack it with the straps so you can wear it several ways! Plus, if you spot a great top in a market, chances are, you have the bra to go with it now. 
  2. Extra underwear – There is almost nothing worse than not packing enough underwear and having to re-wear a pair. Ugh. So just pack a few extras. They take up so little room and it’s so worth it. Oh, and make sure you’ve taken note of any specific kinds of underwear needed for the dresses and bottoms you’re taking on vacay.
  3. Lingerie wash – Use it to wash a pair of underwear because you forgot enough (*cough cough*) or use it get out a stain, and absolutely use it to rinse your swimsuits and keep them fresh and the elastic stretchy. Dried salt water and chlorine is death to swimsuits! Pack a travel size or pour some into a travel bottle.Kimmay blush bralette HK blog caStyle Notes:  Pretty Little Bralette, Blush Lingerie. Sunglasses, Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Jacket, Hayes, rented from LeTote. Photo, Own Your Sexy during the Hurray Vacay in Calistoga, CA on the Mayacamas Ranch.
  4. Travel bralette – Another absolute must have for me. I wear a “travel bra” on every trip, now. That simply means a non-underwire, comfortable bra that I can wear if I’m sleeping on an entire row of seats from NYC to Paris (been there), or smooshed in a car with other passengers (been there). Plus, I use them to sleep in, too. This is the best if I’m sharing my room or staying at my in-law’s and want a little bit of coverage and support in my PJ’s. LOVE.
  5. Cozy socks – My favorite! I wear cozy slipper socks on the plane, around the hotel room, and lounging around my in-law’s. MUST.Kimmay wears blush robe and romper in Mayacamas Ranch.Style Notes:  Liberty Romper and Sadie Robe, Blush Lingerie. Photo, Own Your Sexy during the Hurray Vacay in Calistoga, CA on the Mayacamas Ranch.
  6. Robe – Another good one on the list if you’re staying at someone else’s place. Stay cozy and covered up in a robe from home. I also hate those giant, oversized, scratchy robes in hotel rooms. I feel like I’m wearing a sleeping bag and can’t move around. So I pack something simple, short, and light. It makes me feel like I’m at home!
  7. Comfortable PJs – Sleeping on the road can be tough, so I wear super cozy PJ’s or a beautiful long nightgown. I feel like a queen! 
  8. Bras to go with your outfits –  I lay out allll of my outfits on my bed before packing them, and make sure that I have the right bras to go underneath. One time I forgot to pack a bra and couldn’t wear a few of my tops. What a waste! Plan ahead and say hurray. Kimmay wears blush lace set and fringe kimono on the Hurray Kimmay blogStyle Notes: Loveswept bra, bikini, and slip, Blush Lingerie. Fringe Kimono, Free People. Photo, Own Your Sexy during the Hurray Vacay in Calistoga, CA on the Mayacamas Ranch.
  9. Something sexy – Vacation is the perfect time to stretch your limits, let loose, and get wild. So pack something fun and sexy that makes you say hurray! Wear it around the hotel room, wear it out, wear it for your honey, wear it for yourself.

Your Turn: What items are on your packing list? Do you have any packing tips? What kind of things do you bring on your vacay to add in some hurray? Leave a comment and tell us what’s in your suitcase!xoxo kimmay

As always, no airbrushing or retouching my face or body. xo

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