How to Have a Heart-Lead Business (and Life!)

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One of the reasons I love helping women say hurray with a bra fitting is because I know that it can help a woman stand stall, open and then lead with her heart. Living a heart lead life means living from a place of truth, compassion, and love. For your self and for others. And for many women and me, that includes if you’re running a business. 

I remember thinking when I was growing up that “businessmen were icky”. I thought “businessmen” because it wasn’t very clear to me that a woman could own and run a large, successful company. And I thought “icky” because I didn’t see them as truthful, compassionate, or loving people… in other words, I didn’t think they were heart lead. I thought they were money, profit, and greed lead. 

Flash-forward quite a few years, and I have realized that not only is it possible for women to run companies, it’s also possible to create a financially and spiritually successful business. In fact, it’s a far more satisfying way to run a company and to live life that way. And the ripple effects of happiness and heart are far reaching. Whether you run a company or not, leading from the heart is a huge hurray.

I’m proud to be building a heart lead business. I started my company, Hurray Media, in early 2014 – the same year I was introduced to great women in business, like Marie Forleo, Natalie MacNeil, and many more. If you haven’t heard of Natalie MacNeil yet, get ready. You’re in for a treat.

Natalie is an Emmy award winning media entrepreneur, the owner and founder of She Takes on the World (awesome resources and videos for women in business), the leader of The Conquer Club (going on my 4th year in this business incubator), and the creator of Soul Seconds (a website dedicated to quick and soul nourishing meditations). Hurray, right?!

Most importantly, in my opinion, Natalie runs her company with her heart. In the three years that I’ve been a part of the Conquer Club, I’ve had the great fortune of being able to watch her grow her business, interact with her in a very personable way in the Facebook group, get personalized advice on her office hours calls, and even spend time with her on the Conquer Retreat in Mexico. I’ve had the opportunity to see her as a real human being – not just the face of a company. And I love what I see. Natalie runs her business and her life with her heart. She tunes in and listens to herself and her customers. She is generous with her time and her advice. She is honest without being rude. She is beautiful on the inside and out. And she allows her deep spiritual practice to affect her decisions in her personal and professional life. 

I could go on gushing forever, and to top it all off, she gushes over me. I always leave Natalie’s calls feeling like a superstar. She is a true cheerleader for other women. And she isn’t cheering for me because I know everything and don’t need her help, but because I’m taking in the advice from her, her team, and our community and making progress. And boy, since I’ve been in the Conquer Club have I made some big progress

I had the great fortune of being able to sit down and chat with Natalie. And you have the great fortune of being able to sit in on our chat. I’m sharing it all with you right here! I thought we would record a 15-minute video, but once we started talking, we just couldn’t stop. In our almost hour long talk, we discuss things like: what is the Conquer Club, what’s Natalie’s best advice for getting started in business, when do you know to go from side hustle to full time, how she balances her masculine and feminine energy as a business owner, and more. And, Natalie even leads us through a powerful-guided meditation

I’ve broken down the whole video so you can get caught up, choose your favorite topic, or hop ahead to your favorite part when re-watching or sharing with a friend. 

  • 1:51 What is the Conquer Club and how is it different than a “program”? 

  • 3:52 What is the community like in The Conquer Club?

  • 6:29 Is the Conquer Club a lifetime membership? Is the community engaged? 

  • 7:20 What does the Conquer Club actually include? What’s the difference between the Conquer Club Online and Inner Circle memberships? 

  • 10:06 What is your best advice for someone who is just starting in business? How important is it to hire a team? 

  • 13:33 How important is advertising when starting out? 

  • 14:30 Do you have to do it all yourself? What’s the mental shift between being a freelancer and a business owner? 

  • 17:10 How do you delegate tasks and spend your time wisely? 

  • 18:16 How do you advertise without feeling icky? How do you market yourself authentically? 

  • 19:07 How do you go from “side hustle” to full time business? (Natalie and Kimmay both share their stories of how they did it!) 

  • 25:56 How do you balance masculine and feminine energy in your business and life?

  • 30:52 How and why does meditation fit into your business and life? How does surrender factor in? 

  • 35:38 Natalie leads us through a meditation! This guided meditation is about 12 minutes long and focuses on change. Try it out with us! 

  • 48:15 What are the different (easy) ways to include meditation in my day? 

  • 49:28 How can I trust myself and what comes up when doing a guided meditation?

  • 51:08 Why you should keep a meditation journal

  • 52:20: What makes Natalie MacNeil say hurray? How do you make the “scary but significant” choice to live your life in alignment with your purpose? 


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PS: If you do decide to sign up for the Conquer Club after the Conquer Accelerator is through, and you sign up with me, I’ve got some juicy bonuses for you! Here’s more information on how you can go through The Conquer Club with me in 2017, and say hurray inside, outside, and underneath. 

Your turn: How do you lead your life and business? What heart lead actions do you take that you can share with me? Do you have a business, or are you feeling called to start one? What is your impression of the business world? How has it shifted? What meditation practices do you like, or want to try? How do you balance masculine drive and feminine energy?

Share with me here or hop over to Twitter or Instagram!

xoxo kimmay

I am a proud partner of The Conquer Club, and totally adore this business incubator and community. I may get referral compensation if you decide to sign up for 2017 with me. I always give my honest opinion when it comes to things on my site, and that includes programs and products. Hurray!