Say Hurray Event Recap

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Saying hurray 10.26 October 26th, 2014 is a day that will live in my heart and my mind for a very long time. The first ever Say Hurray workshop was a huge success. That doesn’t mean it didn’t have its ups and downs and learning points, but wow. I simply can not express here in words how magical this day was. Bringing together the 15 women in that NYC room, listening to the teachers share their wisdom, sharing our experiences, moving, sweating, growing, celebrating, creating . . . it was everything I hoped it would be and more.

Here’s what we did …

say hurray event 1

We started on the inside. After guests arrived, we got to know each other on a dream level. Teacher (and broadway actress) Gabrielle Ruiz led us through a short meditation to help us truly arrive in the space. Then she spoke about the importance of vision boarding, and the group didn’t hesitate one bit to climb onto the floor, go through magazines, and create a vision board dedicated to their goals and dreams for the rest of 2014. After a powerful round of sharing, Gabi and I discussed the importance nutrition and keeping our bodies healthy with our partner company. Then we dined on fresh, nutritious food provided by The Lingerie Journal and Shaklee 180 smoothies. Yum! The continuous meeting, greeting and sharing filled my heart with joy! say hurray event 2

After we fueled our bodies, I tried my best to cram loads of Braducational lesson material into a short time frame. After working in the lingerie and bra fitting business for 10 years, I sometimes forget the shock and awe women experience when learning the very basics of how their bra should fit, what a bra size really means, and how important it is to wear the right bra. I was so honored to share my knowledge and extremely flattered by the loads of questions and genuine interest in what I had to share. After we put some bras through the “dead test”, I shared my reasons for the importance of properly fitting bras, and paying attention to what’s underneath. A true shout of joy for Hurray for Lingerie.

say hurray event 5After a quick video viewing << MUST WATCH >> fellow teacher, Kelly Wadler, bared her soul and guided the Say Hurray crew through a body love lesson where we “popped” a few of our old, unhealthy, unhelpful thoughts about our bodies. Truly inspiring.

say hurray event 4Then we enjoyed a heartfelt affirmation activity {that will stay between my Say Hurray dears and I} and jumped into a body shape and style lesson with Mona Sharaf, part of the outside portion of the day. I truly feel that a true appreciation of our beauty starts on the inside (with our souls, our heart and our nutrition) which leads underneath (to our undergarments, confidence, and body love) and finally shines through to the outside (our hair, makeup, style and home).
say hurray event 3

We pulled it all together by working on our outside physique, supporting a healthy underneath body, and inspiring our inside hearts with a soulful fitness class, called Shrink Session, with teacher Hayley Marshall. It was the perfect heart pounding, sweat inducing, positive thinking way to end our sessions. Oh, that and raffles, champagne, and gluten-free/dairy-free chocolate chip cookies. HURRAY!

Goodies for the Say Hurray guests from Creme BraleeElila bust cream for Say Hurray guests

To learn more about the Say Hurray event, go here. I’m using the feedback from this soulful group to concoct the next event. Although, nothing is the same as your first time, right? This special group will forever hold a special place in my heart, but with their inspiring wisdom, things will get even better for another Say Hurray to come 😉 And I couldn’t have done it without the support of my friends and close colleagues, including the wonderful guest teachers. For more on the teachers, visit the Say Hurray Guest Teacher page.

Oh and PS: BIG THANK YOU to our sponsors for donating raffle items & goodie bag stuff, and sponsoring food. Truly thankful:

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PPS: Photos in this post were provided by LV Photo & Design, Gabrielle Ruiz, Chloe Sabin and yours truly.