Top Three Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs {Video}

Jul 23, 2014 | Hurray Kimmay TV, Hurray Media | 0 comments

Top three tips for creative entrepreneurs Hurray Kimmay TV .jpgThis year has been a real whirlwind. I did not know that I would start my own business, be my own boss, or totally change directions. Yet, here I am doing it, and it feels amazing! One of my favorite things about being an entrepreneur is meeting other young boss ladies like myself.

One such lady is Elisa Pupko, the founder and lead teaching artist at Treasure Trunk Theatre. You may recognize Elisa from a few of my Braducational Videos and press appearances (looove that bathing suit she’s wearing from Seafolly!), because I first met Elisa when I hired her as a model. Flash forward and here we both are with our own businesses! Elisa is still a performing artist, actress, and model but her children’s theatre classes unexpectedly grew this summer because of her resourcefulness and a little known movie called “Frozen.”

Kimmay Caldwell and Elisa Pupko hurray kimmay .jpg

In this episode of Hurray Kimmay TV, I ask Elisa how she got the idea to start her business, why she has changed her classes and offerings based on her customers’ needs, and for her top three tips for other entrepreneurs. It’s all here – just press play!

Are you an entrepreneur, too? What are your tips? Want to meet up so we can create a strong network of us boss ladies? Let’s connect! Email me at kimmay (at) hurraykimmay (dot) com or @hurraykimmay!