Motivation Monday: Kiss 2013 Goodbye

Dec 30, 2013 | Motivation Monday | 0 comments

Kiss 2013 Goodbye via Hurray Kimmay It’s the last Monday of 2013! Can you believe it? I hope you had a very happy, healthy Christmas holiday. I just got back from more than a week away with my husband to spend the holidays with his family, and I’m back in action… and ready for 2014.

As sassy as the title of this post sounds, I’m not really saying “to hell with 2013!”. Isn’t a kiss one of the best ways to say goodbye? I plan on kissing my hubby at midnight this December 31st and saying goodbye to a year filled with ups and downs, lessons learned, victories made, and much to be thankful for. (And I plan on giving him even more kisses and saying HELLO to 2014 in quite the same way 😉 ) But I’ve had a year that, with its ups and downs, I’m ultimately happy with. If that’s not your case, feel free to sass it up and kiss 2013 goodbye in your own way!

What are your thoughts on your 2013? Are you ready to say good riddance? Did you enjoy this year? Did you keep your 2013 resolutions? What did you learn? 

And what do you have to look forward to in 2014? What will you do differently? What will you continue to do? Do you believe in making New Year’s resolutions? 

No matter what people say, the end of a year is a big benchmark for a lot of people. It’s hard not to feel something when you turn over that final page of the 2013 calendar and start writing 2014 on all of your notes and checks. With every new year comes a sort of reminder to check in with yourself and take stock in what’s going on with… you.

Personally, I have a great sense of “new” this go around. I have an uncertainty ahead of me for 2014 – and it’s both exciting and terrifying at the same time! I’m ready to seal 2013 with a long, endearing, thankful kiss.. and say goodbye. I feel ready to start a new relationship with 2014. How about you?