Motivation Monday: Interview with The Wild Woman Project {Video}

Oct 21, 2013 | Hurray Kimmay TV, Motivation Monday | 0 comments

Interview with the Wild Woman Project on Hurray KimmayPhoto by Limor Hakim

Happy Monday!

It’s time for a dose of Motivation Monday. Are you ready? Get ready! This week’s post includes the second episode of Hurray Kimmay TV! I strive to bring you the people, places, products, and projects that make you say “hurray”. This time, I’m interviewing not one, but two, awesome people and sharing a fantastic project. The Wild Woman Project is a movement started by Chris Maddox. I met Chris in college in rehearsals for our annual production of The Vagina Monologues. Through this experience, it was very obvious that Chris is a leader, a nurturer, and a woman who owns her own power. And she doesn’t keep that all to herself. Now she’s creating ways for other women to find their own “wildness”. She’s grown a network of women’s circles all over the nation (and soon the world!) that inspire, connect, and encourage women (and men!).

Learn about The Wild Woman Project on Hurray Kimmay

In fact, I met Limor Hakim in college as well, but we’ve most recently been spending time together in her monthly Wild Woman Circle here in NYC. Hers is just one of the many monthly gatherings available throughout North America each of which is just as unique as its leader. Circle leaders like Limor are spreading Chris’s vision for helping women live in their own “wild”.

Tune in for tips on how to connect to nature (and to yourself) even if you live in the big city, get a peek inside a Moon Circle, and even get the scoop on becoming a circle leader yourself! All this (and more) on a very WILD episode of Hurray Kimmay TV! Watch here:

How do you get “wild”? Share your thoughts below!