Motivation Monday: Bridges

Aug 26, 2013 | Motivation Monday | 2 comments

Bridges serve a purpose. They can connect us, they can divide us. We can build them, we can burn them. They can be practical, strong, beautiful and mighty. Living in Queens, NY, I spend a lot of time crossing bridges. One of my favorite bridges is probably everyone’s favorite, The Brooklyn Bridge. This summer, my friend was in town from Seattle with her boyfriend. They came to pick me up at work in DUMBO, Brooklyn where we had plans to walk through Brooklyn Bridge park and take the ferry up to Williamsburg. We were running late and almost didn’t take the walk, but I’m glad we did. As we rounded the corner and spied the Brooklyn Bridge through the buildings, my friend’s boyfriend whispered: “Wow.” Sometimes I can forget how amazing bridges are. They are wonders to behold, and a testament to man’s ingenuity and determination. Here’s something to consider on this Motivation Monday:

Bridge quote from Hurray KimmayFiguratively speaking, building and burning bridges can be good or bad. I know people say never to burn a bridge, and I almost always agree. You never want to end a relationship with someone on a negative note. You never know when your paths may cross again, if you’ll end up in a similar work or personal circle, or if you’ll need each other’s help some day. But some bridges aught to be burned. Sometimes you need to learn from your past, but physically and metaphorically distance yourself from a specific part of it for your own good. Building or burning a bridge can be a hard thing to do, but I encourage to reach out and get to work today. Call that person who you’ve wanted to connect with. Email that work contact. Invite a new friend to dinner. Reconnect with a family member who is difficult to love. Or, maybe stop texting that certain no-good-for-you someone. End your relationship with a bad habit or terrible friend. Break up with your past doubts and worries.

For a little inspiration, here are a few of my favorite photos of the Brooklyn Bridge, taken by yours truly.

The Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan on Hurray Kimmay // photo by Kim Caldwell Sun shines through the Brooklyn Bridge on Hurray Kimmay // photo by Kim Caldwell The Brooklyn Bridge on Hurray Kimmay // photo by Kim Caldwell Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge on Hurray Kimmay // photo by Kim Caldwell  What bridges do you need to build or burn today?