When to Say Goodbye to your Bras

Aug 24, 2013 | Hurray for Lingerie | 0 comments


You may remember that my day job is as a Bra Diva and Marketing Director over at Linda’s Bra Salons. Recently, our shops and fearless leader, Linda the Bra Lady, got raves reviews by author Lisa Marsh in the NY Daily News. You can read the online article here. It’s full of praise, plus great bra fitting tips. We were thrilled to be included in the online article, and stunned to see that our shop was the lead shop in the story, and that my photo was front and center! (I’m the one wearing a top!)

Kim "Kimmay" Caldwell in the NY Daily News for Linda's Bra Shop in NYCPretty cool, huh?

I love helping women find great bras. It helps them feel comfortable, confident, and fabulous. But I also love helping women get rid of their old bras. Just like cleaning out a closet, or sprucing up your home, going through your bra drawer can be very therapeutic. Recently, I helped writer and TV personalty Sarah Bernard do just that. Sarah is smart, fun, and attractive… but her bras were all too big or worn out. What a shame! I introduced Sarah to a new bra size and a few basic bras that will work with her fashionable wardrobe. We also went through a handful of her own bras and I helped determine which should stay, which needed alterations… and which needed to go! Bravo to Sarah for tossing those worn out, stretched out, do-nothing-for-you bras!

When to say goodbye to your bras via Hurray Kimmay (Kim of Linda's!)

goodbye bra! Sarah Bernard throws out her old bras on Hurray Kimmay! (Learn when to say goodbye)

Sarah Bernard tossing her old bras on Hurray Kimmay!

Sarah tossed most of her bras because they were either too big (she was buying bras that were 34’s instead of 30’s or 32’s.), or because the back band was stretched out. But there are many reasons to toss your bra! Below is the Braducational Video: How to Spot a Dead Bra and here’s a blog post on the same topic that I wrote for the Linda’s Blog with photos and a little bit more information. Trust me, if a bra doesn’t fit anymore, or has died… there’s no sense in letting it hang around. Donate them, or toss them.

Is your bra drawer in need of a makeover? Toss those old bras. Get a fitting for great bras. Start every outfit with great foundations!