Pets Deserve Sleeping Instagram Photos, Too

May 15, 2013 | Hurray for Lingerie | 4 comments

I’m at that age where most of my friends from high school are having babies. My Facebook and Instagram feed are overflowing with birth announcements, pregnancy photos… and sleeping babies. So many sleeping babies. At first I was annoyed: “Why would I want to see multiple photos of your infant sleeping?!”. But then, I realized that it’s only natural…. and I’m already doing it.

Babies sleep a lot (when they’re not crying or eating). Those quiet moments are parents’ time to fawn over baby without interruption. And making a baby is a big deal. And parents love their new babies – partly because of hormones, partly because making a baby is a big deal. Maybe part of me is just jealous. I want a baby… someday. I have babies on the brain, I’m admitting it. But I do not actually want a baby right now. One day. So what do I do? I take photos of my sleeping cat. That’s right. I’m unabashedly a doting pet parent. Bella is my baby. Ask anyone that knows me well (or at all) and they know I’m in love with my cat, and I love being her mommy. In fact, though I don’t have my own child yet, I politely (read: forced) my husband to treat me to something nice for Mother’s Day this year. (We actually went to a new place in Astoria that is really, freaking good.)

NYC Animal Rescue

Go ahead and judge me, but being a pet parent is a big deal too. Maybe not we-made-you-carried-you-and-birthed-you big, but still important. There are a lot of abused and misused animals out there. And pets deserve doting parents, too. So I’m happy to provide Bella with lots of love, attention, and cuddling. Not to mention food, health care and a warm home. Having a pet is more than just practice for having a baby… it is having a baby. A four legged baby. Even more important: Bella makes me so happy. Cuddling with Bella, getting kitten kisses, and even playing with a freaking piece of ribbon… it’s a unique form of therapy. It’s awesome.

I adopted Bella from her former owner on Craigslist, and the past 9 years have been a great learning experience filled with wonderful memories – with more to come! There are a lot of pets out there that need your love, and would love for you to take photos of them sleeping. I swear it. In fact, check out this crop of adoptable dogs from Reefuge Animal Rescue. (PS: It’s run by a good friend and co-worker who puts her heart and soul into her work!).

I look forward to making my own baby one day. I can’t imagine the intense level of love that I will feel, because I am already so filled with love for this little fur ball cat. Without further adieu, here are a few Instagram photos of Bella sleeping. Isn’t she adorable?

Bella Cat Sleeping on Instagram - Hurray KimmayBella Cat sleeping on Hurray KimmayI don't have a sleeping newborn to take photos of, so I take photos of my sleeping Bella cat - Hurray KimmayI don't have a sleeping newborn to take photos of, so I take photos of my sleeping Bella cat - Hurray KimmayThere's nothing wrong with taking photos of your cat snoozing, right? -Hurray KimmaySleepy Bella cat on Hurray KimmayPets need doting parents too - Hurray KimmayDogs and cats need doting parents who take instagram photos of them sleeping, too. -Hurray KimmayAre you a proud pet parent? Tell me! Do you want to become a pet parent? Tell me!